How To Get To Benicassim by air rail or road trip

As some of you are regular festival go-ers, you will find it no problem to make it across Europe to a massive music event.

However, to us newbies i think i can personally say it is pretty intimidating but definitly exciting. We have all been to the usual festivals back in our home land… but Europe, that’s a different story.

Now, to the main point, how to get there. I have researched and researched and spoken to friends who went previous years. It seems the best way to get there is to fly to Valencia and get a train that goes straight to Benicassim which takes about an hour, perfect timing to get a few drinks down you i’d say. Other possible routes are flying to Reus (1hr 40mins away), Barcelona (2hrs 30mins away), Alicante (2hrs 50mins away) or Madrid (4hrs 40mins away).

If you are like my friends, they have decided to either create the event into some massive road trip across Europe or to go by train. We have found an InterRail Global Pass which allows us to travel where ever we want for either 22 days (€309) or 1 month (€399), these prices are based on the Youth Pass from the ages of 12- 26. There are other passes aswel, for a one country pass to Spain for 8 days it’s €149, also based on the Youth Pass of ages 12-26.

So there we go, when i find out anymore i’ll let ya’ll know!

x x

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  1. Me and sister are planning on renting a car and driving from valencia or barcelona, how long does it take to drive from them to benicassim? thanks 🙂

  2. The trip from Valencia is fairly painless to Benicassim, just head out towards ‘Castellon’ on the A7 and either keep on that road until it joins the N340 national road (slow) or take the toll road (AP-7 the P stands for pay!) and have save some time. The toll charge is only about 5 Euros and you collect a ticket on entry to the toll road and pay either by credit card or cash at the exit, easy!
    The exit you want for Benicassim is exit 46 off the toll road or just ‘Benicassim’ off the N-340 road, with the toll exit you will be nearer to castellon town, so you will have to drive for about 10 mins on the n-340 to get to Benicassim.
    We are getting a lot of people again this year staying in Oropesa and with the bus shuttle service to the festival it isn’t much of a hassle getting to and from the festival and there is more accommodation available.
    We live here all year around so we are always a good source of info.

  3. Hey Kat.

    It would take approx. just over an hour from Valencia to Beni as its the nearest big city.

    Barcelona would take over 2 and a hlaf hours.


  4. I can only fly to Barcalona, as none of the airports close to me (LEEDS) fly anywhere near. will it be difficult to get to beni from barca??? how much would a taxi be as there is 4 of us?

  5. Hello,

    Does anyone know if its worth getting the cheaper flights to Reus or Barcelona as appose to Valencia? Is it too difficult/expensive to get to the festival from there?


  6. hey whats the best way to get from barcelona to beni?? im planning on flying o barcelona and maybe getting the train down is this wise????

  7. The best way to get from Barca to Beni is easily the train. Get the train from Sants train station (with an interrail pass it only cost us 7 Euros each supplement last year) to Castellon station [around 2h 30m) , and then a local train to Benicassim [>10m] and then the campsites and venue are easily signposted, although it is a wee bit of a walk!! A word of advise is to book your tickets to Castellon early on the day, or the day before if possible because it’s VERY busy come Beni, with lots of people travelling to the festival-queues at Barcelo-Sants were very long for tickets to there. Other than that, it’s a piece of cake, and the festival itsself is amazing.. enjoy!

  8. Hey

    we’re looking to do a eurotrip via rail… how’s this going to work?

    we are hoping to see: paris, geneva, montpellier, barca.


  9. Hi,

    I’m going to the bull run in pampolona and will be looking to travel by bus or train to benicissim from there. any one else doing the same? or does anyone know the costs and if this would be possible? cheers

  10. Hiya,

    We’re planning on staying in Alcossebre and travelling to Benicassim each day. Does anyone know if they’re be any buses or trains that go from there, or if it’s going to be easier to just hire a car?

  11. Hi, never been to Benicasiim.Travelling from Inverness.going with partner,he is not going to fest.Have a chance of booking into a hotel in Castelon.Can anybody advise me if I can get a train or bus from Valencia to Castelon? Then can I get a bus from there and back to ther fest.I would be so grateful for any help never beeen before.

  12. Callum – If you can’t fly to Valencia or Alicante from Leeds then why don’t you just travel to London where you can fly to them? It makes more sense to travel in England than to attempt to travel across Spain if you don’t know prices, timetables, routes etc.

  13. Hey has anyone found any cheap flights? they’re all coming up really expensive at the moment. Doesn’t matter which uk airport we’ll travel!

