How to stay alive at FIB with a short story

Me and my friend Mark drive from the sleepy town of Calpe to –what we think- is yet another sleepy town. We see loads of young festival goers wearing their floral prints and aviators walking up and down the main street, looking totally at ease with what they’re doing and where they’re going. We’re just driving round with my parents looking for the festival itself. This was our first festival, and we’d been counting down the days since we’d got the tickets. So anyway, we find the road signs and drive up to camp FIB, our home for the next five days. The sun was covered by clouds, a real god send when you’re trying to set up a tent. So anyway, tip one – get to the camp sites in good time, when we arrived on Wednesday, the organisers tried to place me and mark at the back of the site, on rocks. We had other ideas! We separated from the group and pitched our tent on this little grass ledge, next to the shaded area. Although not ideal, I do wish that we’d gotten under some shade, because believe me, waking up in sauna for a tent when you’re horribly hungover is a bit hot. Tip two-when pitching your tent, get under shade. Our neighbours where two lads, Tom and Tom from Leeds, who couldn’t have been nicer.
So…fast forward to the night time. It’s about 10 o clock, me and mark bought ourselves 24 small Amstell cans, it’s still hot, we’ve had hardly anything to eat, but we’ve managed to consume about 75% of these cans, with help from neighbours. Me, being a horrible lightweight end up being horribly sick. NOT GOOD. Tip three- drink to what your body can handle. I literally had about 5 cans, but because of the lack of water and food, it really got to me.

I think the only bad time in the festival was on the night when Gnarls Barkly and The Raconteurs played. There i was dancing away, then BANG! I experienced the worst pain of my life. My stomach was killing, not like anything I’d felt before. I did the clever thing of diagnosing myself with appendicitis. I had all the symptoms. However, when I went to sleep and drunk lots of water, in the morning it was gone. I should mention that i was saved by my knight in shining armour. The pain, I later found out, was due to overindulgence (obviously), lack of water and food, and exhaustion. The last one, I couldn’t get. See, I got about 2 hours sleep a night. It was too hot to sleep in the day-Mark did it somehow- and got covered in shaving foam. Ah pranks. Anyway. The only time to get sleep was in the night, it was cool enough, but when you woke up, it was so hot. So in Beni 09, I know I’ll be drinking more water and eating more. However, sleep is out the question. I don’t want to miss one waking moment of this festival.

Ok so…key things to remember- basically the rest of my numbered tips-

  1. Drink shed loads of water; you don’t understand appreciate water so much as when you’re actually there.
  2. Wear a high factor sun cream- see; I’m sounding like your mother already.
  3. Make friends, Beni was the friendliest place I’ve ever been in my life.
  4. Eat FOOD. I advise Nutrigrain bars. I got through 8 boxes. Lovely.
  5. Spend at least one hour in the shower a day! You’ll see what i mean what you get there.  Cold showers have never been so nice.

 Where to Eat

Eat at a restaurant called Terra Magica. ( i want to buy that place, it was amazing) Two Beers and a pizze is 7.50 euros and a baguette and a beer is 4 euros. Thats the cheapest place we found and the nicest. Pool table, table tennis, little indoor football, and a GAINT ball pool- the ultimate come down after a good night. I saw about 8 random extremities coming out of that pool. Plus it had ‘FIB music’ playing as it advertised. It did as stated, with the odd smiths song thrown in (Morrissey would not be pleased)

My Beni best bits:

Pete Doherty sitting down and reading hand written lyrics of a scrap piece of paper.

Not sleeping from Sunday morning till Monday night.

In a nutshell the whole festival, every waking moment was fantastic.

But the ultimate highlight was when –during intimate time with a girl in his tent- our neighbour Tom asked me what time it was. To his disgust it was 3am and Mika had already started. ‘SHITE!’ he said ‘Mika’s already on? Sorry love, get your skirt, you’ll have to go.’




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  1. I agree,
    amazing nights but hard times in the morning with the heat and hangovers!
    My two biggest tips would be comfortable footwear with all the walking thats involved and wet wipes! lifesaver having a pack of them in your tent.
    Ill also be taking some nutrigrains and tins of beans next time as most of the food over there is awful – not sure what meat they use for their burgers but it’s defo not beef!
    Benicassim is not for the faint hearted – anyone who likes their sleep and would spend their hangover lying in bed will get a huge shock to the system! all drink, all play, no sleep!
    I loved every minute of it but it will take you a few days of recovering when you get home!

  2. Benni really is heaven on earth, been to a load of different festivals now, but this deffo one of the best! Just booked my tickets 3rd yr in row wooop! Ok top tips 🙂

    1) Weigh up the benefits of each camp site….the FIB camp is right next to the arena, which has obvious benefits, however alot of the site is un shaded esspecailly if you dont get there early and parts very rocky. We always op for the bonnie camp, which is a 20 min walk from the arena, but right next to Lidi super market and far closer to the beach! Plus in my opinion more shade from trees ect.

    2) Save money- Ok the pound aint exactly what is was 3 years ago so make them coins last! First bit of advise on this was get sandwhiches type stuff from Lidi every day to save money, plus a big bottle of water, coz you get through loads of H2O in the hot sun….. OK top tip of them all!! Getting booze into the arena, this the biggest saver and a tried and tested method! lol You will find the vigilant staff coupled with summer clothing a big hinderence in sneaking booze into the arena… Now ive done Reading and V fest and never had the slightest prob getting booze in there, but Benni is hard work. This excellent method works every time tho…..dont you all go getting caught using my method and spoiling it!! Take two zip lock bags, fill the first with 1/2 bottle of vodca (3E each down Lidi) then put in second bag and secure to iside of shorts with string…. Now even if you patted down, it still wobbles and feels normal to security, this little trick saved me loads on last time, dont go trying to put too much in bag tho or you’l get caught…..

    4) Wet wipes essecail as mentioned above…..

    5) Get there by latest on tuesday morning, by tuesday afternoon it manic!!!

    6) VERY IMPORTANT! Book you return transport ASAP, EVERYONE leaves it to last day to think they can just walk on a train and catch their plane… wont be able!! Public transport criples under the traffic of people leaving on the monday after the gig…last year one of our party missed her plane through lack of organisation in this area….you have been warned!

