Benicassim Trains for Festival 2024

Train Tickets to Benicassim on Sale from May 2024

Getting to Benicassim from Barcelona is easy by train. We have spoken the who sell official spanish train tickets for RENFE who run Benicassim Trains from all over Spain and Europe. They have advised that Trains tickets for travelling on July 20 2024 are on sale soon. If you are looking to buy a Return ticket you can book return tickets for July 2024 they will go on sale from May 2024 .

Trains Tickets to Benicassim FromDistance From Benicassim (Km)Journey TimeBuy Now
Barcelona2612hr 52 min
Valencia921hr 2 mn
Madrid4393hr 40min
Alicante 2752hr 44nin

Rail tickets go onsale in May 2024 for travel in July – although with everything rail related this is subject to change.

We recommend The

The trainline is Europe’s largest independent Train and Coach Ticket company,  selling tickets for 144 train and coach companies,   They sell official Spanish train tickets and the website is in English!

We have just spotted that Train Tickets available for the week of Benicassim Festival. Rail Europe is a English Language website. They have train tickets available from Barcelona to Benicassim ( spelt Benicasim with one I assume same place) or Castellon De La Plana ( Castellon ).
Castellon is the nearest town to Benicassim, and you can get regular local trains to benicassim from here, there is also a good local bus service which links Castellon to Benicassim.

The Trainline also offer train tickets from Valencia to Castellon , and trains from Madrid to Castellon. Also look out for trains from alicante to benicassim, reus to benicassim girona to benicassim castellon to benicassim If you are looking for a benicassim festival train from barcelona to benicassim ior from valencia airport to benicassim we recommend Rail Europe.

Trains to Castellon / Benicassim Journey Times

From Valencia: 1 h.(approx.)
From Barcelona: 3 h. (approx.)
From Alicante: 3 h. (approx.)
From Gerona: 3 h. 50 min (approx.)
From Madrid: 4 h. 24min. (approx.)



If you are flying to Barcelona, you are about 290km from Castellon. The Barcelona Airport links to the main train station “Sants” the train station.

It is now also easy to make plane train connections in Madrid. The metro connects Barajas Airport (Madrid’s international airport) with the Atocha train station. Cost is about $1.50. Then it is a 5 hr. train ride to Castellon or Benicassim (that is on normal trains — the “super” high speed train does it in 3 hrs.).

One-way train fare from Barcelona on regular trains runs about $25 or so — and from Madrid this would jump to about $40 again on regular trains. Costs on the high-speed luxury trains will likely be about 50% higher.

In Benicassim, the local bus line runs every 1/2 hr. in the summer season and connects the Hotel Voramar and Villa Elisa conference site to downtown Benicassim (pueblo viejo) (it can also be walked in 15-20 minutes walk from the hotel and Villa Elisa). The buses also continue to Castellon which is 40-45 min. by bus.

Train Questions

Any questions please comment below and hopefully some benicassim veterans can answer any queries


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Trains Tickets to Benicassim FromDistance From Benicassim (Km)Journey TimeBuy Now
Barcelona2612hr 52 min
Valencia921hr 2 mn
Madrid4393hr 40min
Alicante 2752hr 44nin

32 comments on “Benicassim Trains for Festival 2024

  1. Hey

    Can someone please tell me (in simple terms!) how far is Barcelona train station from the airport?

    Am trying to figure out whether to get the 1600 train or 1700!


  2. hi i was jus wondering what the transport link is to beni from alicante airport? cheers J

  3. flying to alicante and staying the night, so train down to beni is great on rail europe…BUT on rail europe on monday 20th july there is only a late night train…but flight is tht night home from alicante…any suggestions of gettin back to alicante earlier…PLEASE??:)

  4. We are flying into Valencia and want to book our train tickets to Castellon ut we are not sure how long it takes to get from Valencia airport to Valencia train station.

    Can anyone help?


  5. Hi,

    I also need to know how far Barcelona airport is to the train station…Anyone…Please?

  6. everytime i try to book the train from barcelona to castellon its says they cant find any journey details for my search does this mean its sold out? if so wat r my options? any help please?

  7. Hey Sin City

    I had the same problem getting from beni back to alicante so have hired a car. got 2 spaces in it if you are interested. Our flight is 12 midday on Monday 20th so you’ll have to be up early with us but at least you won’t miss your flight!

