Hotels Near Benicassim Festival 2022

intur-azor[1]It is going to be very hot at Benicassim why not consider booking a hotel, The festival takes place through the night. The day time is very hot so it will be really hard to sleep. We therefore suggest you book a hotel. There are many hotels in great resorts less than 15 min drive from the festival site, so either hire a car from Lastminute or grab a taxi or shuttle bus to the festival. Remember Benicassim Festival takes place between 18th – 21st July 2019. The Most Popular Resort by far is Oropesa Del Mar it has some great hotels and is only 5 miles from Benicassim Festival Site. Other popular resorts include Castellon 6 Miles Away Alocober 20 Miles Away and Peniscola 36 Miles Away.

Apartment and Hotels in Benicassim

Really popular option for Benicassim Festival goers is booking an apartment or hotel, this often allows you to book more people, and also give you more comfortable time, and during the day you will have access to a pool and air con !! These are currently apartments and hotels with availability in benicassim during the festival week. We suggest you book quick as they are selling out fast. so if you are looking for an apartment near benicassim festival or hotel near benicassim try these for size.

ResortTypeHotel NameDistance (m)Price & Book
BenicassimHotelHotel Bulevard1.6 KM
BenicassimHotelHotel Intur Orange 2.3 KM
BenicassimHotelHotel Sunna Benicassim2.5 KM
BenicassimHotelHotel Garamar2.5 KM
BenicassimHotelHotel Intur Azor2.5 KM
BenicassimHotelHotel Tramontana2.6 KM
BenicassimApartmentPALASIET Thalasso Hotel3.9 KM
BenicassimHotelIberflat APARTAMENTOS LOS PINOS7.9 KM
BenicassimHotelHotel Servigroup Trinimar2.4 KM
BenicassimApartmentSI Apartamentos Benicassim2.5 KM
BenicassimApartmentApartamentos Benicassim2.1 KM
BenicassimApartmentApartamentos Orange Park Orange Costa2.4 KM
BenicassimApartmentHelios2.3 KM
BenicassimApartmentMadeira2.6 KM
Oropesa Del MarHotelCasa Arizo4.6
Oropesa Del MarApartmentOropesa del Mar I
Oropesa Del MarApartmentApartamentos Playa Dorada
Oropesa Del MarHotelCasa Arizo
Oropesa Del MarHotelOropesa del Mar I
Oropesa Del MarHotelApartamentos Playa Dorada
Oropesa Del MarHotelMarina D'or 5 Hotel
Oropesa Del MarHotelMarina D'or 4 Hotel
Oropesa Del MarHotelOropesa del Mar III
Oropesa Del MarHotelAticos Deluxe Marina Dor
Oropesa Del MarHotelApartamentos Costa Azahar II
Oropesa Del MarHotelApartamento mavi 2
Oropesa Del MarHotelCamping & Bungalows Oasis
Oropesa Del MarHotelACV - Bahia Park-1ª Linea Planta 2 Norte
Oropesa Del MarHotelMarina D'Or Jardines del Mar I
Oropesa Del MarHotelApartment Av. Central - 2
Oropesa Del MarHotelCosta Marina II
Oropesa Del MarHotel Cala Blanca II
Oropesa Del MarHotel Vistamar II
Oropesa Del MarHotel Terrazas Al Mar
Oropesa Del MarHotel Apartamento en Oropesa del Mar
Oropesa Del MarHotelPrimera línea playa
Oropesa Del MarHotel edificio regata II
Oropesa Del MarApartmentHotel Neptuno4.6
Oropesa Del MarApartmentApartment Oropesa del Mar4.6
Oropesa Del MarHotelHotel Jardin4.7
Oropesa Del MarApartmentPortofino 5 (Aldeanuevacs)5
Oropesa Del MarApartmentApartamentos Galicia 30005.4
Oropesa Del MarApartmentCano - Levante5.4
Oropesa Del MarHotelMarina D'or 3 Hotel5.9
Oropesa Del MarApartmentApartamentos Marina Park5.9
Oropesa Del MarHotelMarina D'or 5 Hotel6
Oropesa Del MarHotelMarina D'or 4 Hotel6
Oropesa Del MarHotelGran Duque Hotel6
Oropesa Del MarHotelHotel Marina D'Or Balneario7
CastellonHotelEurohotel Castellon6.4
CastellonHotelNH Turcosa8.3
CastellonHotelHotel Tryp Castellon Center8.6
CastellonApartmentApartamentos Calle Mayor8.7
CastellonHotelNH Mindoro Hotel9.2
CastellonHotelApartamentos Calle Mayor10.1
CastellonHotelHotel Intur Castellon
CastellonHotelSercotel Jaime I
CastellonHotelHotel Sercotel Luz Castellon
CastellonHotelHotel Intur Bonaire/a>
BenicassimApartmentTravel Habitat Benicassim 0
BenicassimHotelHotel Intur Orange 0
BenicassimHotelHotel Jardin de Bellver0
BenicassimHotelSoléa House Hotel
BenicassimHotelHotel Intur Bonaire 0
BenicassimHotelHotel Avenida0
BenicassimHotelHotel Ecoavenida0
BenicassimHotelThalasso Hotel El Palasiet0
BenicassimHotelHotel Servigroup Trinimar0
BenicassimApartmentApartamentos Benicassim0
BenicassimApartmentApartamentos Benicassim 3000 Opens in new window0
BenicassimApartmentBenicassim Lujo 0