    7) touch wood, I didnt experiece or hear of any thefts ect, it better than british festivals for that, but if you have digi cam it very dusty here so bring a zip lock bag to keep it in…..

    8)Take tar poling or something to make shelter, we didnt the first year and you’l find your self hundled under a tree all day moving withthe sun, if you take a canapee to tie up, it a blessing!

    9) Before the music starts, you want to be up the bar in camp bonnie (they have mini rave on up there at start) and down the beach in night…This where all the early fun is!

    10) Dont take many clothes, everything gets stinking dusty dirty very quickly, and it very easy to jus swill things out then dry them on line very quickly coz of the heat….Yes it very warm!!!

  3. Hi there Matt, I just wanted to warn you that camp Beni, the one closest to the beach and the supermarket is i imagine as hot as anywhere else. There were trees a plenty on this camp which unfortunately came with uneven ground and rocks, tree roots etc. The heat despite the shade from trees was intense. We woke to the blazing sun and couldn’t breathe for the heat in our tent, we were dripping with sweat and generally feeling like cack because we were hung over. In my opinion the best way to decide where you want to stay should be based on the facilities you want close to you, because the camps will all be about the same temperature wise. =)

  4. Hi, I have just booked my ticket and this is my first year going to Beni! I was wanting a bit of advice really cuz I’m very worried about leaving my personal belongings in a tent so I wondered if you know of any places were they have safety deposit boxes to keep all valuables in? Also, dya have any other tips at all? They would be much appreciated! x

  5. i think the solution to these heat problems is just to buy a lilo when your there… take an old sheet from home and if you have no shade buy a beach umbrella… all these things give you everything you need to sleep outside which is what I did and i know that i got a lot more sleep than everyone in tents either in the shade or the sun…

  6. Hi. Just got tickets today,me and two mates. Well looking forward to it,sounds banging. Heard so many good things about it. Plus all the info is well helpful…..thank you….see you all there in July!.

  7. Just purchased my ticket for beni this year, this is my first year going to beni! I was wondering the same as Nichola, is there lockers or safety deposit boxes at the festival? I heard that there was lockers at the supermarket close by but not 100% on that.

    As far as what camp site to stay at im def gona go for the 1 closer to the supermarket and the beach! Up in the mornin quick dip in the water to wake yourself up then off to the supermarket for food and booze…magic! 20 minute walk is pretty much nothing!

    Cant Wait!

  8. Nichola, they have a safety deposite room where there’s an attendent. You can give your stuff to him/her at the desk and they give you a number. It costs about £3 a day but its worth it!

    Another must is take your own tent/share a 4 man between 2! With 9 days of camping you’ll be glad to have a little bit of your own space!

    The campsites are both good!! BUT it’s down to personal choice!!

    Benicamp(BONET) is by far the loudest so if your up for wild partying and socialising into the early hours then thats where you want to be. Its really shaded with trees so you can probably manage to stay in bed till about 11, then it gets to hot! In terms of facilites the showers are not the best, they have shower seperate shower blocks for male/female good times! but by the end of the week they get pretty grotty, were not talking cockraoches and stuff just general dirt! Its right lidl literally a 2min walk, so geting supplies is easy and its 10mins to the beach/ 20 mins to festival site!

    Campfib : Has a good atmosphere and less is definantly the less noisey! So if you like a bit more quieter time its for you! Theres not many trees but theres covering to pitch tents under, however its fairly limited so its first come first serve! Facilites here are good much better than Benicamp showers are outside in rows and are always clean! Location wise its about a minute away from the festival site so its handy. However its a good 20/25 walk from the beach and 15 from the main shops!

    Another problem always asked is the age 18+ regulations! Theres absoulutly no problem with geting in my friends sisters came and they where 16 they dont even look 18 and they don’t say anything! Its not like the UK it relaxed and friendly!

    anyone needs to know anything else just ask!

  9. hi there i was wondering if any know roughly how much a pint of beer and general living costs are, so i can work out how much funds i need to save. I cant wait, this will be my first festival abroad i think like every one else i am getting sick of the British weather putting a damper on British festivals.

  10. Hi
    I´m too really looking forward to the festival,this is my second year,last year i stayed in a campsite but this year i´m staying in an appartment as it was too hot to sleep in a tent,not that i slept much in it anyway,probably had 10 hours sleep in 5 days.
    I really enjoyed every second and i´ll recomend it to anyone.
    This time i´ve booked the accommodation and everything else with as last year their services were brilliant,transfers to and from the airport and their bus service to the festival.
    Scott last year i spent about 60 euros a day more or less and this year we´re sharing an apartment between 5 and it´s worked out fairly cheap.
    My tip is drink lots of water during the day,eat well and relax in the beach so you´re ready for all the partying at night.

  11. hi its my 1st time and my mates, is it best to camp or get a hotel ?…and can you take big brollies and drinks into the festival ?…

    also what camp site is the closest to the beach ?…answers on a post card please i cant wait being made reundant doesnt look so bad ! x

  12. Hi in response to above replies, yes as covered above it is really presonal preference on the camps, as i stated earlier, bonnie the best in my humble opinion.

    Responding to scott above, you can end up spending alot (current exchange rate not helping) At bennicassim, you have to trade in euro’s for benni tokens (they little notes which are like the currency for the festival), worth making note that ofter easier to get your tokens at camp before arena as cues occure. The festival sponsored by heinikan larger so tha the main thing on tap, they tend to serve it in these big 2l cup things, which memory serves was around a fiver time you do the maths….. Food aint too bad, they do 7″ pizza for like a tenner if i remember and a big arrey of things in the actual festival from kabab, to rice, to pasta ect, look around and you can get a meal for under 8 quid ish….. Far better where possible to try and use Lidi to get food in day and get stocked up on your booze…. An idea every one has so it does get busy down there, but you save alot doing it where possible. At a guess you will want £600-700 spending if you doing the full week. maybe less or more depending on how you party!! No what you mean with brithishg weather did V fest last year fcking misserable lol, always count on the sun in benni!