  14. Hey guy’s

    Planning on going to Beni this year for the first time with some mates, was wondering if it would be best buying the festival tickets first or wld it be safe to book a flight then buy tickets next month? (do the tickets usually sell out fast?)


  15. How do you even get there? This is a shambles – can’t even find any flights from anywhere other than london to barca, never mind Valencia! I think the best bet would be to get the train from platform 9 3/4. Then maybe bunk a lift from the Jamaican bobsleigh team from Montpellier, or get a lift off a massive pelican

  16. were planning coming over ffrom ibiza is there regular ferries busses etc to make this possible? xxx

  17. There no telling mate….they might sell out quicker this yr coz it better line up see…… Last yr however, you would be ok wait a bit longer….

  18. Me and mates doing a road trip round europe so were planning on stopping in there half way through, really looking forward to it 😀

  19. Hey, I am doing a euro road trip and then going to the festival..was just wondering what the parking is like?? I am tempted by the VIP ticket as it includes parking which would be good as its secure..

    Anyone know about the vip area?? is it worth going for vip if your ticket is being bought for you as a bday present…

  20. Hey there is a group of us wanting to get from barcelona to beni – then back again . i saw with an interail pass its only 7euros but what about normal adults? does anyone know? also which stations are best?

  21. Hi, cant decide weather to go to benicassim or sonar festival this summer?!?

    does anyone know the best places/apartments/hotels to stay for benicassim???

    is it easy to get to benicassim from barcelona and how expensive??


  22. Hiya, is there a website that you can book train tickets from barcelona & whats the name of the station that we have to travel to?

  23. Having been to Beni last year I can tell you that flying to Barcelona is not the best option. When you arrive into the airport, its an hours drive away from the city where you need to be for the next stage of your trip. Buses are available but fill up quickly…leave plenty of time! Once in Barcelona you’ll have to find either a train or a bus to take you down to Benicassim….neither go all the way and stop at a town 8km away from the festival…again another taxi ride away.

    We set off early morning from London and we didn’t arrive at the camp site until midnight!

    Getting back is just as bad if not worse. If you have a flight to catch on the monday early you have no chance. Last year we set off at 4am to get a taxi…all taxis in Beni were told to avoid us so getting back to that town 8km away took an awful long time. Once we got there, it was a 3hr train ride then a 1hr taxi ride (£100) back to the airport just in time to catch the flight. Benicassim is an amazing festival but be warned…BOOK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IN ADVANCE AND LEAVE LOTS OF TIME FOR GETTING THERE AND BACK!!!

  24. Got flights to valencia from Newcastle via Majorca for just over £190 just wondered if there was a shuttle bus from valencia to benicassim and how much a return ticket would be. Please help first time going!!

  25. Hi, Can anyone supply names of any hotels/accomodation in Oropesa? Looks like all in Benicassim are booked up. Will be happy to stay in Oropesa and get the shuttle bus….

    Thanks for your help

  26. Last year there was a shuttle bus arranged by sponsors heineken so be something similar this year, can others advise if shuttle busses do run?

  27. Hi there,

    Went last minute couple years ago (someone else organised) and loved it, altough getting to and from Barcelona was interesting…. We’re looking at going via Reus this year, is it right its only about 1 3/4 hours away? We’re planning to leave on 23 July – will the buses/trains be less busy then? Many thanks!

  28. Me and about 7 or 8 of me mates are planning to go on a minibus from chester. think this will add to the experience even though it will be murder but good fun at the same time. how long would it take to get there from the north west and whats the best route to take through france down to spain?

  29. Me and my other half are going from Chester! We’ve booked flights from Manchester to Barcelona on the 13th. Then were planning on getting the train from Barca to Beni. Or as close to Beni as we can get. Staying in a great looking hotel for a week, Gran Duque for a decent price. Dont think i could hack the heat!

    Think it’ll take you a fair while to drive. Will be great fun though. Make sure your mini bus has air con for when you get to Spain!

  30. I have to leave on the Sunday due to work, is it going to be hard getting to Barcelona on a Sunday?

  31. We got our flights to Barcelona from Dublin for €70.00, then hiring a car when we arrive on night of 15th and driving straight to festival, dropping car off in Castellon next day. Car hire working out at about €60.00 between 4 us so its working out real cheap. Does anyone know if you can walk from Castellon to Beni festival and if you can put your tent up if we arrive at 12.30am????????

  32. i did exactly the same thing in 2007, worked out quite well….you cant walk from castellon to benni now, but it a cheap taxi run…. you can put your tent up in middle of night im you want, but it will be hard work as not all area’s are well lit in the dark…..