Some points to Note
Benicassim Festival takes place between 19 – 22 July 2018
Cheapest Hotels in Castellon from just £150 per person for a 4 night stay over Benicassm Festival Weekend
Resorts Near Benicassim
Oropesa Del Mar – 5 Miles Away
Castellon 6 Miles Away
Alocober 20 Miles Away
Peniscola 36 Miles Away

Benicassim Hotel Offers

Hotels & Apartments closest to Benicassim Festival


8 Miles from Benicassim  16 min taxi ride
Marina D’or 4 Hotel / Marina D’or 5 Hotel / Marina D’or 3 Hotel / Marina Park Hotel / Gran Duque Hotel

ResortHotel NamePrice & Book
Oropesa Del Mar Hotel Gran Duque
Oropesa Del MarHotel Marina d'Or Balneario
Oropesa Del Mar Hotel Marina d'Or Playa 4*


9 Miles from Benicassim or 20 min taxi ride away
ResortHotel NameOperatorPrice / Book
CastellonCivis Luz Castelló
CastellonHotel JaimeFesticket
CastellonTRYP Castellón CenterFesticket
CastellonNH Castellón
CastellonB&B Hotel Castelló
CastellonCivis Jaime
CastellonEurohotel Castelló
CastellonHotel Castellon
CastellonTRYP Castellón


ResortHotel NameStar RatingPrice / Book
AlcoceberHotel Sancho III3^
AlcoceberGran Hotel Las Fuentes de Fantasía Hoteles4*
AlcoceberAlcossebre Sea Experience4*

32 km from Benicassim 30 min Taxi Ride
AC Castellon / Apartamentos Avenida Valencia 17 / Apartments Marina D Or / Doña Lola / Felipe Ii / Hotel Abba Castellon / Hotel Bag / Hotel Rostits / Intur Castellon / Jaime I / Luz Castellon / Marina D Or Iii / Marina D Or Iv / Montreal / Nh Express Turcosa / Nh Mindoro / Prado Ii / Rosaleda Del Mijares / Rosaleda Doncel / Sh Estacion / Simba / Trinimar / Vila Real Palace / Vincci Castellon Center / Zaymar


If you are looking to Find a Hotel for Benicassim Festival, It is not too late to Book a Hotel for Benicassim Festival, we have looked for the nearest resorts to Benicassim which have hotel availability. Remember Benicassim Festival takes place in the evening and night, so during the day it is nice to have a hotel with a pool, and a place to chill from the heat. Listed below are the best hotels in Benicassim and they are all within walking distance of the festival Hotels in Benicassim include
Hotels in Benicassim include the nearest hotel to the festival site Intur Orange Hotel and also Intur Bonaire Hotel and Trinimar Hotel.

BenicassimIntur Orange Hotel4*
BenicassimIntur Bonaire Hotel4*
BenicassimTrinimar Hotel3*

Top 10 Hotels for Benicassim Festival booked via this site

We have compiled a list of the top 10 hotels booked for Benicassim you will see Oropesa Del Mar is a very popular resort, being close to benicassim, but also far enough away to chill out after a night at the festival.

LASTMINUTE.COM BENICASSIM HOTEL + FLIGHT PACKAGE have flights + hotel package which include transfers from the airport. These Lastminute benicassim festival travel packages take all the hassle out of getting to benicassim. They currently have packages for the following hotels Intur Orange Hotel Intur Azor and Intur Bonaire. Just select a hotel below and then on the lastminute website choose the exact dates you wish to travel and from which airport as easy as that.