    Lockers available at each site, about 3E a day….personally i never bother, only thing i take of real value is my digi cam and passport and i always keep that on me….I THINK Lidi have lockers too.

    Too “Maria Thompson” (above) yes i would strongly suggest both camps are equally as hot…my point was there is prob more shade on bonnie (although fib camp has shade it gets used up quick, 1st come 1st serve) Ive stopped on both camps and in my opinion bonnie better deal.

  13. Hi this will be my first time in beni and ive only done one u.k festival…
    im really new to this whole festival stuff.
    Im a good camper but only in the u.k.
    what are the essentials??
    should i even bother with a sleeping bad?
    what about clothing…?
    please help… thanks x

  14. Hey! This will also be our first time going to the festival and we’re wondering if you guys knew what the best apartment is to rent out? We’re going to camp too, but we’re planning on booking an apartment as well to use for showers and sleep when needed. Obviously we want to book somewhere as close to the campsites as possible but as I’ve never been before, I have no idea where that is! Hope you can help xx

  15. Hello, this will be my first time to Beni with my two friends. We;re planning to stay in a hotel/apartment but all booked up in Beni already. There are lots of package type companies offering transfers etc from oropesa and castellon. Are those places too far away? Do they have a good atmosphere? Just cant bear the idea of camping for the whole time so may flit between ….. any tips? Thanks!

  16. Hi all this is going to be my first time to beni and first to a festival. All replys would be good for me and would like some info.
    Firstly im going with just a friend so be just 2 of us. would it be better to bring a 6 man tent for space wise or just a small tent to save the hasstle?
    2nd i will be bringing alot of money in cash would there be anywhere save to leave the cash and passport and things like that without it being stolen?
    3rd is it better getting to beni before the camp opens to get space as i want to go to benicamp. and last but not least what are the facilitys like? Thanks

  17. Hay Gemma,
    you will LOVE benni so dont worry! Which british one you do? Benni better than any i done in uk.

    Essecails lol, il have a go;

    1. Cheap tent (it aint gonna rain).

    2. Wet wipes! (As always with any festival)

    3. Hat, sun screen sun glasses ect.

    4. zip lock bags (see my earlier posts).

    Dont bother with any cooking equipment (cant get any fuels on plane but they wont let you light fires anyways).

    You wont need a sleeping bag really no, jus take a sheet and a jumper (encase it does get cold at night). But it pretty much always too warm!

    Clothes dont bother taking loads and loads, everything gets stinking dusty dirty very quick, being a girl you’l prob be in swim ware alot of time in day, so keep cloting to min. Personally I norm end up taking two pairs of shorts and five t-shirts….you can wash stuff quick and easy anyways coz will dry no time in mid day sun (tha reminds me, string always handy too!).

  18. Hey guys thanks for all the tips im taking notes keep it up!! Its my first festival abroad but like you lot have done a fair few in Britain but sick of the weather! Was at Glatonbury the infamous year!!! Couple of questions: how big is it (how many tickets are there), can you take food in ok? do they search your rucksacks so no chance of sneaking booze in there?
    from what i get the festival runs all through the night yeah? then sunbathing and swimming in the day? Thanks in advance see you all there

  19. hey its gonna be my first time to benni this year and im just wondering about getiing there!! im from ireland and was thinkin of flying to barcelona and getting the train down to benni…does anybody have good advice for getting there?(ie. cheapest way possible !!!;) )shud i prebook train seats etc ? are the transport services in benicassim any good or do they get manic? and how far is it from the train station in benicassim to the actual festival? soryy for all the questions !:D

  20. Hi all you Beni brains,

    We are planning on going to Beni this year and will be in a fairly large camper, so can anyone tell us if campers are allowed in the campsites or if not is there a possibility to camp near (preferably free-camp…Lidl car park perhaps lol) and sneak into the sites to use the showers etc? Thanks


  21. Hiya pal. just wondering where the restaurant that ou mentioned is? i’ll have o check it out.

  22. lots of questions!!

    Ok Kathy; dont know how big exactly, im sure you could google it, guessing around same size as reading, but spread over two camps, bennicassim on a small sleepy type town which you can walk lengh to lengh in 40 mins… never sell out like brit festivals, but im guessing a better sell out time this yr as better acts on so far…food/drink not a problem for camp site, i think it ok to take food into arena…. see my earlier post on the only way i found to get booze in….. yes it runs all night, not for the faint hearted, bet u seem to get used to lack of sleep by end of it….at start tuesday, there will be stuff going on all night either at the bar on bonnie or at beach, but I norm got to bed by 4am ish on first couple of days…. by thurday it pretty much 5pm till 8am…really eurphoric tho coz headliners norm on at 1am ish, and piro-technics look ace, will still be warm. yeah in day, it was pretty much a case for me as up at 11 coz it gets too warm, bit of a wash, then either down beach all day, maybe another snooze or hang at camp (great atmosphere on bonnie), plus chance to get food and boooze in….showers get mental at around 5pm so better to get one in mid day…

    now tj h; we flew to barcelona the last two yrs running….it ok i suppose, but is hastle, fly straight to velincia *(we are this yr) if you can…. As far as i could find, you cant book your tickets from the uk…..right getting down there aint too bad, depending on what time you land, the trains start running at 6am (barcelona airport has problems with pick pockets), the 1st yr i drove from barca to castleton then left car at depo there…caught train second yr…. from castleton, you can get taxi in to benni pretty cheap or catch the train again….it getting from there that the problem, especailly if you leave on the monday! the public trasport collapses under the strain, seriously! if you are going back on the monday and catching train or bus Id advise pre-booking, (when your out there pop up train station on wesnesday or something and book then), or leave on the tuesday, when you will be able to use pub transport normally……the trains station is right next to the areana and fib camp or about 20 ins walk from bonnie (bonnie my fav see above, as to why)

    And finally jase the ace; not sure if you can take camper vans on, i didnt see any, but maybe up on fib camp you can….someone else will have to advise on tha, im not sure….you wont get away with stopping in Lidi for event, they’l move ya, although they like the business in benni, i think truthfuly we all do there heads in! You shouldnt have much problem getting into camps, if you buying three or four day pass you can come on camp anyways, it only single day tickets you can, but there are holes normally too…..

