How to get to the festival of dreams aka benicassim travel top tips

Hello Beni Fans!

If like myself, you are wistfully counting down the months to the greatest festival of all time and you have bought your ticket and are now wondering how to get there then please read on! Look out for the ‘Beni Bites’ for tips and hints!

The preferred method of travel is by plane. Although you can’t fly directly to Benicassim, the 3 most preffered destinations are Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona. Valencia is the closest. You can also fly to Madrid. Last year, me and some mates flew to Barcelona from Gatwick and stayed there for a few days as a pre-Beni warm up then got a train to Benicassim.

Beni Bite – book your flight as soon as you can. We just booked ours from Gatwick to Valencia and with all taxes etc it was just over £100. I know some mates who booked theirs from Bristol to Alicante for around the same price.

You can get a train to Beni from Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid quite easily or hire a car when you get there. If you haven’t been to Beni before then there is parking around the town and I have seen many people having a cheeky sleep with the air con on when it gets a bit warm!

Beni Bite – book your train ticket from one of the Spanish train sites in advance otherwise I can guarantee you won’t get a seat on the train. The train sites have tickets about 3 months in advance so when they come up, I shall update you all!

Beni Bite – we are having a few days holiday either side of Beni to prepare and recover. If you are planning on the whole Beni experience (camping from the Monday) then I would strongly suggest staying in a local Beni hotel on the Sunday night so you are ready to get to the campsite early. We got to the campsite about 11am and were all set up by 1pm. When we trotted down to the beach, people were in a 2 hour queue waiting to be pitched (you get shown where to pitch your tent) so the earlier the better! And it means one final decent night’s sleep before the carnage!

So that’s the flying and trains covered.

There is also the option of having a little roadtrip! I know a couple of people who have done this over the time frame of a couple of days and if you are brave enough then give it a go! Personally, I’d rather be in the confines of a comfy plane chatting up the stewards!

So there you go! I shall update you with where to book train tickets from the various airports as and when they are released!

Charlie (Beni Legendette) x



We are English Fans of Benicassim Festival and love the festival,  we have an active post with lots of fans sharing advice and tips take a look at this page and add any questions to the bottom of the post

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  1. Hey All,
    We have been going to V festival for the last 5 yrs on the trot now. after the 3 fets’s being covered in mud and soaked head to toe from rain, the British festival novelty was wearing a bit thin. We decided on the Sunday night of the last V that was it, we’re going abroad next year!
    This going to be our first time at Beni and I cant wait, a mean c’mon Kings of Leon! Earlier this year I saw KoL tickets on eBay going for 100 quid! for an extra 50 you get the added bonus of a festival, in the sun, on the beach!
    Our original plans were to do a road trip from Wigan to Beni. A little adventure we thought. Drive down to Portsmouth and have a night there, get the ferry to Cherbourg, drive down to Bordeaux and camp,then down through Zaragoza and to Beni for the weekend. We were all set, until I found out the ferry prices. The return trip on the ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg is 240 quid for 2 people and a car, and that’s if you book now, like flight prices it could go up the longer you leave it. With fuel and toll road charges that was that little adventure screwed up and filed in the shredder.
    We are now flying to Barcelona and then hiring a car. We have booked our flights, they came to £100 each including all extra charges, taxes on so on which I thought was alright. I’m currently pricing up car hire which is looking like in-between 90 and 110 quid. This is a less adventurous option but all round cheaper.
    I cant wait for Beni this year it looks boss. I hope you all find your way there safely and have a good un!
    Good Luck!

  2. First time going to beni but im a bit dance man myself but the mrs loves KOL and Paul Wellar.Do they ever get any top dj’s playing the festival?

  3. can someone please jus sum up the dates of the festival for me? im a little bit confused as ive never been to beni and only know of a few who have.

  4. Hey Ste and Chris,

    I like a bit of dance mi self mate I’m hopin there’ll be some decent DJ’S maybe Sasha and Digweed, eh?
    I’ve just had a look on Google maps and Bonterra Park is 8 min walk away, I’m gunna look at bookin this mi self Chris.

  5. This will be my third consecutive Beni and I can’t bloody wait.

    Bonterra park is next door to the Bonet campsite (with all the trees), so approx 30-45min walk to the actual festival site depending on your state of drunkeness/exhaustion.

    Camping is good but staying in Bonterra is where it’s at. Having a bed, a shower and AC is well worth the extra money in my opinion. Stayed there last year and doing it again this year. Not sure about the availability of bungalows – we booked our three at 8am on new years day (ouch) to ensure we got them.

    The line-up seems to vary quite a lot. 2007 saw a lot more bands compared to last year where it was quite dance orientated. Not sure how this year will pan out but it’s safe to say there should be a good blend of bands and djs/live dance music.

    Fingers crossed that the early announcement of such large acts bodes well for the final line-up. I’m holding out for Daft Punk on the predicted release of an album in March…

  6. Hey Murray,
    Must agree Daft Punk being at Beni would be unreal. How much did you pay for a Bungalow at Bonterra? We’ve booked a camping pitch, I know you can camp at Beni but I was just thinking of the ameaneties that Bonterra have. If its theres not much difference I might just get a bungalow, if there is any left that is.

  7. Last year it was around £140 per person but the strength of the euro has nailed us this year – it’s looking to be about £200 pp for the week. Still worth it, but it’s pushing the price of the trip up even further.

    If you can get a bungalow then go for it, but you’ll be lucky. Give them a call and see what they say. They speak English fine, so no worries there.

    Good luck!