  33. Me and my mate are going beni this year for the first time and need to know what time buses start and stop running from barcelona.We arrive in barcelona on the 12th at about 10pm at night. Will buses be running at this time to take us to the campsite? (I do realise we wont be able to get in untill the morning). We’re also leaving on the 22nd a day after the camp closes, will buses still be running?

    Or would we be better off getting the train?

    Any help appreciated.

  34. Elaine

    Why drop the car off at castillion? Hire the car for the week, keep it near the campsite. It’s ideal for keeping valuables and so you dont have to cart everything down to the campsite. It won’t cost much more to hire the car for the week.

  35. olli, pretty sure we had to wait until 6am for bus from barca last yr… bus should still be running when you leave yeah, it a norm bus i caught last yr, not a festival one…

  36. Hi, does anyone know when and where to train tickets from for Barcelona to Valencia?
    i heard it was April when the tickets come available so im eager to get the tickets booked! sooo cant wait for Beni now, is going to be amazing!

  37. do the 4 day tickets only allow you to enter the festival when the music is on? thanks

  38. is it that far to get from barcelona to beni and on the plane booking websites there are 2 places in barcelona to fly to which one is the right one?

  39. Dudes and dudettes!
    I’ve need so clarity. There is a crowd of atleast 30 of us going to benni from Ireland. We’re flying from dublin and landing into madrid at 9.30 in the morning on tuesday the 14th. Now i heard there’s a bus at 3 o’clock to benni 4rm madrid but don’t know where to get it from? Can any one help? It’d be much appreciated. Or even any suggestions for a better way to go?

  40. We are catching the 0950 flight from East Midlands to Reus airport on the 13th July. If anyone fancies a lift in our rented car we don’t mind giving a lift to the site but obviously for a bit of money towards the rental and petrol. Let me know if you are on the same flight and interested.

  41. Hi
    There is 10 of us going to benicassim flying to alicante and need transport from the airport to the festival. any ideas??

  42. Hi All!

    Just wondering if anyone has taken a camper van to the event? We will have a van with us due to being half way through a trip. It says on the website that we need to download a booking form to take the van into the campsite but I cant find one 🙂

    Just trying to work out if we would be better to try our luck in the free campsites, or book a private one.


  43. Hi,My first Beni fest too, I can’t wait! The same as Hey! (posted on 7th April) I am flying into Madrid but on the Monday. Looking into car hire but wouldn’t mind knowing what the cost is to get Bus/Train down, anyone know? Thanks!

  44. Does anyone who has been to Beni before have an idea of prices over there. How much is a pint and food in the festival and do they allow the disposable bbq’s within the festival? And other such helpful info.

  45. Hi
    We are 3 couples (sadly in our 40’s). Have done many festivals in UK but not in Europe. Our plan is to collect 3 campervans at Barcelona & drive them dowm to FIB.
    We have VIP tickets & would like to camp on site or close by:

    Does anyone know the following please:

    Can we park campervans on site?
    Is there electricity?
    What is the closest public campsite to venue?
    Can we reserve space at any of the campsites?
    How long is the queue of traffic into Benni at c5:30pm on Thursday 16th

    Our flights land in Barca between 2-2:30pm so we may be able to offer a few people a lift if arrival times coincicide



  46. Hey guys!

    We’re flying into Reus Airport, how do we get to Benicassim from there?

    Bus, train, car?

  47. Hey.
    I need some help. There’s a group of us going to beni from Ireland. Prob is we booked our flights but didn’t get our tickets and now the 4 day camping tickets are sold out over here. So does anyone have any advice or help on how we could get 4 day camping tickets? Or if we just got 4 day non camping ones would it be easy to find a place to camp when we get over there? Please any help is much appreciated. Cheers! 🙂

  48. Hey,

    we’ve booked our flights from leeds – barcelona (girona) on sunday 12th… flying back on 24th.. so got plenty of time to travel/explore either side of the fest!
    again it’s our first time here – should we buy our train tickets in advance or buy them when we arrive??
    also is it worth hiring a car?? there’s 4 of us, but dunno if it would be cheaper than trains – or if we’d use it much as loads to do when there!!

    any info appreciated – i realise everyone seems to be asking similar questions on here! 🙂

    can’t wait for the summer party to begin!