    Hope this helps all!!! Im VERY excited already! 🙂

  23. missed dannyboi! lol

    most of your questions have been answered in prev posts my friend, ….however….there no way id consider taking a six man tent!! take a small 2man each and some sheets to tie up for canapee… Bonnie my recomendation, you want to be there ideally by tuesday morn, il be there monday this yr, coz trust me it mental with everyone setting up, and the spanish seem to make hard work or organising the whole thing, keeping you cued and trying in vain to organise who camping where….facilities quite good, showers and toilets not bad, food quite good, not many festival shops like brit fests tho…but quite alot in actualy town….. Read posts above for more info on your questions raised.

  24. Hey!

    I’m going to Benicassim for the first time this year and been reading through posts about campsites and which is best and am confused what camps there are as there seems to be loadz mentioned (such as Campfib, Benicamp/Bonet, Fib camp, Merkat and Campbeni). Can someone just explain which is which, i know some prob cross over, am confused?

  25. Hey,
    Just booked tickets and I’ll be driving a hire car form Barcelona. Ws wondering what the parking situation at the fest is like. safety etc?

    Startung to freak about all the ‘too hot to sleep’ related posts. I’m partial to an auld 40 winks, is it really this bad and are there places to get a good cold shower if so?

  26. heyy..
    ive never been but am probs going this year however i have to say something,,
    my sister went a couple of years ago and nearly passed out through dehydration,,
    i live near valencia and have to say, heed the water warning,, it gets bloody hot during summer, it can easily be over 30 every day and if ur not sleepin alot u need 2 b careful.

  27. Hello experienced Beni goers,
    I cant arrive until the Thursday afternoon. Is it worth me taking a tent? or shall i just go with the sleep under a brolly technique?

  28. I’m so excited I could wee myself and need those pads!

    Has anyone ever driven to it? We’re gonna camp on the way down and then stay at one of the above places (cheers for all the info so far cos it’s my first time).. but just wondering about driving/security of the car/where the car park is in relation to any of the campsites.

    Looking forward to every minute of it.

    Wooo hooo

  29. hi, this is my first time at beni and ive just got everything booked. one question i cant find an answer to in these posts is; how big is the actual festival? i mean compared to the big uk ones like v, glasto etc? Also what time to the acts start/finish.Thanks and cu all there!!!!!

  30. Loving the info and tips guys, pretty helpful for us Aussie guys heading to our first festival this side of the world.
    Were planning on getting there Wed morning, obviously realise we will get a shitty camping spot, but apart from that do you see any other concerns getting there so late..?
    Cheers Guys.

  31. Hey tj

    Few of us heading over from Ireland … we are prob going to fly into Barca on Wed night and go down early by train Thurs morning, can’t manage to get anymore time off work to get there earlier so hopefully as we have our tickets booked we will still get a space to pitch our tents. We are staying till the Tuesday flying back to Dublin Tuesday night, should be fun. First time and be celebrating my 30th over there.. yay see you there!

  32. Is this a family friendly festival. Want to combine this festival with a short holiday in the area. Is this wise? If yes, which is the better campsite?

  33. friends and me are travelling down there for the first time so there are some things I have no clue about.

    1.we’re planning on getting there throughout the day on the 13th on that day the campsites are also opening. We are like 9 people with some tents so do we still have a chance to get into campFIB or some decent place at all?

    2.We’re travelling from germany -switzerland-bacerlona. Is it worth it to reserve trains from barcelona to benicassim? We are buying interrail tickets so we technically don’t need any reservation…or are you guys recommending it?

    3.We are leaving on the 21th which is the last day the camps are open. Do we need to reserve seats in those trains from benicassim to barcelona because i read that those trains are packed with people.
    So would reserved seats help after all?

  34. There isnt a tent size limit as such, they might get arsy with you about it, but think you get away with it…. but you need to get there ealy if you setting up anything big…..

  35. Hey just wondering if anyone stayed in towns/resorts other than Marina Dor and Benicassim during past festivals? If so, where, and how easy was it to get to the festival? I ask because apartments seem to be booked up in those two places…

  36. Hi its my first time at the festival and am flying to reus am wondering if anyone can help on hoe to get to the concert please

  37. hey guys, just wondering if there is ne where to park a car around benicassim? so xcited just tryin to plan things now!!

  38. Hey guys,
    this is mine and my friends first time this year and we’re all really excited, especially as we’re gunna have a birthday the first day 🙂

    anyway….don’t laugh but i’m a bit of a clean freak, but more than up for the experience. 🙂
    are there plenty of showers and do they cost anything? (went to camp in newquay and showers were on a meter)

    there are 5/6 of us coming…recommend a few smaller tents between us? have read some of the other posts and have seen that some people are getting apartments; would be cheaper to camp though so just wanna see if it really makes that much differece?

    dead excited!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx

  39. we are going to go early on the mon/tues, few questions thank you…

    1 ]which is the best camp site for shade,closer to the beach, and lidls please .

    2] we are meeting mates at a later date, are we allowed to save a tent space ?

    3]is is best to buy camping stuff over there[saves on flight space]

    4] is there shops to buy camping euip from in velencia?.

    5] unlike some festivals????.. are we allowed to take brollys [for shade ]

    thank you xxx

  40. Qualityyyyy, im an experienced festival goer this will be my 10th but never done one abroad. should be mental, going to have to get my tickets soon, cant wait.

  41. ” jen Mar 3rd, 2009 at 11:02 am hey guys, just wondering if there is ne where to park a car around benicassim? so xcited just tryin to plan things now!! ”

    Lady has a point, anywhere to park?