  8. I gave them a call its roughly £1200 for the week, but there’s only the 2 of us so its a bit expensive. I’m gunna stick with camping there instead, maybe we’ll see you round Murray?
    Have a good un, Glenn.

  9. Wow! Sounds like everyone is just as excited as me!
    You have to camp – it’s such a laugh and nobody ever sleeps anyway so you may as well not fork out an extra few hundred and just make your tent as cosy as possible!
    David – the dates are as follows: Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th July is the actual music bit of the festival. You can camp from Monday 13th to Tuesday 21st. It’s genius.

    As for DJ’s – Justice made an awesome appearance last year. Need I say more?! Erol Alkan was there as well and there were loads of others. There were also some dance style (ish) acts such as Hot Chip and Calvin Harris and it was all brilliant. Justice did it for me though.

    Can’t wait! Bring on the voddy!! x

  10. i’ve got tickets for this year and me and my friend are thinking about driving there to make it a bit more adventurous and can’t really afford flights. couple of questions though, has anyone here ever done it before and if so then how much roughly did it cost (petrol, toll charges, camping overnight etc) as it might even end up cheaper to just fly!


  11. Hey all!

    my mates and i are all heading to beni this year. we’ve booked flights to barcelona and then we’re wanting to book a hotel for a week during beni. Does anyone know of any near beni thats easy to get to from barcelona and is nearby where the festival is???

  12. How would you get from barcelona airport to beni?
    which airport is the best
    iv bought a ticket but really struggling with how to get there and in the cheapest way possible?!
    from Manchester aswel..a bit limited

  13. Hi, This is going to be my first year going to benicassim! I’m so excited and about 6 of us are going down there. Are there any bungalows left? And if so where do we book? Where do you guys reccommend staying? In the Bungalows/ Hotels or Camping?

  14. hi, we’ll be in Spain anyway so thinking of coming in our campervan – are they allowed? we will have our kids with us, will they be freaked out? (they are 9 and 12) will we have to walk for miles from where we park to the music?

  15. Hey Rachael,
    I’m from Manchester too, and I’m thinking of flying out from Leeds or Liverpool as I think it’s actually cheaper than flying out from Manchester. Then I’m gonna get a train from the airport to Beni,I dont think spanish trains are that expensive, but book ahead on a spanish train site a few months before Beni anyway.
    I did the exact same as you like “Yeehh I’m well going Beni this year, sounds well good….” Bought a ticket then was like “Riight, so how do I get there?” =/
    I’m gonna book my tickets tomorrow anyway, so I’ll let you know if I find any cheap deals. x

  16. Hey Guys !

    This year is gonna be the best without doubt ;0p n not just coz were there !!

    Oh n Rachel were flying into Barca from L’pool then getting the train over to Castellon (not too far from Beni)try n get flight to El Prat airport only bout 20 mins from Barca…then trains are easy & often…there are also buses – just not as comfy as the trains !

  17. Just a note to anyone thinking of driving:
    Yes it is about £240 from portsmouth to cherbourg but if you get the sea france from dover to calais its only about £60 each way. A bit more of a drive but hey its an adventure isnt it?
    I’m already booked to go the Isle of Wight this year but I’m seriously considering this with that line up!
    Ciao 4 now 😉

    p.s £1200 for a bungalow for the week? yeah right! jog on! robbing b*******!

  18. hola,
    me & my mates r heading to beni for the first time this year and we’re camping, just wondering are there showers and stuff or do u just have to scum it for the week?
    cheers x

  19. hey all
    i just booked my tickets today!!!!

    thinking of flying to barcelona and hiring a car
    does anyone know how long this will take and a good hire co.?

    also prob sounds silly but when it says camping till 21st.. can we sleep there on the night of 21st or do we have to leave then?


  20. flying into alicante from newquay airport, any ides how to get from alicante to beni? arriving the tuesday for a few nights pre festival partying

  21. were lookin at flyin to barcelona from liverpool then hirin a car is it easy enough to get to from the airport? gonna be our first beni cos were sick of the crap english weather!!

  22. Just in geeneral response to above…..Benni always has a great dance scene….who sore “booka shade” last yr?!! AMAZING, not to mention Arman Van in 2007! They have designated dance tent and good music….

    Why on earth are you lot booking hotels?!! Common that cheating! Waste of money, yes if your gonna wine about it, you will sleep better…aawwww, but there plenty of time for sleep when you get home! 4 hours a night plenty when u get used to it and the camp site madness, why would you miss out on it!

    As for getting there, i drove from Barca in 2007, which was fine….got train from barca in 2008, a bit of a nightmare! Flying to velincia this yr, then train or drive again…

  23. Say we fly into Barcelona – Whats the best option to get to Beni Campsite?

    Where the campsite is… is that called Benicassim or has it got another name?

  24. Hi

    Me and a couple of friends are heading over for my big 30 birthday this year… I am a festival virgin but really looking forward to it. Have our tickets but will work out flights etc later, think we will be flying into Barcelona as cheapest. We don’t arrive until Thursday though so hoping we will still get a space to pitch our tent, can’t make it any earlier. Does anyone know where you leave your rucksack etc and is it safe enough?

    Thanks… any advice welcome!

  25. Hi, I’m booking flights right now to Barca, coz they’re cheapest (2 returns from Bristol, 12th-23rd July for £94 total – AMAZING!). Should I fly to Barca Gerona, or Barca Reus?
    I’d really appreciate a reply!
    Thanks everyone.

    Sooooooo excited!!!!

  26. Hello everyone

    V useful info there thanks! We’re the same, been going to glasto for the last 7 years. Now I absolutely worship the place but the thought of a festival in the sun?? I mean that will be amazing!!!

