How to get to the festival of dreams aka benicassim travel top tips

Hello Beni Fans!

If like myself, you are wistfully counting down the months to the greatest festival of all time and you have bought your ticket and are now wondering how to get there then please read on! Look out for the ‘Beni Bites’ for tips and hints!

The preferred method of travel is by plane. Although you can’t fly directly to Benicassim, the 3 most preffered destinations are Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona. Valencia is the closest. You can also fly to Madrid. Last year, me and some mates flew to Barcelona from Gatwick and stayed there for a few days as a pre-Beni warm up then got a train to Benicassim.

Beni Bite – book your flight as soon as you can. We just booked ours from Gatwick to Valencia and with all taxes etc it was just over £100. I know some mates who booked theirs from Bristol to Alicante for around the same price.

You can get a train to Beni from Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid quite easily or hire a car when you get there. If you haven’t been to Beni before then there is parking around the town and I have seen many people having a cheeky sleep with the air con on when it gets a bit warm!

Beni Bite – book your train ticket from one of the Spanish train sites in advance otherwise I can guarantee you won’t get a seat on the train. The train sites have tickets about 3 months in advance so when they come up, I shall update you all!

Beni Bite – we are having a few days holiday either side of Beni to prepare and recover. If you are planning on the whole Beni experience (camping from the Monday) then I would strongly suggest staying in a local Beni hotel on the Sunday night so you are ready to get to the campsite early. We got to the campsite about 11am and were all set up by 1pm. When we trotted down to the beach, people were in a 2 hour queue waiting to be pitched (you get shown where to pitch your tent) so the earlier the better! And it means one final decent night’s sleep before the carnage!

So that’s the flying and trains covered.

There is also the option of having a little roadtrip! I know a couple of people who have done this over the time frame of a couple of days and if you are brave enough then give it a go! Personally, I’d rather be in the confines of a comfy plane chatting up the stewards!

So there you go! I shall update you with where to book train tickets from the various airports as and when they are released!

Charlie (Beni Legendette) x



We are English Fans of Benicassim Festival and love the festival,  we have an active post with lots of fans sharing advice and tips take a look at this page and add any questions to the bottom of the post

11 comments on “How to get to the festival of dreams aka benicassim travel top tips

  1. Has anyone flown to Reus then got transport to the festival site and if so what was your method and coatings ? Cheers

  2. Hi everyone,

    Is anyone going it alone to beni this year? I am travelling from wales, i was supposed to be going with my boyfriend but we split up 🙁 and none of my friends can come.

  3. Hi guys need a bit of help on best way to get from belfast or possibly dublin. This is are 2st time at beni n would appreciate any help or advice thank u xxx

  4. Second year attending beni this year ! And can’t wait ! Any1 else flying from Glasgow prestwick to Barcelona on Tuesday 15th July?

  5. Is there a tap for water to fill up bottles? Or will we have to it water?

  6. hi everyone also going alone mates dropped out , flying from Birmingham to Valencia..Couldn’t get hotel so thinking of camping in blue camp but having trouble booking it..

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