Oasis rumoured to be playing Benicassim 2009

Oasis are set to play a series of summer festivals in 2009 according to Virtual Festivals website. They say that the Manchester band fronted by the gallagher brothers will headline one of the days of the spanish festival due to take place on 16-19 July 2009.

This is massive news, the 2008 festival was a great success as an event, but fans of this forum were not so keen on the 2008 line up.

If the gossip surrounding Oasis being on the Benicassim Festival is confirmed is a good sign that in 2009 the organisers are going to go for bigger world acts, to establish Benicassim as one of the biggest events in the European Festival Calendar.

What do you think to the news that Oasis might be playing we would love to hear from you.

16 comments on “Oasis rumoured to be playing Benicassim 2009

  1. Guiris, dejad de invadir el FIB, estamos hartos de vuestros asquerosos hábitos. ¡Sois unos cerdos y unos borrachos!

  2. Oasis? Id rather watch dogs eat my testes! Beni will be fine withsout ‘superacts’ and it doesnt need to be ‘the biggest festival on the european circuit’ IMO

  3. aver Zapatero, gilipollas, si no te has dado cuenta, la gran mayoria de los actos son artistas “guiri” y que sin ellos no tendrias festival.

  4. Zapatero, I went to FIB in 2006 and I had the most amazing time. Having a drink and a dance with people from all over Europe was fantasic. Benicassim is a beautiful place and we’re not all drunk pigs, some of us appreciate the beauty we’re surrounded in.

  5. Went a few years ago, and got annoyed at the locals attitude towards us. Fair enough there were a handful of drunk English idiots there (I’m English), but they were greatly outnumbered by normal good natured english. Plus if you dont like it, dont put ‘our’ bands in the lineup. Was astonished at the rudeness and hostility of some (not all, there were plenty of nice folk) of the yokels.
    If the lineup is 70%+ British bands, then tough titties. Put some Spanish bands on there and see how many people attend. Not many I’m guessing… However, Oasis tend to attract a disgraceful bunch of pricks to their gigs. So, if they do headline the locals will really really really fucking hate us after! you know what. fuck em. prepared to take the money, not sort out taxis (they all stop), not sort out buses. We give a massive boost to the local economy and get treated like shit at every turn. Started to rant now. See y’all there!

  6. the geezer above me’s got it right, the spanish people we came into contact to were all well hostile, startin on my mates for no reason n stuff. I’m sure they’ll have a ball with the oasis fans lolol

  7. here here matt i totally agree!! i live in the south of spain which is not a touristy area with some other english teachers and havent come across many friendly people here yet!! benicassim is meant for people from all over, not just spanish. and yet they dont complain about american bands??? and i agree with u tibbs also, most people i have encountered here drive fucking awful and i have feard for my life just about every time ive caught a taxi, BUT doesnt mean all spanish people are the same!

  8. Went to the summercase festival last year and had a great time apart from being come onto by numerous queer locals but each to thier own. Must agree why put british bands on and not expect english people to turn up, ok ok some idiots give us a bad name but i just wanna get away from the rubbish weather here which accompanies all our festivals, get drunk and have a dance!! Must admit when ian brown and manny did a stone roses set the locals didnt know what to do and you could just see pockets of english people doing some free motion dancing (me included) was genius to witness!!

  9. oasis are one of the best bands EVER!!!!! Wot is with everyone gettin on the band wagon that there pricks, is it cool to call OASIS now or summat??? Get over yr selves……………..

  10. this years line up is already better than last years! It was still an awesome couple of days last year though!

  11. Carmel – what you talkin about willis? Only one comment out of all those that say anything about the band. I can see it now “This is off our last album” – oh great.

  12. Hi All,

    I’m planning on coming this year as the line-up looks awesome!

    My group of friends consists of Australians, Kiwi’s, South African, English and Italian……we’re lovers of people, music, culture & living life to the full.

    I hope EVERYONE (locals & guests) can put their differences & opinions to one side for the week and just enjoy the festival and awesome people they will meet by the camp site, dancing beside you, cheeky smile on the beach, in the queue for a burger…etc

    Step over the drunks, walk away from the idiots (no matter where they’re from) and concentrate on having the time of your life!

    disfrute de ustedes mismos!

    See you there guys n gals!!

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