    We’re gponna fly from manc to Barcelona (prob bmi baby)and have afew days in barcelona then head to the festival tues/weds.

    Can anyone tell me which are the best sites to camp? ie most shade!How far is it to the site/ beach? and do you have to book??


  27. Hey everyone sorry i know a lot of people have already asked about the same question but flying from LIVERPOOL is it best to go to REUS or EL PRAT? and is EL PRAT the same as GIRONA? so very confused!!

    MATT VAGG WALES why was getting the train such a nightmare? that’s probably what we’re guna do :-$

  28. bought my tickets!! just wondering weather to fly to alicante or barcelona. alicante is a bit cheaper but not much, any1 kno which 1 is easier to get to the festival from? any help on how to do it? thanks x

  29. hey thinking of going to beni for the 1st time this year. flights look simple enough we just worried about getting from valencia airport to the site and back, which is the best way to do it? taxi or bus?? how much is it on the bus and is it easy enough to find and get on.

  30. Well! Aren’t we all a tad excited! I actually cannot wait!
    SJD – we flew to Barcelona last year and had a few days there then got the train to Beni. The train station is about a 30 minute walk to the furthest campsite. They fill the campsite furthest from the festival site first (as it’s the best) then the one closer.

    Elaine – it’s like any festival in regards to leaving your stuff: you just take your chance and leave it in your tent. In fairness, 99% of people are fabulous and you probably won’t have any trouble but you can get little padlocks for your tent as well which is always a good idea. I always keep my valuables (passport, camera, money, phone etc) on me at all times.

    Jade and Paul – fly to Barca Reus.

    LouLou – Basically, they fill the campsite which is furthest from the festival site but closest to the beach first and this one has loads of trees and shade. There is a proper shower and toilet block as well which is nice! It’s genius. I would recommend getting there as early as you can on the Monday if you are camping from then as the queue’s build really fast. We stay in a local hotel the night before in Beni and walk to the campsite. It’s a small town so everything is walking distance (within about 45 mins – but you really don’t notice it when you are pissed with your mates in the sun!)

    LisaMarie – fly to Reus. You MUST book the train. No 2 ways about it. If you don’t, you won’t get a seat and you’ll be standing for 2 and a bit hours! Not fun! As soon as I get the link for the train I’ll whack it up. You can only book the train about 3 months in advance. 🙂

    Callum – it doesn’t really make much of a difference where you fly to. We did Barca last year and doing Valencia this year. Some of my mates are flying from Bristol to Alicante which they did last year and it doesn’t take any longer than the other ones.

    Adam – you need to get the train from a main airport.
    Once the link for the train site is up I’ll put it here and on facebook and you can all book your tickets! Not before I’ve booked mine though as there will be no seat left for moi!

    WOOP! Beni here we come!! x

  31. I will be driving around Spain with a mate this summer and we are both very keen to get to this festival. Just wondering if anyone knows whether or not you can drive a campervan in to the actual camping area??


  32. Im popping my beni cherry this year… i seriously may die through excessive excitement, after the bog of glasto 07 have needed a festival fix for some time (well a dry one at least!!) i mean i cannot wait, its like 5 months away i may go now and just wait outside the site in beni 🙂
    We have a hostel in beni for about 600 euros for the week for 8 people… result… well it aint gonna the ritz, more like the sh1tz but hey its only gonna be there to dump stuff and sleep for the hour that im gonna have in a week… woo hoo!!
    does anyone know how big beni town is roughly to give me idea of how far i have to crawl back to?!?!

  33. Hi,
    A friend and I have recently booked our tickets to benicassim and we are flying to Barcelona GIRONA. I was wondering how we will get to Benicassim from Barcelona GIRONA. Is there a train? And if so where do i see the times? Sorry, a bit confused!
    Thanks! x

  34. Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone knows if you can drive a camper van and stay in that at the festival??


  35. Hey all!!

    Beni virgin here, my boyfriend and i have just booked our tickets and flights, we are fed up with t in the park and other scottish festivals, cant wait i am soooooo excited!!!

    We have booked our flights to barcelona with british airways, not even sure what airport in barca they fly to, thought it was reus but could be wrong, anyone know? also needing more info about the spanish sites for buying train tickets from barca to benicassim??

    Any tips from previous beni babies would be gratefully received lol


  36. Can someone please tell me how long it takes on the train from Barcelona to get to Benicassim?

  37. I’ll be driving down with 3 friends and looking to camp. Does anyone know the score re cars?

    Can we park it next to the tents? Do they charge extra if you have a car? Is there a better site to go to if you have a car?


  38. Laura,

    Apparently it takes 2 and a half hours. But is pretty cheap. Was considering driving but cant get a hire car for anything less than £140.

    Were also flying to Barca. Not looking forward to the train ride but it will all be worth it!!!! Were heading there on the 13th…having a few chill out days in our hotel (Gran Duque) then shuttling to and from…only a 15 min shuttle ride.

  39. Right team! I can’t beleive how many people are excited about Beni! It’s making me even more excited!

    So, the train information is all here:

    I don’t know if you can actually book tickets yet but the routes and times are all up there. We travelled from Barcelona last year and it was just over 2 hours. There are loads of train stations in Barcelona so just pick the one you are nearest!

    Camper vans – I’m not too sure on that one but from what I remember, there were only tents. People who have cars – I think there is a car park nearby but you don’t park next to your tent.