  42. Ok here we go on the above…..

    Georgie Mar 4th, 2009 at 9:40 am: It a festival! lol you’re going to be grubby! lol Showers are free and readily available on both the camp and the beach, they get busy around 4pm each day, but fine if you use them mid day. Tents yeah, id opt for a few smaller ones really, in in reflect to weight restrictions on the plan, all take a two man tent each id say….Dont get appartments! lol it for quiters, all the fun on the camp, you NEED to be there….yes be very excited 🙂

    MARCELLE and FRIENDS 1st timers Mar 6th, 2009 at 12:32 pm: for shade, beach proximity and Lidi, you want Bonnie camp, get there by latest on tuesday morning, coz it top choice. They wont offically allow you to save any space no…. so either try and take up extra room when setting up, or take there tent with you and set it up for them,.. The camping stores over at festival aint great, so try to bring on most of wha you need…. You dont want loads tho, see list at top of thread. There prob some shops in velincia yeah, it a massive place cant advise as to where tho… yeah you can take brollies in…..much better to take some old sheets in there tho and tie up in trees above your tent with string…..

    Andrew Mar 8th, 2009 at 4:49 pm: Yes you can set up at night (good luck with that tho!) By the night in 15th, it will be very full on both sites, you’l be in the scavaging rhelms looking for decent spot…. they will deffo let you set up tho….but it will be hard wrk.

    Curt parking available, please read thread above……

  43. hey,

    how helpfuul is this site!!

    my first time this year, im so xcited sounds and looks amazing….
    just want to know which is tha best option, hotel or just camp it out!! any pointers or tips for first timers, dont really get tha booze bit,are you not aloud to bring your own in?? and also tha best place to stay?! thanks! x

  44. charlotte Mar 17th, 2009 at 11:56 am: I do like the benni topic 🙂

    You are correct……It is AMAZING! Lol

    CAMP! CAMP! CAMP! 🙂 You will miss out on sleep, but plenty of time for that when your dead as they say, you go using hotel you will miss out on loads of fun, to be honnest and cant beleive people are going to a festival and actually not camping! It not a festival without the camping! On another note if you aint booked a hotel yet, most the good stuff will have already gone, so you may end up paying over odd’s and being out the way….

    Booze, you can take wha you like into the camping area, jus not into the arena…….

    If you decide to camp, as I keep raving Bonnet camp my fav,…people on here are split in opinion tho, so read the thread and decide which sounds best for you.

    Hope this helped 🙂

  45. Wats the craic,
    me and about 20 m8s r goin over 2 beni for the first time was just wondering is there many from britain and ireland that go over? also can you get drink in2 the concert as was reading above that you would need up to 500 quid spending money we dont have that sort of cash. wat r the best ways to save cash? Yo cheers c use all out there for a week of madness..

  46. More posts yay (im becoming sad droning on about this subject)

    Decky (Belfast Ireland): There will be a large number from Uk/ireland there, it seems to be unfortuantely rising each yr….about 50% British/ireland, 30% spanish, 20% mixed (usual lot of ozzies, french etc). My mate is planning on using less than 500, im aiming for about that…. You can do it on less. You cant take booze into arena no….but if you read the start of the thread there are some cost saving suggests, one of which posted by myself…..

    dave wardman: They will slowly annouce bands right up to date now, it not like we do it in UK… The last of the minor ones will continue to be released alomst right into the summer…. Most of the big headliners have now been annouced tho…. They still got alot of the big dance acts to accounce….some more middle road bands, and some minor slots… keep an eye out on the FIB website and on here to keep updated.

  47. Hiya,

    Me and my mate are going to FIB for the first time this year, I know there are showers there but I was just wondering if there was sockets? Also, are you allowed to take booze into the festival? Cheers for any help 🙂

  48. thanks for tips everyone

    Decky – me and my gf are heading over from belfast, went to summercase in barcelona last year and there were plenty from uk/ireland, sure we stick out like a sore thumb! you’ll have no bother meetin ppl from home, but half the craic is experiencing different things. 4 years of oxegen was enough of for me!

    as far as the booze goes, youre gonna have all day to fill up on cheap drink from Lidl, drink enough and you wont need to spend much by the stages, and if youre really skimpin, you could buy bread, cereal bars, crisps and fruit from there too – i dont want to worry about eating Or drinking when the music starts

  49. Hi

    I have been to Beni twice now so here are my pearls of wisdom:

    Both years, spent £250.oo in a week. Buy drink from supermarket cause the tokens in the festival are 2.50E each and you need 2 for spirits or beer.

    Girls can smuggle drink into festival as security don’t frisk them, only look in their bags.

    There is loads of car parking at camp fib. Parked my car on the Wed until the following Tues, no hassle, no fee.

    It is very hot through the day, unbearable in a tent, but walk to beach and sleep it off on a sunlounger with a nice breeze/beer.

    Loads of pickpocketing in festival, wallets are the biggest target out of short pockets. Next day there are load of wallets in lost & found with no cash in them as they have been discarded empty! Be aware & careful, let your girlfriend keep the money in her bag.

    We hire car from Alicante, 4 hour drive that is all motorway so no bother. Valencia is easiest airport as it runs a shuttle bus and is only 1 hour from festival.

    It is a brilliant 4 day festival, enjoy and remember, use sunscreen

  50. Questions and answers for today

    Nicola Glasgow: yes there are some sockets, speaking of for bonnet camp, the main shower block has them, as well as a bank of sockets up at the main bar….they do unfortuantely get busy, but they are available. For the 20th time, you can not take booze into the arena but you can into the camp….please read thread…… Hope this helped……

    Hay Lorna, 250 quid pretty cheap to spend, but good going if you can get away with it…I been 3yrs running this yr too, didnt know they had pick pocket problem at festival, i thought it was better than british for theft etc…I kept everything on me coz thought it was safer than tent, but thanks for tip, il try to pay extra care this yr then…….

    Just bought tickets yesterday 🙂
    I was wondering with the heat problem if there’s any tips at all, like cover your tent with tinfoil to reflect the sun. I’m sure you’d look like a knob, but if it works, then maybe it’s worth it?
    Also, how expensive are drinks at the actual festival?

  52. Hey,

    Me and the boyf are going this year and this will be the first festival ive been to and first camping trip ive ever done. So am very nervous…was just wondering how the girls coped with melting make up??
    Plus we are not going until Thursday 16th (we are seeing Oasis in Newquay (5 hours away) on the 14th and staying overnight)..have we done the wrong thing by leaving it too late….???
    Also… we need to book transfers from Valencia ariport to benicassim or can you just get on the bus???

