How To Get To Benicassim by air rail or road trip

As some of you are regular festival go-ers, you will find it no problem to make it across Europe to a massive music event.

However, to us newbies i think i can personally say it is pretty intimidating but definitly exciting. We have all been to the usual festivals back in our home land… but Europe, that’s a different story.

Now, to the main point, how to get there. I have researched and researched and spoken to friends who went previous years. It seems the best way to get there is to fly to Valencia and get a train that goes straight to Benicassim which takes about an hour, perfect timing to get a few drinks down you i’d say. Other possible routes are flying to Reus (1hr 40mins away), Barcelona (2hrs 30mins away), Alicante (2hrs 50mins away) or Madrid (4hrs 40mins away).

If you are like my friends, they have decided to either create the event into some massive road trip across Europe or to go by train. We have found an InterRail Global Pass which allows us to travel where ever we want for either 22 days (€309) or 1 month (€399), these prices are based on the Youth Pass from the ages of 12- 26. There are other passes aswel, for a one country pass to Spain for 8 days it’s €149, also based on the Youth Pass of ages 12-26.

So there we go, when i find out anymore i’ll let ya’ll know!

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