    Emma – we did exactly that last year. Had a few days in Barcelona, got the train down on the Sunday, stayed in Beni in a hotel on Sunday night then aimed for the campsite when it opened on Monday. It’s well worth just taking your time and chilling out a bit.

    Keep the questions coming! Only 4 months to go!!!!!! x

  40. Hey we are plannin to go to benidorm for a week and then head up to the festival. Does any1 no how long it would take on train/bus to get from benidorm (or even from alicante) to beni??

  41. aahhh benicasim aaahhh how exciting!!!!! sun sea and erm……..camping!!! wow!!!!!

    i may have had too much coffee at work this morning……

  42. ahhh beni fever is setting in i really can’t wait!

    it’s my third time going to beni this year and can honestly say have never had any trouble getting train tickets from barcelona on the day. i usually go from barcelona to benicassim on the monday morning and as long as you get there early enough it’s usually ok. last year i got an open return for 30euros which meant i could get the train back whenever i fancied.

    it would be more relaxing to get the train there on the sunday but personally i like the atmosphere on the monday and getting the train with lots of other excited campers.

    can’t wait!

  43. We are now booked up with flights flying into Barca Girona airport on Wed evening, arriving around 9.30 pm. We are then travelling down by car if just few of us, or perhaps hiring a mini-bus if we get a good crowd arriving about same time and wanting to head straight down to festival. Hopefully we can still access campsite about 12.30am (ish) when we arrive and start the party. If anyone is considering going that way let us know.. the more the merrier and we can have a bus party…… yay!

  44. Hi first time at benicassim this year me and 4 friends are flying to barcelona on wed 15th don’t get in till the evening will we find it hard to get camping spot???
    Ver very excited !!!

  45. Hi first time at benicassim this year me and 4 friends are flying to barcelona on wed 15th don’t get in till the evening will we find it hard to get camping spot???
    Very very excited !!!

  46. julie joob joob,
    what airport are you flying to barcelona from and is it a direct flight?? 6 of us lookin to book flights from Glasgow but can only find direct flights to alicante!!

  47. hello all,

    im planning to go to beni this year with my fella, ive never been b4 and id really like to know what would be the better option… hotel to stay in as im thinking of going for a few extra days on either side of the fest with out camping and staying at the hotel the whole time…or camping for the fest and staying in a hotel for the other days???? please would really appreciate your sugestions…

    also i was wondering whens best to book for the cheapest flights?


    thank you

  48. Hi Stacie!!

    We are flying from glasgow-heathrow-barcelona with british airways…..they were the cheapest we could find, just need to hang around heathrow for a few hours but im sure we will find a bar lol we were £150 rtn pp for our flights (14th-22nd) were gonn have a few days in barca at the other side of the festival. Have just checked and the prices havent changed. xxx

  49. Julie joob joob, Think we may be on same flight as you. Leaves Glasgow 6:55 gets to Barcelona just after 2. Just me and the bf going, very excited !!!

  50. LouLou

    I’m doing exactly the same as you, fly out on sunday, couple of nights in Barca then head down about tuesday/wednesday. First time so i’m proper excited. Extra excited.


  51. hi we are flying from heathrow to barcelona on the 15th of july arriving at barca 14.15 does any one know how much the train is and how long it takes to get to benni from barca also is there any coaches running from barcelona airport to benni and does any 1 know how much it would cost for a taxi from barcelona to benni??? this is our first time to the FIB festival and havent got a clue LOL!!! but cant wait!!!!!!

  52. Cannot wait for the festival, went last year and it was the most fun, friendly and mental place. Driving down this year though, does anyone know if there is a free car park attached to the festival? I don’t fancy leaving it in the street or Lidl car park! Also, if the is one is it near campfib or benicamp? Benicamp is blatantly the best one! Ta x

  53. Hello, another Beni virgin here. Flying to Reus on 15th arriving 3pm. Then driving down in a hire car. Anyone know the parking arrangements/distance to site?

    Also the map looks like a concrete field?? I take it there is grass to camp on?!!!?!

    If people want a lift, let me know, might have space in the car for 2/4 small ones if they wanna share cost!!

  54. Hey guys… Does anyone know the name of the water park in beni? I went about 3 years ago after a levels and we’re going back again this year after grad. For anybody who’s not been before you’re gonna have an amazing time, far more enjoyable than Reading, glasto etc. Also does anybody know how soon the camping gets filled up, because I didn’t go down till thursday last time as most of the party set up few days before.. I wanna camp in bonnet. blatently the best campsite of all!!

  55. Hi
    Im flying into barcelona, and i am now thinking of hiring a car to drive down! hows the parking in beni?

  56. Hi there, just wondering if any1 knows the best way to get to beni from madrid. arrivin in madrid on 13th at about 12:30 pm. Flights from gatwick about £93. Has any1 gone this way b4?

  57. Has anyone gone VIP before? I was wondering if anyone thought it was worth the extra money. Also, I’ll be driving down and it mentions a VIP carpark, does this offer much over the normal ones?


  58. I have been to Beni the last two years. The first year we flew into Valencia from Edinburgh, got off the plane and there was a coach to take us to the festival. 30E return, took about an hour.

    Last year we flew into Alicante as Valencia flights were too dear. We hired a car at airport and with the help of AA route finder, got to Beni around 4 hours later of mostly motor-way driving. We are doing the same this year. There is a car park at the festival, free of charge for the week.

    It is a brilliant brilliant festival

  59. Right, can anyone help me who have booked trains to Beni before.
    I’ve been on the Renfe website and although it states it is in English the bit’s i need to know are in Spanish. Anyway, Do you actually book seats off this site because i have looked a trains in the next few weeks because i know they only display them 3 months before, but it shows no option to book them, just times, not even prices.
    People who have booked tickets before can they just talk me through how they got them booked?