  49. hey guys me and a few mates who are all beni virgins are goin to beni this year and are flying to alicante. we’re not arriving into alicante til 22.50 ish.
    any advice how we will get to beni from alicante, even if it means having to stay over in alicante for the night, ive searched for train tickets and its saying for my dates there are no tickets….
    any advice much appreciated.
    x x wendy

  50. To charlies …

    There is room for camper vans on the site but not much so you have to contact the organisers and arrange permission with them to park your van, not sure if they charge for this or not.

    I don’t think there’s anything like electricty on the site, as I remember it all there was was just a big gravel car park next to the Bonet campsite ( which has all the showers, toilets and facilities ).

    Closest camp to the festival is Camp Fib which is right next to it but I’m not sure there is room for vans there. Bonet ( don’t know what they’re calling it now but it’s something different ) is a 30min walk from the festival but in a much better position for the beach and shops.

    I do remember there being a big queue through the town on previous thursday nights but Bonet campsite is basically right on the junction off the autopista so if you go the right way there shouldn’t be any queues at all really – most people arrive by train or bus.

  51. Hey, not long now and I am moist with excitement!!! Can’t wait to see Mystery Jets, Late of the Pier and the foals plus many others. My mate and I have drawn the short straw and were gunna arrive in Barcelona on the 14th so we can get there early and get the tents up for are mates who are arriving the next day. I was looking at train times and it looks like we wont be able to get a train until 5pm from barcelona, I’d rather get there earlier so thinking about hiring a car. Is there a place near Camp Fib where we can park? I think thats the one closest to the music. Has anyone driven before cuz any advise would be great!!!


  52. Hi, would be grateful if anyone has any advice on how long we should allow ourselves to get from Barca airport to Sants train station? We touch down at 14.30 and obv need to allow for baggage/customs etc but unsure if we should go for a 16.00 or 17.00 train to Castellon, keen to book tickets in advance as its going to be madness otherwise.
    Thank you!

  53. hey guys, your info has been really helpful so far, me and a few mates only have one day tickets for the night of the 17tyh – we are flying in early to girona airport and hiring a car from the 15th to the 19th – really cheap!! wondering if there is anywhere to park the car to keep our valuables in it close to beni as we are thinking aboyut sleepin on the beach as we have no accomodation – does anyone know if we are allowded to crash out on the beach in the wee hours of the morning?? or where the best place is to leave the car?? thanks heaps x

  54. hi, we are getting alicante on the 13th from the midlands, and hope to get a train from there to valcencia, can anybody tell me if this is posible please, and if can advise on how much it be, and any other info please x

  55. Hey, we are flying back from Alicante on the 20th July as tickets are cheaper than from Valencia. I just wondered what the best way to travel to Alicante from Benicassim (train, coach services? etc) and if you know where it’s possible to book tickets for this in advance to guarantee a seat. ALternatively, would it just be easier to pay a bit extra for a flight from Valencia if it’s easier to get to and are there trains/coaches etc to there?

  56. Hi everyone,

    All the messages have been awesome information and very helpful!

    Just wondered what people think about my issues i have!

    1.staying in Barcelona for a few days before the festival any recomendations for things to do it worth/cheap enought to hire a car to travel down to beni?
    3my flights at 8:30 in the morning on the monday!!! School boy error i know! what would you suggest the best way to get to Barca airport would be? and fast!


  57. Hey

    I have been trying to book my train tickets for the tuesday using the link on this website and every time I have tried it comes up with an error msg. Has anybody else had this problem and have you found any other sites I could use as its getting closer and would like my ticket booked in advance. Can’t wait tho 4 weeks then I will be there. Gunna be sooooooo good!!!

  58. Can we change the name on a ticket? A mate has rushed home due to a family emergency and i have his ticket, but with his name. Are the festival authorities sticky about this?

    Thank you

  59. HOT, HOT HOT!!

    3 weeks to go and me and my mates are so excited, it’s our first time and we have every thing planned other than the TENT situation!
    We’re flying into Madrid on Tuesday and have hired cars to take us to the festival, do you know of anywhere we can buy tents around Benicassim? or would you suggest that we take them on the plane with us?
    Also, what kind of tent do you suggest? I’ve heard that you can buy tents for warmer climates, what do the regulars sleep in? and what’s the best way of getting it to the festival?

    Taa muchly!

  60. i was wondering if any one has booked train tickets off renfe and wt they put for document type and document number and also wt they done about the post code as it doesn’t let u put the whole thing in. DO THEY EVBE DELIVER TO ENGLAND AND HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE i think i may have left it too late to pre book my train tickets.!!!