    Your tips have been very helpful and made me even more ecited to go…wish it was July already!!

    moi x

  53. Getting closer peeps!

    Tom Apr 1st, 2009 at 7:56 am: I share you enthusasim (cant spell it but i do! lol)… Lol yeah tin foil thing prob work, you can get these blankets that shiney on one side for this purpose…. Jus take some sheets to tie up above tent id say tho (go to bonnet camp more shade)…. My mate bought one of those minesry sound “total blackout” tents last yr…..he said tha wrkd quite well…. Drinks about 8 quid for these big 2pint heinkein things….not too good but not too bad…. Lidi the way 4ward, cheap booze there….

    Olly Apr 1st, 2009 at 9:17 am: Cant help you with make up, the girlies all seem to cope fine tho lol, tan helps im sure… There mirrors and electric points in toiltes i know tha….

    Turning up thursday aint the best idea to be honnest….you will get camping pitch i suppose, but will be hard wrk and you might end up with a spot no one else wants like on a ant hill or something lol…. Are any of your friends going proir….better if you could get someone to save you a tidy spot….is it thursday morn or evening you arriving? It so much fun there b4 music starts too, you missing out….:( you can apparently book your ticket for train 3 months b4…. i never have tho…… Getting to benni on thursday from vel, wont be prob, they do bus and train to castleton (right by it) then you get taxi or small train into benni from there…. If you leaving benni on the monday tho, id get you ticket from there before hand, even if you get it on the thursday u arrive….dont leave it till last min….

  54. Hey Olly,
    We usually get there on the Wednesday around 16:00 & camp at campfib and it is very busy then, you may be struggling arriving on the Thursday. Not sure about the other camp site though.The bus sits outside Valencia airport ans was 30E return two years ago, no need to book. It runs to Beni every hour. No need to worry about make up through day, just sun cream and it is cooler in evening so light make up is fine, not too much mascara though!

    Drinks were 2 tokens (2.50E each) for a beer and 2 tokens for a spirit, so pretty pricey once in the festival. See above for smuggle-in booze tips!

  55. camp bonnet will be just as busy (very) as camp fib by thursday evening

  56. Hey guys. I will be 17 when the festival takes place but i will be going with people who are 18, 19, 20. Will i definately be able to get in? thanks

  57. guys you have been ever so helpful,im coming all the way from Australia for Beni and cant wait!
    jsut so ive got it right….
    you can take booze into the grounds but not the arena???
    no cars in the grounds?
    and one question …how far is the beach from the campsites?
    thanks guys your all awesome,cheers

  58. Hallo all,
    Simon, if you can, take a letter on concent from your parents, jus to cover your self….. But you wont have any problem in reality no…….

    Chris, all the way fro Oz, nice one…it a great festival….. Yeah as stated correct….you can take booze into camp, but not arena…. No cars in the immiedaite grounds (as far as i know), but quite alot of parking available around the street near sites. Beach from campsite, bonnet camp closest, tha about a 15-20 min walk from site….Fib camp more like 30-40mins

  59. another newbie, fully lookin forward to beni, my mates been blaggin me for months to get a ticket!!!!!!

    jus wonderin how much luggage, clothes n campin stuff people take?
    im guessin the idea is to travel as light as possible?

    Music and sun eh? cant wait!!!

  60. hallo Kev,
    i always take too much mate! honnest you dont really need it all… so try to proiritise…..I am too this yr!

  61. Alreet people. Me and my pal are goin to beni 4 the 1st time and we cant wait. We are flyin from newcastle to alicante (cheapest flights)on the tuesday morning 40min bus ride to train station then 3hour train ride bit of a buma but got to be done. The hint n tips are fab on here cheers. def gona stay camp beni or bonnet as some people call it. 14wks to go SUN SEA AND KINGS OF LEON wot more can a girl ask for? Happy Days

  62. Hey matt vagg!you seem to know alot about this camping malarcy myself and the boyfrnd will be going this year, totaly cant wait we are from wales too!cardiff, where r u from? Ithink we may b ariving on the monday too so hoprfully all will go well do u knw the best way to get frm the airport huny?arghhh am very excitd reading all this stuff yey!!! thanx xxxxxxxxxx

  63. Hay Doryboo,

    i jus like harping on about the subject, it makes my working day pass quicker 🙂

    Yeah im cardiff Roath, u? there a few of us going from the diff…which airport you flying? we leaving on the sunday from bristol and going to valencia…. Which ever aiport you land in?, Train always a good option…Ive never actually done it, but you can book it in 3months in advance so going to try that this yr…They do run shuttle busses too depending on which aiport you look at, through benni travel….

    Im very excited too!!!! lol

  64. Hey, Im a Benny Virgin, like a lot of peeps on here, I cant stop thinking about it now, and hopefully these 89 days till I go (not counting honestly) will fly by! From Wales and 8 of us, mixed group of girls and boys, are flying on the Sunday, be there nice and early!
    The only thing we really want clarifying is what you reckon we should do for tent arrangements. 2 peeps per 3 man, 3 peeps per 5 man etc…?! Im guessing it’ll be MEGA stuffy in the morning, so will want a lil space! Ne tips will be much appreciated! Cheers my fellow peeplars!

  65. Hay Shaun,
    you doing any other festivals this yr….im doing glasto, but it benni im all excited for. yeah there about 8 of us mixed going too. Id go with either 2 peeps per 3 man or one tent each…. yeah stuffy in morn! Make sure you take a sheet to tie up above your tent coz it will buy you an extra hour in the morning. Hommocks tidy to snooze in when tent too hot too.

  66. Hi,

    Loving the info on here. Very excited, theres about 17 of us, 1st timers, road tripping down from Manchester. I have a problem as of this morning thouhg. I bought my tickets ages ago when we new we were going. Unfortunately though I now have two friends from Australia who are heading over for the festival. I told them this week that I would sort their tickets out and bring them with me. I literally went online to buy them this morning and it tells me that all the 4 day with camping tickets are sold out……nightmare!

    So what I wanna find out is….If I buy them 4 day tickets without camping is their any chance that they will still be able to get in to camp with us somehow?