  60. Hi Try this website it is all in English Rail Europe
    They sell train tickets from Barcelona to CASTELLON DE LA PLANA ( nearest main station to Benicassim)

    They do not appear to have tickets for July on sale yet, but do a search for a jouney in May and it was only £29 for the ticket so seems pretty good.

    Keep checking that site for tickets to go on sale.

  61. Hey
    I seem to be in the same boat as brendan above. There is a group of at least 30 of us flting into madrid from dublin on the tuesday (14th). We’ll be in madrid from 9.30 in the morning and i just wana know if there’s any buses or trains going from madrid to benni and what’s the best/cheapest way????

  62. Hi Guys!
    Not long to go now!
    Right, we have done some investigation into trains and Spanish Rail (found here are your best bet.
    Tickets are available from around the 12th May and their number is 44 (0) 20 7725 7063. We used them last year apparently and they are very helpful.

    Hope this helps team! I’m so excited!!!
    Elbow as well?! GENIUS! xx

  63. Hya.
    There are 10 of us going to benicassim flying to alicante, need transport from the airport, ne ideas??

  64. what about oropesa is it good to stay at oropesa or its far?plsss answerr need to book quickly

  65. Opopesa is only 8km about 10min drive from benicassim so is a good place to stay

  66. LEA

    me and my friend are flyin to alicante too and there is a bus stop outside the airport which takes you to the train station. the bus takes about 40min and they run every hour so if we miss the bus a taxi is not ment to cost much.the train takes about 3hrs n 30e return. so cant wait 13wks to go. BRING IT ON XX

  67. i was at beni last year and flew into Reus. but i cant remeber where the closest station was 2 get the train from…. anyone know? And also am i able 2 book the train in advance to go 2 and back from the festival????

  68. Hey.
    I need some help. There’s a group of us going to beni from Ireland. Prob is we booked our flights but didn’t get our tickets and now the 4 day camping tickets are sold out over here. So does anyone have any advice or help on how we could get 4 day camping tickets? Or if we just got 4 day non camping ones would it be easy to find a place to camp when we get over there? Please any help is much appreciated. Cheers! 🙂

  69. Hey all,
    Just wondering if anyone knew if there is any busses from Orpesa to Barcelona early in the morning. We need to get back to catch a flight at 11:00 a.m on Sunday 19th and need to find some way to get back there without missing out on Saturday night.
    Cheers in advance!

  70. Hey

    I was just wonderin is tere many other irish people headin tere tis yr! its me n d lads first time goin but we dono whether to expect just al brits or many irish! we r planin on flyin in mon mornin and bein in beni mon evenin…. would tat be early enough to get a good spot in d benicamp because we hav been told tat is d best place as tere is plenty of trees to get shade under for campin!!

  71. to Craig,
    i got there on the same day last year and they hadnt fill the camp only filld 1 out of the three camps. u will b fine, im arrivn on tuesday this year aswell.

  72. Hey! Really excited to be going to Benicassim, just a few questions!
    Im flying to Alicante last Monday evening from Bournemouth, but wont be arriving until about midnight. According to raileurope there arent any trains to either castellon or benicassim until about 8am on tuesday, are there any other ways to get to the festival from the airport? a friend of mine recons we should get a taxi but im guessing this would expensive! any ideas how much it would cost though?
    Also how far is Castellon train station from the festival? is it all walking or are there shuttle busses etc?
    Thanks!!! sooooo excited!!!! xx

  73. sorry!!!
    also if we did have to hang around in Alicante until we can get a train is it a pretty 24 hour city? ive been before and remeber that being in spain everything was late, but i was only 12 and cant really remember! basically are there places near the station we could kill time from midnight til 8am?! thanks again! x

  74. i dnt know answers 2 all ur questions but walking unless u like a good treck would take a shit lng time. and i wouldnt think a cab would be too expensive depending on how many of u there r.

  75. Dave a group of us girls are heading over from Ireland, also a larger group of guys and girls from Dublin are heading over to it too and heard of a few other groups heading over. Just paint your face green each morning and I will come looking for you. Pretty crap about the tickets being sold out… hopefully you get sorted.

  76. Well, I am one of four irish people who will be there dave and elaine. so u never know we may cross paths. oh cant wait did u all hear that bell x1 hav been added to the line up too. sweet!

  77. I need some advice please from those who have been before..

    We are having a debate in the group as to when to go down to the festival..

    One group wants to go down the sunday night and hang about the streets until the site opens

    Another group thinks its more sensible to go down on the monday morning on the 9am train getting in at half 1 and then going into the festival

    How quickly do the campsites fill up? The first groups argument is that the first capsite open is the best one to be at and they reckon it will fill up by the time we get there at about half 1

    I really need some advice because train tickets will need to be booked very soon

    Any help is much appreciated, what do people think?


  78. Hi, Were Irish aswell heading over from Dublin and like you Sean we booked our tickets fully expecxting the camoing to still be available as it looked like it was on the website. Now its sold out! Were hoping to get camping tickets on arrival..does anyone know what are the chances of that??

