Benicassim Tickets 2019 Now On Sale Camping Hotel and Tent Packages available


Benicassim Ticket Options

There are various Ticket Options

Benicassim Tickets 2019

Benicassim Tickets are on sale now.

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Benicassim Festival Ticket + Tent Package

Save yourself lugging a tent on the plane, by booking a tent + festival tickets package
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Benicassim 2019 Tickets Only

Buy Official Tickets from Ticketmaster and festicket. They sell standard weekend tickets and also VIP options
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Benicassim Glamping Options

Save your self the time of pitching your own tent why not take advantage of  the various glamping options available at Benicassim.
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Benicassim Ticket + Hotel in Benicassim Packages

Instead of camping in the extreme hot temperatures of Spain in July. Why not book a hotel close to benicassim festival. All hotels include airport transfers
Make a Holiday of Benicassim by booking a hotel for day time and goto the festival at night.

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Benicassim Ticket + Hotel in Castellon Packages

Castellon is the town next to Benicassim just 6 miles. It is also along the coast with great beaches. Regular festival shuttle buses run from each hotel and they all offer airport tranfers. There is a great selection of hotels as below.
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Benicassim Ticket + Apartment Packages

Planning to goto benicassim with your crew? why not book an apartment. Some apartments can accommodate upto 12 people how awesome would that be. These apartments are in huge demand and are selling out fast.
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Private Airport Transfers

Make it easy getting from Valencia Airport to your Hotel in Oropesa / Marina d’Or or Castellon. These private transfers are for up to 3 people. They are sold one way only so you will need to also by the return transfer separately.
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Buy Official Tickets from Ticketmaster and festicket. They sell standard weekend tickets and also VIP options
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Benicassim Ticket + Coach Packages

Make the trip from the airport to benicassim festival as simple as possible by booking a coach + ticket package. Most cities in spain have travel packages. The popular locations of Valenica, Barcelona and Madrid are expected to sell out fast. If you already have a ticket why not just book a coach ticket only to benicassim
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Benicassim Tickets 2018 Early Bird Tickets are on ale now. Official FIB Benicassim tickets are on sale from Ticketmaster UK for 2018.

Buy Benicassim Tickets from Ticketmaster for Benicassim 2018

These Early bird benicassim tickets are on sale for £129 plus booking fee remember tickets also include 8 nights camping . The music starts on Thursday 19th July 2018 and ends on the Sunday 22nd July 2018.
Get Official benicassim tickets from Ticketmaster Now.


Benicassim Tickets



Other Ticket Agents who have sold official tickets in the past include ticketweb who are part of ticketmaster. and See tickets Eventim  Benicassim 2018 tickets.

Benicassim Tickets Types

There are many types of tickets available Standard Weekend Tickets and VIP Tickets. There are also VIP Camping Tickets available. Plus there are now 2 day tickets for either the friday and saturday or saturday and sunday, and finally there are day tickets available for Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Weekend 4 Day Tickets

Weekend Tickets Tickets also include 9 days free camping from 9 am Monday 13th July 2014 to 20th July 2015 at midday. If you are planning to get a hotel instead of camping you will still need t0 buy this weekend ticket. The festival arena site is open from Thursday 16th July to 19th July 2015.


Villa Camp is the VIP camping area for benicassim it is open from 13th to 20thJuly 2015. The site has better facilites than the standard camp site, it has a capacity of 1500 and is located at the front of the concert venue. The camp site is just 700 metres from the beach. Anyone can buy the Villa camp ticket. The camp site is in a natural area with shade from lots of trees. It has individual shower, and toilets. It has a car park. There is 24 hr security. There is also a medical centre. You can buy good on site and it has lockers for valuables. It has top quality individual showers and toilets. Their is ample car parking and also medical and food services.
A big plus is there is music put on on the Monday Tuesday and Wednesday before the festival on the VillaCamp Stage.
VillaCamp will be open from Monday 13th July until the 20th of July 2015. Villa Camp tickets do not give you ARENA ENTRY or the VIP area in the arena so you will need a weekend pass or VIP pass You also need to supply your own tent and camping equipment.
The New Villacamp
The Campsite is all grass and will have lots of shady areas. The site is perfectly placed 850m from the beach just 10 mins away. The VIP Villacamp is close to the best Restaurants, bars, supermarkets
Regular Free buses run from the campsite to the venue and the beach.
The site has a medical centre, and ambulance. The site is monitored by security staff and there is lockers on site. The campsite has individual showers and bar and food is available over 24 hours.
There is an Information point there also.