BenicassimIntur Bonaire Hotel4*
BenicassimIntur Orange Hotel4*
BenicassimIntur Azor3*
BenicassimHotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet4*

Map showing Hotels near to Benicassim Festival

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32 comments on “Hotels Near Benicassim Festival 2022

  1. Stayed at the Marina D’or resort. We good a really good deal on a 4* hotel. There was a shuttle bus to the venue every night. 50 Euros for the full 4 days. Taxi’s cost about 14 here and about 17 back 🙂 easy to get to and from but wouldn’t recommend a taxi after as the cues were huge!!

  2. Stayed in Marina D’or III. Got the train from Barca to Oropesa then a short walk/taxi ride to the hotel. Shuttle bus to the festival cost €60, about a 5 minute walk away from our hotel

  3. We stayed at the Hotel Benicassim and it was fantastic. Cool surroundings and a very relaxed atmosphere, and we walked to the venue that was only 25 mins when we discovered the shortcut. Couldnt be better and would recommend it to anyone.

    So it was festival til 3am, sleep, wake up at around 11am (no rush for breakfast) beack, siesta, eats and same again.

    Briliant !

  4. We stayed at oasis camping and bungalows in oropesa. Totally recommend it. Journey from barcelona was complete nightmare. Got “organised” bus, got dropped off at side of motorway on outskirts of oropesa with not a clue where we were!!! Campsite ran buses daily to festival for €55 for the 4 days.

  5. We stayed at Marina Dor , the appartment was excellent but taxis very unreliable , we didn’t do shuttle bus as they didn’t start till 6.30 pm and we had family camping at festival so went early in the day , one taxi didn’t turn up at all !! So wouldn’t rely on them , already looking for appartment actually in Benicassim but prices are ridiculas , so prob be marina dor and hire a car next year (as hubby don’t drink much 🙂 )

  6. I stayed in the Marina D’or 4 star hotel was really good value, lovely room right by the beach, great transport to and from the festival, will definitely be staying there again next year!

  7. Marina D’or is the place to stay,got a penthouse apartment right on the beach an don’t bother with official taxi’s there are plenty of locals that will take u 2 an from the festival for the same price,just get there mobile number give them a ring an they come straight away,people cueing for hours for a taxi just baffled me

  8. We stayed in an apartment called San remero right on beach in beni .. 5 min walk to supermarket to stock up on €4 vodka .., 2 mins from beach front and walking to festival site took about 15 mins tops …!!! There was 8 of us staying in apartment , loads of room .. Highly recommend it for convenience etc ….

  9. We stayed in Hotel Gran Duque in Orepesa and couldn’t fault the hotel…..why camp when you can have an air conditioned room!! We used festivals4u for the transfer which I think was about €45 for the 4-days and never had any issues getting to the festival or back. We got the train from Barca to Benicassim -I would recommend booking these tickets in advance as both journeys there and back were full! Great festival 🙂

  10. Apartment in Marina D’or thru, close to beach, supermarket, own pool, full of other fib ppl so good laugh round pool during day, used locals as taxis paid between €15 – €20 as official taxis were infrequent and q after festival was about 2hr wait!! Loved this festival!!

  11. We stayed in castellon, at Intur Castellon Hotel, highly recommended! 200 quid for 4 nights and a gorgeous breakfast! Defo a hit with the benacassim bands as it seemed a fair few were staying here! (not that I had a clue who they were) anyhow, it cost around 20 euro to get taxis in and out so 4 of us worked out a fiver each! Happy days! We got a train from Barcelona airport for £20 (pre booked) make sure you book as we didn’t book our return train and ended up paying 350 euro for a taxi back to girona oooops!!! One tip DO Not camp!!! Sweltering

  12. That train station on the way home was one of the worst expirences of my life , the whole campsite descending on a little farty station with one assistant that doesn’t speak English – please try and sort it for next year!

  13. We stayed at Bonterra Park in a six person air conditioned bungalow, five minutes to beach and close to a supermarket which kept costs down. Taxis to the festival could be flagged down from the main street but were otherwise in short supply. Would definitely recommend