  79. michael….
    last year i went 2 days after the camp had opend and the 1st was filld but we had people who saved us space.
    i also had friends in one of the other camps…… i prefered the others because after a hard night in the festival its either a long walk back or a wait 4 a coach 2 egt bak. where as every1 else jst walkd round the corner.
    they were also closer to the water park and go karts.
    hope i was help. jack

  80. Hey guys!
    Has anyone else notcied that the cheap trains running from barcelona/tarragona haven’t actually be on sale online as of yet…and as of today apparently they’re sold out after i rang up to try and book them..because i find it abit steep having to pay nearly £50 return when i’m paying two months in advance.
    I think our best bet is to get a bus which is costing us a tenner then wing it coming back up the coast on th train on the any beni veterans agree with this..beacuse i’ve heard its madness trying to get trains back to airports etc on the we’re in no rush to get to barcelona as our flight isn’t until the thursday morning..
    any suggestions?

  81. hey hey! 🙁
    bought our tickets for the fest only to find out his week that we won’t be able to go, due to the spanish embassy being fully booked. Can only get an appointment on 8July and that is waaaaaay to late! Such a bummer! We have three tickets (me,my boyfriend and his brother) and looks like we must get rid of it, thanks to the good old South African Passport!!!!!! 🙁

    Please let me know if anyones interested. was looking forward to it for sooooo long!


  82. This may be a ridiculous question but i’m looking to book train tickets and am just wondering if Castellon and Castello de la Plana are the same place?
    Any help appreciated!

  83. Hi,

    Me and a friend bought tickets for Bene and can’t wait! Thing is only able to get day passes for the Thurs and Friday as all the others were sold out.

    We are flying into Barcelona (Girona) on the Wed at 21.40 and flying back on the 22nd so we have a few days in Barcelona after the festival. Thing is all the accomadation is now full in Benicassim. We’ve found a hotel in a place called Olda, but not sure how easy it is to get from there to the festival. Would it be a taxi or could we get a local bus – is it worth paying more and being based closer? If so, anyone heard of any hotels/backpackers which still have rooms?


  84. we booked flights to rues and train from there to benicasim but what i would like to know is how far is tha campsite from beni train station ? any ideas ? x

  85. For anyone looking for a ticket, one of my friends has pulled out of going so I may have a full ticket going spare. Will be away for couple of weeks but when get back if she hasn’t sorted anything out will be selling the ticket. Email me at if you are interested. Its a full festival ticket including 9 days camping.


  86. From Alicante airport you can take a 10 euro bus to Benidorm.(45mins)
    Or 20 mins Bus to Alicante Train station that goes direct to Benicassim.
    Driving from Alicante to Benicassim is 20 euros Toll each way and takes 3 hours 40 mins Via Valencia on A.7 Costa Motorway.If you go Alicante Valencia inland motorway it takes longer as it goes through the mountains. Due to credit crunch car hire firms have less cars this year so you won´t be able to pick one up at any airport unless you prebook.

  87. Hi everyone,

    All the messages have been awesome information and very helpful!

    Just wondered what people think about my issues i have!

    1.staying in Barcelona for a few days before the festival any recomendations for things to do it worth/cheap enought to hire a car to travel down to beni?
    3my flights at 8:30 in the morning on the monday!!! School boy error i know! what would you suggest the best way to get to Barca airport would be? and fast!


  88. elaine 1 of my mates is lookin 2 buy a ticket. if its still 4 sale ill let him know. let me know thanks

  89. Hi,

    There are 7 of us going to Benicassim this year. Never been before.
    We are thinking of taking a 9/12 man tent between us. Will we be able to get it pitched at the campsite?



  90. Hi! I need to get to Alicante airport on the mon (20th) for my flight in the evening. No train tickets left. HELP!!!! If anyone has any ideas or a spare place in a car – please let me know before I have a mental breakdown! 🙂

  91. Charlie, you wrote: “You MUST book the train. No 2 ways about it. If you don’t, you won’t get a seat and you’ll be standing for 2 and a bit hours! ”

    So that means if all else fails, I can just stand – it’s not like they won’t even let me on the train? Please say yes – panicing! Going to be on my own for journey back and very worried 🙁

  92. not long now cant wate!! anyone know any good clubs or good night spots in Barcelona??

    ta x

  93. Hey,I was wondering how people reccomend leaving Benicassim.

    I want to get to either Valencia or Barcelona train station from Castellon. But rail doesn’t seem to have any trains travelling from Castellon to either major city…

  94. Can you get a coach from barcelona to benicassim. We arrive at Barcelona airport on wednesday evening??

  95. hey, ive been trying to book a train to get from benicassim back to the airport on the 20th (monday) through raileurope, however i have been trying at least once a week for the last couple of months and everytime i search it just says it can’t find any results and it may be sold out. as i said though ive been trying since literally march and i wouldnt have thought it would have already been sold out since then?! does anyone know any other way to book train tickets? cheers xx

  96. Oooh, it’s so close I can almost smell the excitement!

    A couple of questions I see…
    Noel In a Fielding: you can hire a car but it’s pretty easy to get a train down from Barcelona. You can have a look on Spanish Rail or Regional Express for tickets. We travelled down from Barcelona last year and it took just over 2 hours but is a direct train. Either way – entirely up to you! 🙂

    Jade – same again, contact Spanish Rail or Regional Express for tickets from Barcelona. The easiest way is to call them up.

    Once you get to Benicassim train station (I think this is called Castellon) then it’s either a short walk or taxi ride down to the site. There are people everywhere and it’s not difficult to find.
    If you are arriving before the Wednesday, you are most likely going to be in the furthest campsite, which is actually the best, and this is a walk through the town.
    It sounds like an absolute mission but when you’re with your mates and in the Beni spirit with everyone else, it’s simply brilliant!