VIP Benicassim Tickets give you access to the arena site from Thursday and Sunday of the festival. The ticket includes free camping in the campfest camping area from 13 to 20th July 2015. It also give you access to the VIP area of the festival site and special VIP parking and VIP access to the entrance to the venue.

BUY BENICASSIM 2015 TICKETS Ticketmaster supply official weekend camping tickets which include 9 days camping and 4 days of the festival. See Tickets also have VIP Tickets for Sale

BUY VILLACAMP TICKETS The Benicassim Festival takes place between 16 19 July 2015 4 Day Weekend Camping tickets provide 9 days of camping. The camp site opens on Monday July 13 at 10.00 to Monday July 20 at midday (12.00). Benicassim Tickets are on sale now also if have not done so already book a Benicassim Hotel or Benicassim Flights or Car Hire for Benicassim.

Benicassim is a huge event you will not want to miss. Previous acts to play in Spain include Kasabian, Gorilliaz Cure, Morrissey Pendulum, Benicassim The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and Arcade Fire. You can expect similar top quality bands this year.

PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING TICKETS Important Note – We are NOT Ticket Agents Just Fans like you

LAST MINUTE DEALS ON TRAVEL Benicassim Hotel or Benicassim Flights or Car Hire for Benicassim

See Tickets FibShop LASTMINUTE.COM Fib Heineken 2015 Tickets – XIV Festival Internacional De Benicàssim Tickets -July 2015 – Benicàssim Fib Tickets Fib 15 Tickets Fib Heniken Festival FIB HEINEKEN TICKETS Benicassim Tickets 2015 Benicassim Festival Tickets 2015 Benicassim 2015 Tickets Early bird benicassim 2015 tickets have sold out.

Benicassim Tickets



VIP Zone: There are bars, food stalls, various areas to take a moment to relax, chat, have a drink whilst keeping an eye on the plasma screens so you can still follow what’s going on across the stages.
VIP Seating: You’ll be able to sit and watch concerts with a privileged view from the grandstand seating situated to the side of the Las Palmas stage.
VIP Parking: You´ll be able to park in the VIP Parking Zone right next to the VIP entrance.

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Benicassim Tickets
Benicassim Festival 2019
Benicassim , National Road N 340, Castelon, Spain, N1 9HF, GB,Benicassim,Castelon, Spain-N1 9HF
July 19, 2019
July 22, 2019
Ticket Price
GBP 140

23 comments on “Benicassim Tickets 2019 Now On Sale Camping Hotel and Tent Packages available

  1. I was just wondering are all the tickets sold out? Will they come on sale again? Im looking for 3 weekend only tickets

  2. Hiya, I had my ticket emailed to me after I paid for it, I can show this on a bank statement if neccessary, but I’ve just gone to print it and it’s not in my emails, I must have accidentally deleted it, please help!

  3. Hi,

    I can no longer go to Beni so am selling x2 Early Bird 4 Day Weekend Tickets.

    Please get in touch if you’re interested and make an offer.

    I’ve double checked with See Tickets and there is no charge to change the names on the tickets.

    Many thanks

  4. Hi there, just wondering if with the camping option, can camper vans be bought in rather than tents?

  5. Please can you tell me when the day tickets go on sale? Is there not an option to buy a sat-sun? A 2 day ticket? Thanks x

  6. I’m selling two 4-day tickets on, mine are the cheapest of them all (I keep lowering the price). I hope someone will benefit from my loss 🙂 The tickets will be delivered by UPS and are guaranteed by Viagogo, so there’s no risk involved. Just don’t wait too long. Check out FIB 2015 on

  7. HI, I bought Beni tickets at around February time and printed them off. I have gone to look for my printed tickets and cannot fond them anywhere and when going to reprint I can’t find booking confirmation anywhere. Is there a website I could reprint from?

  8. Today is the last day for Benicassim early bird tickets. A friend of mine isn’t sure if he can go just yet so doesn’t want to buy just yet. Anyone know how much the price will go up?

  9. I’d really like 2 Day tickets for the Saturday but they aren’t available on any ticket site, when do they come live to buy?

  10. Can someone tell me when tickets are available to print and where to find them? Will I receive an email or do I log onto Ticket master??

  11. I take it you have a camp site for campers. I’m planning on driving down in my van. Will it be possible to purchase a camper van pass or not? I couldn’t see any on the site :/ X

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