    Cheers Eleri

  8. I haven been before but just seen on a website that Barcelona train station (barcelona Sants) is linked to the airport train station and takes bout 40-50 mins to get there from airport. Need to book train to Castelon from there.

  9. i am wanting to book 2 tkts from alicante airport, to go to by train to benni fest,13th july after 12pm, can anybody let meknow best wasy to pre-book these please ? thank you x

  10. Hi!
    I’ve booked my train ticket from Barcelona to Benicassim, can anyone tell me what is the easiest way to get to the festival from the station? and how far it is? there’s 7 of us going with a big tent so wanna know in advance how far it will need carrying!!


  11. me and two friends are flying to madrid airport but dont land there till 6 at night on the sunday, whats the best way for us to get there, can anione help on this. we are really stuck on what to do


  12. will i get a spot on a train from alicante to benicassim if i dont book in advance?

  13. Hey Dan,

    I’ve got one spare ticket from Beni to Alicante on 20th, leaving Beni at 1329hrs, arriving Alicante 1645hrs… email me on jonnydawson (then at) or tweet me @jonnydawson.



  14. Hey Eleri,

    I think I may be on the same flight back as you. Easy jet 12 o’clock from alicante airport? I’m having major problems getting to the airport on time for the flight. If you still have space in the car would I be able to join? If it is possible my mobile number is 07725179780. Thanks 🙂

  15. Hi,

    we land at Valencia airport at 8.15 pm on Thursday 16th… we need to get to our hotel in Oropesa. ASAP to drop off our bags, before heading back to the Festival…

    We paln to do this by train… Anyone know the nearest station to Valencia airport and the ins and outs of how to do this journy as quick as possible…

    any help much appreciated…

    whoop whoop!

  16. Can someone please help me (this may be a bit of a late post)
    I’m coming out to Beni on Wed and i’m just packing. I’m trying to get my tent into a rucksack and its not really happening.
    Would it be impracticle to take a suitcase??? Ive seen a couple of blogs from people who say it is easier but i don’t want to make a mistake – I’m not used to this big back pack malarky!!

  17. Hi,

    Im going to the festival but on the 19th, iv got a flight from madrid to almeria at 10.20 in the morning, iv been searching on the internet to find the quickest, easiest, and cheapest route but havent been able to find anything, just wondering if its possible to give me some help on getting from the festival to madrid.

    thanks alot,

  18. help..i am flyin to alicante n would like to get a coach from alicante airport on the 13th july to benicassim..finding it really difficult, does any1 have any suggestions? thank u xxx

  19. Hey guys – Major last minute panic!

    We land in alicnate on at 20.15 on friday night and the trans dnt seem to be running that late?!?

    Is this right?? Can someone fill us in please!?

    If not – Me and my girlfriend need to get to castellon – anybody in the same boat and wanna share a cab or whatever to either castellon or the festival site if push comes to shove? email me 🙂

  20. hi could you tell me how long and how much it would be rtn from alicante airport to benicassim. thanks

  21. Helloooo 😉

    I am hoping you can help me. I am travelling from Dublin – Alicante; can you tell me if there are coaches/trains from Alicante airport to the festival?

    Thank you in advance,

    Maria Byrne

  22. Hi there, there is 6 of us travelling from Glasgow Prestwick to Reus on Tuesday 16th for the festival. Our flight does not get into Reus till 21:55 and I can’t see trains/buses travelling to benicassim at that time. I was wondering if anybody could help me? The only thing I can think of is private transfer

  23. could some one please send a link for a bus service from castellon to the festival?

  24. Hi, does anybody know if there are coaches going to Barcelona airport on the Monday after the festival?

  25. Hi im looking into flights now from barcelona,, does anybody know if a flight was due to leave from barca on the 20th at 3.50pm if id have enought time to make it, will the be hundreds of people leaving at that time and scrapping to get on trains etc? Thanks in advance

  26. So I booked a flight from Barcelona leaving at 12:10 on Monday 20th, not realizing that the first trains are only from about quarter past nine. Is there a way to get to the airport on time/ anyone else with this problem? Eleri mentioned a car – with which company did you arrange that?

    Any help would be much appreciated


  27. hello, we are getting a train from girona airport to bennicassim but do not arrive until around 10pm. How can we then get from bennicassim train station to the festival site? and is it far? Thanks.

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