Ten reasons why Benicassim (FIB) is better than Glastonbury

In the wake of Michael Eavis’ selfishness by announcing the absence of Glasto 2012… I’m giving you 10 reasons why not to panic!

1. SUNSHINE… Forget your wellies, ponchos and rain-macs but just remember your flippy floppys, speedos and ray bans! Theres known of this “how do I pull of the drowned rat look?” in Beni and forget “oh yeah I’m covered in mud”. Just plenty of sun kissed tannage, your if you’re a Pastey Pete like me factor 50 and a Sombrero!

2. LIFE’S A BEACH… Beni is pretty much a holiday & a festival! With the gorgeous(gay) beach a short (okay brisk) walk away from the campsite. Its not long until your sat next to the Mediterranean Sea with a Maxibon in one hand and a Mojito in the other, totes bliss! And if you can’t handle the heat and want to get out of the kitchen the Sea is the best way to cool down!

3. PRICE TAG… FIB early bird tickets start at £120! For 8days camping and four days of World class music that’s a bargain even David Dickinson couldn’t deny! Glasto on the otherhand £185 with the stressful mug shot registering process! Don’t be silly guys… Buy Benicassim Tickets Now
Beni Stage
4. SHOWERS… I was a bit apprehensive about facilities when going to Beni, especially as I’m a sweaty Betty! Will wet wipes cut it this time? They didn’t have to… I was so surprised by the cleanliness and availability of the showers on the campsite! A freezing cold shower, was the perfect remedy for each of the killer hangovers I had at FIB 2011!

5. PORTALOOS… Glasto portaloos and troths are pretty much disgusting. So disgusting, I’d probably rather a night with Heather of Eastenders! Due to the heat and the possible spreading of germs etc Beni’s get cleaned upto 3 times a day, meaning they are spot or. It’s a poo happy zone my friends!

6. SOUND CHECKS… On the Thursday around 1ish my mate was like “can you hear that, Plan-B’s on stage?”… with the headline acts not hitting the stages until the early hours of the morning they have a chance to warm up in the day! The Sunday waking up and hearing Arcade Fire sound check was amazing!

7. CULTURE… If you’re a culture vulture there is plenty to soak up! There are loads of tidy little restaurant dishing up traditional Spanish food, freshly caught fish paella did go down a treat I won’t lie! And if your not a culture vulture Benicassim still has loads to soak up! Mainly alcohol, a leeeeetle bit of Sangria was consumed throughput the week! The Spanish ladies were also pretty unreal, hash tag decent (sexist)!

8. WATERPARK… Sure Glasto have a farm (Z’zzzzzzzz) but do they have a waterpark! Come on your never to old to run around a waterpark! There is also loads of shadey places here if you feel you need a spot of respite from the sun.

9. STAGES… At Glasto with so much kicking off which is amazing, it always made me feel a bit gutted I couldn’t be in two places at once. You also have to trek miles each time you want to see someone different. The Park stage to the Pyramid – Paula Radcliffe would struggle, is pretty far! The Maravillas and Fiberfib.com stages the two badboy ones at Beni are pretty close together!

10. PARTY ALL NIGHT… With Live Music continuing until 9am you can literally party all night! It is pretty crazy, but pretty amazing at the same time! Around the site there are also a few decent clubs that are definitely worth a look in the days building up to the music!

There we are… I’d just like to point out this isn’t a hate campaign against Glasto, which I think is pretty awesome, just more a love affair or bromance with KING BENI! See you in 2012 good friend!

Early Bird Benicassim Tickets are on Sale Now for £125 🙂

Do you agree let us know what you think below

2 comments on “Ten reasons why Benicassim (FIB) is better than Glastonbury

  1. I’ve been to both and Glastonbury is better. It’s not usually actually that wet, you can party all night, and it does work out cheaper once you take everything into account. Really looking forward to Beni this year though!! Yeah!!

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