    Jade, I would recommend getting a hotel (if there are any left) for the Sunday night in Benicassim and then make your way to the campsite in the morning. We’re staying in the Hotel Bulevard so look this up and see if there is any awailability. That way, you are a 10 minute walk from the site on Monday morning and can get there nice and early. I think it opens around 10am – get there for this time, definitely no later than 11am as it gets rammed!

    I hope this has helped and please feel free to contact me if you need any other help!

    For those of you coming from Valencia – see you on the way!
    Muchos Beni love team! xx

  97. Is anyone flying in to Alicante on Tuesday 14th July and/or flying out from Alicante on Monday 20th July? I have 2 spaces in my hire car (travelling with 2 girls and 1 guy) if you need transport to/from the festival. you pay petrol money, the usual thing.
    Eleri xx

  98. So looking forward to going to Beni this year. Arriving into Girona late Weds night, and driving straight to our hotel in Onda.

    Parking doesn’t seem to be an issue in Benicassim town, so thats the likely option. Gutted I’m not camping, but wasn’t really up for being roasted alive in a tent!

    Anyone staying in Onda is welcome to a lift into town! 😉

    See you all there!


  99. Hey all,

    And, Hey Elaine, Ben and Dave,I am Irish too and travelling to Beni from Dublin on an early flight to Barcelona on Monday 13th. Doing this solo for the first day or two and meeting up with the lads as they drift in on different days (work commitments and all that). My first trip to Beni too. Not the perfect scenario as i hear the organisers land u in a camping spot and thats that, no get out clause. But hey all part of the big adventure.

    I plan to get the midday train down from Barcelona Saints and hope for the best outcome in campsite politics. Good to see plenty of Irish going over and having a “WARM UP” to Lecky.


    Looking forward to Bell X1 too.

  100. Hi, just wondering is anyone travelling to Barcelona (Girona) on Wed 15th. I am travelling alone from Dublin and not sure whether to try make my way down or stay over in Barcelona.

    If anyone is doing same and arriving Wednesday night could you contact me @ so I can pick your brains.

  101. WHat’s the VIP area like? Anyone know if you have to pay for booze etc in there? Cheers!

  102. if you dont book a ticket before hand for the train does that mean you definatley wont got on or can you buy one when iget to the station?

  103. What happens if you can’t get hold of a train ticket from Barcelona?
    Are there any buses or anything available..?


  105. Whats the deal with campsites… how do the two differ? Is there one thats better and how? It would really if someone knows as we’re really stuck on which one to go to!

  106. hey guys how do you get from barcelona reus airport to benicassim any pointers would be much appreciated

    thanks kids

  107. anyone have any idea how easy it is to get tickets on the door or from touts? and approx. prices?
    also, how long does the train take from madrid? flights to barca are near £200 now :s
    thanks in advance

  108. Hey Sheri, what time are you going to be in Barcelona on Monday 13th?
    I am getting the bus at 12 bells down to Beni. Still tickets availible for the bus as far as i can see.


    (good decent Irish guy)

  109. Ooops sorry Sheri,

    I re-read your message and your not into Barcelona until 4pm. I will be down in Beni by then.

  110. In a bit of a panic now…..been trying to book train tickets since may on the renfe web site and it has never made much sense…..dumb a*s i know, so i just left it!! Now everything is booked and I’m worried that we’ll not be able to get anything booked for me and my boyfriend. In the process of trying to pre book a bus from Barcelona on the Wednesday morning and then returning on the Monday to Barcelona. What happens if we dont book and leave it till the day of travel for a bus. Will there be any space on any buses leaving barca for beni??? I need some advice please help!!lol xx

  111. Hey Juile Joob Joob, This is a Spanish bus from Barcelona Nord to Castellon.
    Check out the website, its in english. I got my ticket last week no prob, 42 yoyo’s return. Give it a go.


  112. If anyone arriving in Barcelona on Wed evening and driving down with room in their car for a little one would appreciate it.. would obviously contribute towards rental/petrol. If not if anyone staying overnight in Barca and travelling next day please also contact me.. my email address is a few posts above this.

  113. Arrive at Reus at around 10pm on Sunday 12th. Will we be able to get a bus or train at that time or do are we stuck until the next morning?

  114. hi there
    ive got a non camping tickets, what sites are there that im able to stay at?? also do any of them have electricity???

  115. Hey Guys,
    Anyone need a lift from Madrid to Benicassim next Monday. Myself and 14 friends have booked a 25 seater bus so there is room for 10 more if anyone is interested.

  116. Hi there,

    I arrive into Barca on 13th July and I’m looking for a lift to the festival, I’ll pay for petrol etc. Anyone got any room?

  117. Hey, im flying out on the 14th to alicante and planning on getting a train to Benicassium except i cant work out how to book the tickets.

    Does anyone one know is if absoulutely nessersary to book train tickets before or can you get them at the station, i dont mind wheather i have a seat just as long as we get on the train.

    someone please reply!

  118. Alright everyone,

    Me and a mate are hiring a car, we’re landing in girona on tues 14th 1500 and flyin back on the followin mon at 1700. We got space for 2 more (3 at a push, not the biggest car in the world!) let me know if theres any takers.


  119. Hi!! so excited!!
    can’t be bothered to read through everything but for anyone struggling to book trains to and from airports and benicassim on raileurope, the spanish train website is now working a lot better than it was and theres loads of trains available to book seats for on there.



  121. hey we re four girls who decided we were very clever and opted to hire a car to drive from girona to benicassim .. now we have no idea were to download maps from or how to get der PLEASE HELP!!!! feel free to email directions to… super excited but super panicked benni gals!!!