  14. I have stayed in castellon and orpesa for hotels and used danesp shuttle bus, which organised coaches to and from festival for the four days. Pick ups from five mins walk from popular hotels and dropped off at more hotels on return, coaches literally run non stop there from 6.30pm and return until 7am! Would recommend choosing hotel based on personal preference, castellon is definitely nicer and there’s more available, whilst orpesa is a family orientated resort a bit like a Butlins, so whilst there are cafes and bars it’s all a bit commercial and prices are high, ish, with restaurants ordering cheap quality burgers especially for the fedtival goers! Hotel gran duque is definitely not four star quality, in fact I found the attitude of the staff to be quite rude to anyone with a fib wristband, and I did not enjoy the rules imposed around the pool, only for the English it seemed!! The pools were nice but there was a kids club with activities which just meant that the more boistrous groups were being frowned upon just for having fun! The rooms were small but air con was fab, hotel bar was extremely slow and pool side cafe was ridiculous! Choose a hotel on now, pay when you get there, book flights ASAP, nearest airport is Valencia, however I booked a hotel with a pool for a night either side of the festival in Madrid (again and got the train to beni, the next day, just for some extra relaxation and because flights to madrid are so cheap! Trains across Spain are excellent quality and air conditioned too, and stop at both castellon and orpesa. Booking on the renfe website is a chore though!! I would echo what other people have said, the benicassim train station is a dump, the staff were extremely rude and unhelpful, leaving customers to sit on the street and barking orders, orpesa station is just as bad, and quite a walk to the hotels, castellon is a bigger station, and more professionally run. It depends what sort of holiday you want, for people who still want to be involved with parties etc stay as close to beni as possible, if you like the beach then go to orpesa, and if you like nice food and a better quality go for castellon! For the most of the time you are asleep having partied the night away at fib so whatever you plan to do gets forgotten anyway!! If you shop around and can be bothered to put your own package together then you can still do it all cheaply… There is no way I would camp in that heat!! Taxis are also a bloody nightmare, but locals will tout for business!!

  15. Stayed in rented apartment costa marina III in oropesa. Ideal for a lads holiday, cpl of decent restuarants and supermarket. Beach on ur door step and private pool with mixture of festival goers and spanish. shuttle bus around the corner at 60euro, prob save if u buy online with that. rented apartment was 600 euro, slept 6 lads easily. u must go, awesome

  16. Stayed in Intur Orange in Benicassim. 15 mins walk to festival entrance, nicely broken up with mojitos for 5 euros sold just outside the arena perimeter. Got train from Barcelona to Castellon then further train to Benicassim. Taxi from train station to hotel – all v easy. Difficult to get taxi back to station from the hotel on the Monday morning but train back to Barcelona busy but ok.
    Hotel handy for festival site and only 5 mins to beach, supermarket, main part of town. Described as 4star – probably not really but certainly comfortable & nice pool area. Would definitely recommend.
    Would suggest booming trains in advance from Barcelona – we didn’t and I think were lucky to get one…..

  17. We always stay hotel avenida,benicassim, bfast ok, pool gr8, good fun round pool in the day, 15 mins walk 2 festival, wldnt camp 2 hot! Gr8 festival 2012 was the best one yet. Bars n restaurants fab good prices n quality. Always take our own drinks in2 festival, smuggle thm in sum way:) eufest buses were fab very reliable n easy, all speak english. Strait 2 reus airport no probs at all – 23 quid. Bargain, got private taxi from valencia 100 euros between 4, was at airport waitin 4 us. A festival not 2 b missed, beni is gr8 fun but hard work – but who cares! Best times eva! Beni beach is luvvly 15 mins walk if tht X

  18. im trying to organise it for a few of us for next year but theres so much stuff involved, are u better goin to reus airport then ? x

  19. ^ she really does love you mate. she wanted to come back to your hotel room but she remembered in the nick of time that she was still on her chlamydia medication

  20. Dianne we flew to Valencia airport,spent 1 night in Valencia (lovely city a must see)then got a taxi to marina D’or (just next to beni)the next day for 100 euro,split between 4 wasint to bad,much easier then messing around with trains then taxis,we flew back from rues an the taxi there was a lil more expensive,so id go for Valencia x

  21. I offer myself as a driver with my car, really cheap comparing taxis, shuttle buses and so on, if you are interested send me a message and i will pick u up and take u !!

  22. we stayed in hotel trinimar, 3star hotel right on the beach! really nice, rooms were grand, breakfast was good too, lovely garden with a pool out the front, staff were really nice also. 5mins from supermarket and restaurants along the beach for dinner and then about a twenty min walk up to festival! so handy getting somewhere within walking distance cos u can go home whenever u like and don’t have to depend on buses or taxis, had to get a taxi home in previous years- queue was hours long!

  23. Hi. I’m staying on the outskirts of Castellon and wondering does anyone know where the shuttle bus picks up from?

  24. Has anyone stayed in hostel la font seca ???? It says it’s 5.4 miles away and very cheap but not sure how much taxis will be

  25. We’ve booked a room at hotel Tramontana from 15th -22nd July. It’s right on the beach in Benicassim. We no longer need it so if anyone is interested then please reply to this message. Thank you!

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