  61. Hi,
    Can someone tell me what the queues are like, we dont get to Beni until 10pm on wednesday nite and as i know the ticket/wristband area closes at 11pm, so will we be able to get our campsite allocation an wristband??

    Festival Virgin so any and all info would be appreciated.



  62. Hi, Simple question for a simple girl. ow do i get from valencia to Beni. Is it cheaper to book train/coach ahead. cheapest route. No hitching. if so can anyone recommend a site for tickets train/coach

  63. Alright everyone,

    Not long now! Me and a mate have hired a car from girona airport on the tuesday 14th landing at 1500 and are flying back on the following monday at 1700. Just wondering if anyone’s needing a lift either both ways or just goin from or to the airport. Let me know. Cheers.


  64. Hi,

    Me and a friend have hired a car and are driving from barcelona/salou on the thursday 16th and staying in a hotel… if anyone needs a lift from barcelona area there is room in the car. get in touch..xx

  65. Hi amy, me and my friend are trying to get to Beni from Barcelona on Thursday 16th. We are staying in a hotel airport on the 15th in barcelona. Maybe we could join forces?

    It’s our first time so we don’t know where we’re going though!


  66. does anyone know the cheapest and easiest way to get from malaga to beni??! im meetin my friends at the festival so have to travel alone n theres no direct train! ahh

  67. Apologies for the awful spelling in my last post – the panic seems to be affecting my brain lol

  68. Hi can anyone help i’m having major difficulties organising how to get back to Alicante airport on the 20th to catch my flight. The trains don’t seem to run until the afternoon and my flight is at 12pm. Is anyone in the same situation or if anyone has any advice i’d really appreciate it. Majorly panicking. Alternatively I may have to try and change my flights eeekk :\

  69. ****** ROB C *******
    Do you still ave room in your car as posted 8th July???? 2 Of us landing Barca around same time in need of a lift!!! Can someone explain how I connect with people on here?????

  70. Those of us travelling on the east midlands train to Derby on the 22nd of july were given a full review of the festival (whether we wanted it or not) by a perm haired young woman. she informed us that many acts were canceled. she was particularly disappointed to miss the opportunity to see The kings of Leon. The reviewer also claimed that terrible weather conditions had affected the event, worsened by the fact both she and her friend stephanie had been the victims of theft. “why the hell would anyone steal my bikini bottoms” she repeated, it takes a woman to ask. As the train reached Derby we were all that little bit wiser on the subject of Benicassim. The reviewer let it be known that notwithstanding her trials she is keen to return next year. ps she knows barcelona like the back of her hand.

  71. Those of us who were travelling on the east midlands train to Derby on the 22nd of july were given a review of the Benicassiam festival, whether we wanted it or not, by a perm haired girl. she informed us that both she and her friend stephanie had a row and had several items stolen including her bikini bottoms, sum perv is no doubt sniffing them, The festival was also affected by bad weather and a fire in a nearby town; however, the reviewer said she was keen to return next year.

  72. I got the ferry over from ibiza to valencia last year, got the cheap 7 hour 1 as was supposed to go back to england first but missed my flight!
    bit of an adventure but all worked out ok. was around 50 euro for the ferry, then quite cheap for the train from valencia to castellon, then bus to beni.

    Im flying to reus this year. anybody know the best station to get a train to beni/castellon??
    got a train from beni to salou last year, does anybody know if i can get the saim trian the other way as i cant find it on any of the rail sites.

  73. I am thinking about planning a trip to Ibiza from Beni next year does anyone know any faster/cheaper routes to the isle. I would get the ferry but wouldnt know were to start plus the 7 hour trip is a bit of a put off!!! any advice would be greatly appreciated

  74. Hi i have booked tickets for my partner and I next year and i have decided to book accomodation in Peniscola. Does anyone know how easy it is to get to and from the festival each day from here? Are there any festival buses laid on? Some have said hire a car but then this means only one of us can drink

    Any help would be great



  75. Hi, I am unable to attend the festival and was wondering whether I am able to sell my ticket to my friend and change the name on the ticket?

    Thank you

  76. Hi, there’s a group of 10 of us who are renting a villa in oropesa del mar from the 15th-22nd and coming to the festival. We know that there’s shuttle buses that will get us from our villa to the festival but can you tell us where we should fly to and how we can get from the airport to oropesa del mar? The main option seems to be a shuttle bus but it’s really expensive for 10 people, and the train websites are really confusing?
    Help! 🙂 x

  77. Can someone tell me the best place to try and stay?

    Want to get a villa over that time for about 4 of us, Can anyone let me know the best place to try and get

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