    If not I’m thinking about buying them through Seatwave at extortionate prices because I know how gutted they will be. But I know that my tickets and my mates tickets have are names and stuff on and we have to show ID…..will this be a major problem if I get some through seatwave?

    If anyone knows of someone selling two 4 day camping tickets I would be eternally gratefull….It’s my mates first time in Europe and this is supposed to kick off their trip, they’ll be gutted if they miss out!

  67. Hi,

    There are 3 of us that are desperate to get camping tickets, we’ve had a look around and it seems everyones charging 300quid per ticket!We thought about getting the four day no camping ticket, has anyone ever done this before? but to be honest a million times would rather do the camping because as stated above, its just not the same not to camp at a festival! had a quick look at some foreign sites to see if they’ve run out of tickets but seemed pretty impossible to get the tickets – langauge barrier!!!

    Please help us to get the camping tickets, we’re desperate to join you all!!

    Ta very muchos 🙂

  68. Hey Matt,

    Yeah this is the only one at the mo, a few of my other mates are going V again (we couldnt get Glasto tix, due to the indecisive nature of them all, they’d all sold out when we decided yes), but I am soooooooo excited for Benni, and with all this beaut weather we have its just making it hard not to get psyched for it……sat out the back yest sunning it up whilst listening to KOL, Friendly Fires and White Lies……….Let the Goooooooood Times Roll

  69. Hay Jade,
    never landing in that airport so cant help with the 1st bit…..ok, as long as you have 4 day ticket, with camping, you can go onto either camp site no issue…. As for sleeping query, you deffo need something, ground rocky, i always jus take a roll up foam camping mat….airbed better, but you got the weight of carrying it then… your shout….Im normally so fried by time i go to sleep that i would sleep in a ditch if it came too it lol

    Hallo Shean again,
    yeah im getting rather excited myself…. Gone back to KOL older stuff now coz nuked the new album a fair bit now…lv it 🙂 white lies album great too aint it, they really good live too i saw them on the NME tour…

  70. Hey, just wanted to make sure of something. I’ve got a printout ticket from ticketmaster & i booked it using my sisters credit card so on the ticket it says her name. Does this matter?…i’m assuming not but just checking for piece of mind.


  71. maybe take written consent from your sister….presumably you have same last name….long as you take ID….cant see it being prob….from what i remember, they aint to big on the ID thing anyway, long as it aint been scanned b4, I paid for my mates on my credit card, so i got two with my name on it….

  72. hey matt! my boyfrnd is frm roath n im frm merthyr tydfil eeek lol got a tent the other day feels supa dupa heavy but should be pretty sturdy aaaaahh am getn more exitd by the day i jus read that u like white lies!they are amazing rnt they!kol r the real reason im going tho i misd them in cardiff so i over the blinkn moon i may tear up lol but i am a girl! lotsa lv

  73. Again, full on newbie to Benicassim. Have friends with camping tickets, we have only go without. Were looking at Bonterra park campsite, my question is, best to pre-book or will this be available on arrival? We have 21:45 on tuesday evening at Barca airport so realistically not going to be in benni untill 4am weds. Any help would be appreciated. Got everything else sorted in my head now, cannot f’in wait, will be immense. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the line up, a small gesture of Alex Under wouldnt go amiss.

    Cheers for any help, and see ya down the front 😉

  74. Hey Doryboo,

    Merthyr girl huh?! hehe, Im from New Tredegar and Im also going with some peeps from Bargoed and Aberbargoed! So not too far away from the Tydfil!
    BTW White Lies rock, and KOL will be amazing, going to see them in the O2 12 days before flying out to Benni! So excited! Wooooooooo

  75. Hay Dory B, im going jus for the festival! Went last yr even tho line up was shite lol and booked early bird ticket this yr, b4 line up was annouced, however very excited about some of the acts this yr yes!! KOL rock, i saw them in the cardiff gig, 4th time, still loving them lol Yeah white lies great too, very 80’s lol Super excited over the “2 many DJ’s/Soulwax” annoucement too…..

    Stirdy tent lol, you best off taking the crappyist thing you can find, it wont rain and there no wind…. Yeah i got glasto 1st, but benni the only thing on my mind this summer!!!

    Shaun, new tredegar is it, im Abertillery orginally

  76. wel hellooooo ther shaun its awesome to knw sm more people going frm kinda close by, hav u been b4?its my first time to well its my first festival awww crikey im not gna survive am i?hehe il hav to remember to pak my pro plus nuthn worse than no sleep n no caffine! r you goin to go early to get set up in the camp monday?u bookd flights yet?xx

  77. Im 19 heading over to Benicassim from australia this year going to show all you europeans how to party YYEEOOOOWWWWWWWW!

  78. Durgh, look at all the Valley folk going, we’ll have the Spanish loving the Sheep and Coal before we know it!

    Dory Boo – No I havent been before but this is only my 2nd Fest (V last year) cannee wait, super psyched! Yeah booked the flights with ‘EasyJet’ got em for £100 odd, flying out on the 12th (Sunday) gunna bum around then shoot off to Benni, try and get a good spot…flying home on the 23rd gunna be going Barcelona for a few days after the fest, check it out! When you heading out there? How many of you going?

    Matt – Abertillery originally, tidy! I take it your not there now? You heading out on the Monday?

  79. lol yeah tidy vallies lot there then! Salt of the earth! 🙂

    dory, Shuan, yeah il be there for monday….

    Shuan wasnt v wet lat yr! i was at stafford one, my asda value tent flooded!! Yeah im flying sunday too, bristol to valencia, 160 i think i paid, stopping in valencia one night then travel down to beni…. flying back on 21st….

    yeah aber origianlly , moved to cardiff last yr…..

  80. helooo there my boys!oooh im like a txtn tart lol im jus looking tday to book my flights guys i thnk we’v left it a bit late oh its just me n my boyfrnd going n hopefully the same as u go on sunday 2wks n then back frm barcelona i cnt wait its beautiful!ok i gotta make a checklist havnt i aw man!tooo many cocktails this week my sis is going to new zealand for a yr on wed so now iv gota get myself sortd!keep smthn crossed that i get a flight!ooooo mat is the beach nice/clean cn we swim n hav lil partys anywhere on there?xxxx

  81. Hay Dory,
    good luck with the flights then… How much are they now? Keep an eye on Ryanair coz they doing alot of deals lately, so you may get lucky….