  122. BEN – Which part of Barca are you in for a lift?

    We arrive at Reus Airport at 10am, getting our car at 11am and will drive down to the festival then. We’ve got a 5 seater and there’s 3 of us.

    Are you any good at navigating?!

  123. ROB C – please can you give me more info on your car share. My boyfriend is going to the festival and needs to get back to girona airport on Monday 20th July. Don’t care how much you want, but he needs some way of getting their. His flight isn’t until 22:05, so your timings sound good. please contact me

    Emily F

  124. Hi Emily F,

    Sorry we got 3 people wanting the lift back up last night. Hope you find something for him.
    The lift down from Girona to benni on the tuesday we’re landin at 1500 is still available for up to 3 if anyones intersted?

  125. Emily

    We have room in our car, only a small car though. Sounds like he might even be on the same flight as us, Girona to EMA.

    Sam x

  126. Sarah

    We are going from Girona to Benicassim to, hired 2 cars. I used google maps and printed off step by step directions and a Map

    Have fun, only a few days now, woohoo!!!!

    Sam xx

  127. Rob C,

    Do you still have any space to go down to benni?! Me and a mate are also landing in Girona at 3 on Tuesday and were planning on catching a bus but a road trip sounds better!!

    Please let me know?


  128. Alright mike w,

    yeah no worries mate the spaces are yours. Should be a good craic. Send me your number to my email and I’ll ring ya at the airport. Where ya flyin from pal?

  129. Alright Mike W,

    tried postin this a couple of times dont think it allows email addresses. Yeah no worries for the lift down its yours mate, should be a good craic. Give me your number and i’ll ring ya at the airport. Where you flying from pal?


  130. Alright Rob,

    That’s great, thanks for getting back to me!
    Flying from Speke in Liverpool mate. Drop me an e-mail at this address mate and i’ll give you a ring


  131. Hi – I am definitely a festival virgin, but I love KOL and live in Spain. Aren’t I just so lucky?? I have tickets for Friday, and am driving there from Almeria – thinking of sleeping on the beach or in the car as I am only there for the one night. Is this viable? Or will I have to park miles away from the site?

  132. Hi – me again! I went there, and came home! KOL did not appear because of the high winds. I am no longer a festival virgin, and this is where it stops. Ok, I am no longer 25 years old, was not drunk or on drugs, but I did not find being covered with lager thrown from further back in the crowd oh so many times so that I was sticky, wet and stinking, and neither did I appreciate having lighted cigarettes tossed onto me by idiots who could not be bothered to put them out under their feet. The Security guys disappeared when things began to get aggressive when it was announced that another band would appear instead of KOL – poor buggers, they were not given a chance as we had all been waiting nearly 2 hours by then, and we wanted KOL. That’s who we had paid to see. I only had a one day ticket, so that was a waste of money. So I drove the 5 hour trip back home.

  133. BOOM – We have now uploaded all the best photos from the festival – go have a look see if photos with you in made the cut 😀


    Number 1 Dedicated Benicassim Festival Forum and Gallery

    p.s. There is also some wicked nice videos

  134. Hi all – we are looking to book a campervan for the festival. Are we able to drive this and park this in the festival?

  135. Hey everyone , me and 1 mate from waterford ireland going for first time this yr , we have enuff off rain rain rain at oxegen and electric picnic `so we are flying from dublin on wednesday into valencia airport and returnin on monday from reus airport at 9 pm . we are staying in vip campsite and have access all areas passes ( ok im bragging here a bit ) but all we need to know is how will we get too festival from valencia airport on way over and how will we get to reus airport on monday for our return . fastest way and preferablt not too expensive and what is the distance to each airport . all help very much appreciated . thanks ….

  136. Dear jonathan,

    I come from benicassim.

    I can help you in your doubt, how to travel from vancia airport and later how travel can go to reus airport. Please contact me and I’ll help you.

  137. Im flying into Allicante on the saturday and plan to make my way to Valencia that day, in case Spain get to the world cup final we may want to stay in Valencia Sunday night, so are looking for a bus early monday morning, but I cant find one anywhere. The train gets u in at 10:50 which is a bit late?? Anyone with any info would be appreciated.

  138. Hi Guys, I´m from Chile, which is in the really end of the world. I´m going to the FIB this summer. Does someone know what time is the end of the festival? I´ve got to take a flight to London on Sunday night. Are the main bands palying o Sunday night? I really apreciate your advice on this matter.

  139. Hey, I just wondered what the Villacamp ticket was all about thats listed on the site? I was thinking of getting an apartment for the week but this may be a cheaper option if worth it?

    Cheers, Rai.

  140. Villacamp gets you showers, decent toilets, but it is still camping which in Spain in July means it will be very hot. So if you don’t fancy this then a Hotel / Appartment is your best bet

  141. Has anyone flown to Reus then got transport to the festival site and if so what was your method and coatings ? Cheers

  142. Hi everyone,

    Is anyone going it alone to beni this year? I am travelling from wales, i was supposed to be going with my boyfriend but we split up 🙁 and none of my friends can come.

  143. Hi guys need a bit of help on best way to get from belfast or possibly dublin. This is are 2st time at beni n would appreciate any help or advice thank u xxx

  144. Second year attending beni this year ! And can’t wait ! Any1 else flying from Glasgow prestwick to Barcelona on Tuesday 15th July?

  145. Is there a tap for water to fill up bottles? Or will we have to it water?

  146. hi everyone also going alone mates dropped out , flying from Birmingham to Valencia..Couldn’t get hotel so thinking of camping in blue camp but having trouble booking it..

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