The Killers join Benicassim Festival 2009 Line Up

The Killers have been added to the Benicassim 2009 Line up. The benicassim Festival also known as FIB Heineken 2009. Las Vegas finest rock bank will close the festival on Sunday, July 19 2009.
The Mr Brightside act will close a fantastic looking Benicassim Line up, The first day Thursday 16th 2009 is headlined by Oasis, Kings of Leon play the Friday July 17th 2009, Franz Ferdinand head up the Saturday night on July 18th 2009 before the killers rap up the event on the Sunday.
The Killers have sold 12 million records and join what is a stellar line up in the sun of spain.
Benicassim takes place between the 16th to the 19th July 2009


Benicassim Line up 2009

Oasis, Thursday, July 16
Kings of Leon, Friday, July 17
Franz Ferdinand, Saturday, July 18
The Killers, Sunday, July 19


13 comments on “The Killers join Benicassim Festival 2009 Line Up

  1. Has any of the dance acts been signed or rumoured to be signing yet?

    Any of the support acts annouced either>?

  2. Bought tickets already do they have any dance acts at all at these events. I am not really a fan of these bands but i like dance n stuff?

  3. are there any dance DJ’s playing here? i hope so as i have tickets but don’t like the rammel that is playing so far. Also how many tents are their or is it just one stage?

  4. yeah i agree, bands so far ace! I heard a rumour Daft Punk where suppost to be signing…..but tha heavy rumour…. Id love to see “black kids” or “white lies” in the support acts….

  5. ooo new line up!! white lies included!

    New additions to the FIB Heineken 09 line-up

    The Psychedelic Furs will perform on the Green Stage on Sunday, July 19. The Butler brothers and their band, one of the most important and influential in the late post-punk 70s, have confirmed for FIB Heineken 09. Along with them, White Lies, Friendly Fires, The Bishops and Boys Noize are among the newest additions to the line-up of the fifteenth edition of Festival, for which more than 20,000 tickets have already been sold.

    With an unmistakable sound all their own, The Psychedelic Furs have given us some of the most exciting and history-making music in the past thirty years. Songs like “Love My Way”, “Heaven”, “Ghost in You”, “Imitation of Christ”, “Sister Europe”, “Heartbreak Beat” and “Pretty in Pink” all bear the unequivocal signature of Richard Butler’s one-of-a-kind voice.

    White Lies have just released “To Lose My Life” (2009). This London-based band has a kind of post-punk sound that seems somewhat inspired by Joy Division and The Teardrop Explodes, and they boldly explore sentimental territory where introspection is never at odds with the hard-driving rhythm of songs like “Death”, To Lose My Life”, “Farewell to the Fairground” and “Unfinished Business”.

    Friendly Fires have recently released their self-titled debut album – “Friendly Fires” (2008) – which has placed them on the cutting edge of bands bold enough to mix styles without prejudice. The eleven songs of this album feature danceable gems like “Paris”, “White Diamond” and “Jump in the Pool”.

    From London come The Bishops, a three-piece band known for the immediate impact their songs make. Along the lines of 70s mod bands like The Jam and The Lambrettas, they seem even more influenced by the best of The Hollies and the first years of The Kinks.

    Boys Noize is one of the hottest producers and DJs of the moment. His remixes for Depeche Mode, Bloc Party and Kaiser Chiefs – as well as his “Oi Oi Oi” (Last Gang, 2007) – thrill crowds in clubs around the world.


  6. Hi, I’m just wondering does anyone know what time the main stuff usually starts? I’m considering booking this hotel package I’ve seen that has a shuttle bus to Beni and back everyday but they don’t start until 5pm!! Just want to make sure we don’t miss anything by getting there too late…? Thanks 🙂

  7. Lisa: Starts at 5pm ish every day….. only minor acts on at tha time tho, headliners normally start around 9pm, with the big ones on at 1am, goes on until 7am ish then every morning…. buzzing :L)

  8. hi
    I am planning on flying in just to see the killers and have about 24 hours available to get there & back from london….so some questions on logistics if anyone can help please
    1) generally what time do the main acts start
    2) generally what time do they finish
    3) how long does it take to get from benicassim station to the festival site
    4) any other useful information……
    many thanks

  9. sheen Mar 23rd, 2009 at 3:24 pm: shame you cant make more of event….. Ok im guessing killers will be on between midnight and 2am, tha based on previous trends with the headliners there. It should be finished by 3:30 max…..But the festival will go onto 8am on the sunday. The benni rail station is right by the arena, im guessing you wont be carrying much, so you could prob walk straight into it in about 15mins from station…. When are you planning on leaving exactly? Just to warn you monday morning gets mental with everyone trying to leave at same time, try and book you return transport before you leave….

  10. this will be mine and my friends first time at benicassim, we’re just coming for kol, but killers sounds good!
    anyway does anyone know where, how far etc it is from valencia airporst to getting the train to bennicassim and how much the train is and if we should get the ticket for the train when we get there or to do it here from england, we are getting there july 13th untill july 22nd?…..

    oh and will sleeping on an airbed under a cotton sheet with a tent to keep belongings in be ok?

  11. Hay ami evelyn ,
    yeah KOL my fav on too 🙂

    we flying to velincia this yr…been told it the easiest to fly too for benni….you wont have to book it vel to benni…. you will want to book it for way back tho….either book on spainish rail i think it refe or something…you can book it 3months in advance or buy it on the wednesday period when you out there, which is wha i norm do…. air bed tent and sheet fine yeah, maybe one jumper encase it cold, but it wont be.

  12. killers trying to drop their festival tour this yr coz band members aint getting on……..

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