    Yeah the beach tops! Lovely and clean both sand and water… Plus the Sea of a warm tide, which nice. There parties / gatherings down the beach every night past 11pm proir to the music 🙂 Good times!! yay! lol

    I jus need to check my passport, looking at it yesterday, i think it expired…eeekk

  82. Any of you two on facebook?? Im under “Matt Black” in Wales or Cardiff network….

  83. reposting this coz dont think it going through….soz if it comes up twice now tho…..

    matt vagg wales Apr 29th, 2009 at 12:02 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation. lol yeah tidy vallies lot there then! Salt of the earth!

    dory, Shuan, yeah il be there for monday….

    Shuan wasnt v wet lat yr! i was at stafford one, my asda value tent flooded!! Yeah im flying sunday too, bristol to valencia, 160 i think i paid, stopping in valencia one night then travel down to beni…. flying back on 21st….

  84. Yeah I’ll add you butty, just look for me!

    Ryanair…oooo, just watch with them, what with the fact you maybe booking a flight to barca but probably end up in Dublin or something!

  85. put a request in for me then…. on photo i got this photoshop thing im in a blue and yellow negative effect…wales / cardiff network

  86. hey hey…so it’s me and the boyf going for the whole week, our first time at benicassim but our third festival overall… i can’t wait, i keep checking the website for updates cos i’m hoping regina spektor will be added! we’re flying over on the 12th as well, i’m guessing there’s going to be a whole lot of people on the earliest train to benicassim on the morning of the 13th! 😀 looks like everyone here is from wales… i’m from ireland so i’ll be bringing the diversity 😉

  87. where are you meant to keep your passport and stuff?

    do airports have lockers??

    so excited!!

  88. Matt, you seem to the man to ask…..
    What time does the live music etc kick off usually?
    Gonna get a shuttle bus to the venue each day and don’t wanna miss anything.


  89. hey all,

    who all is travelling to beni from barcelona via train?

    have you been able to book yet?

    if so please post a link, as i am having trouble

    muchas gracias!!

  90. wondering what times the campsites open and close because we are getting there a day early and leaving a day after they appear to close. help!

  91. hello! my first time festival, can’t wait,but I’m stressing outtt!
    How much money does anyone think i should take. I am planning on camping the full 9 days, and from what I’m reading, its expensive :S
    hellppp!! x

  92. hiya ppls theres 6 of us from cheshire gon flyin out on th 11th and comin back on 24th flyin from liverpool should be a right laugh cant wait for messy times ahead in the sun lol would be nice meet up with more comin from our way or flyin from liverpool

  93. Me and my friend are going this year and the only thing i am worried about is trains and missing flights etc. I assume the majority end up getting flights to barcelona? We have one booked from luton which comes in at about 2pm on the monday, but the trains only seem to run every hour or so which means i’m not expecting us to get to beni till around 6ish? Also whats the situation with trains back on the monday, we have a flight early evening the following monday and i’m just hoping we can drag ourselves to the airport in time… how would you suggest to go about booking a train?!

  94. Hi all lol, aint been on ya in while there loads of posts…. ok

    Wizz, dont know if airport has lockers, the site has them on either camp i think it about 3 euro a day, i just kept it on me the whole time last year…

    joey doiry tights, i think a ticket has camping inc, a pass is without camping….. i think.

    charlie, music starts around 4pm, good stuff starting around 7pm, headliners norm about midnight to 1am, but alot of the dance acts on 3am ish, music finishing around 8am….

    amy, the camp sites open on the monday 13th and close on tue 21st

  95. Helloooo fellow Benicassim heroes !!

    A festival virgin here, and thought that my first one should be a big one…so Benicassim it is – and since I’m a farmer from North Wales, I’m very very excited / nervous about all of this. I’ve got the 4 day ticket thing with 9 days camping – should be interesting to say the least. Camped a couple of nights on Anglesey and that got a bit messy, let alone in Spain all boozed up for 9 nights.ha.

    Things I’ve decided from the posts above are: 1.Aquire the taste of cheap lager (as I’m a cider man normally) 2. Get drunk enough that I think a rock is a pillow. 3. Have a diet of bread, nutrigrain bars and water. 4. Bring a sheet not a sleeping bag.

    One question I have is say you go to these parties on the beach? what happens if you sleep/pass out there….would you get a fine? Don’t know what law is like over in Spain. I know it’s not a good idea to even do that due to probably waking up with no eyebrows/clothes etc.

    All these posts are awsome, keep up the good work. Neato gang, super duper !! x

  96. holly, dont worry about you train getting down there yet, it not as much a prob…. Try and book your train now for the return back to plain if you can… Ive never done this 2 yrs prev tho and it still been ok… Just soon as you get there, get organising it… There also the option of buses too, which what i did last yr back to barca… the only people that end up missing plains (one girl in our group did last yr) are the people who dont organise anything and think they will just be able to sort it all on the monday morning….but as long as you put a little effort in to organise it when you arrive it will be fine.

  97. Hey jst wonderin are ppl bringin tents wit them on planes? Is there anywher t buy tents over there and would they be expensive?

  98. Hey all, getin closer now soooo excited, 1st time at beni, guna b wild!!! does anyone know what time you can enter the camp site. me n my bf r flying to barcelona on sunday n just wantin 2 no if we can get in that nite or best 2 wait n travel dwn on mon. there doesnt seem 2 b many trains or buses on sunday, or am i not lukin hard enuf??
    Ta xxx

  99. id take your tent with you….you could prob buy one at one of the bigger cities like valencia, or baralona tho if you pref….dont know how much you end up paying tho…..go to asda and buy the cheapest thing there, you dont have to worry about rain

  100. cheers matt, was bidding on ebay for a 4 day pass and lost thank god!!!! i brought a print at home ticket on ebay and the seller sent me copy of the receipt. would that be enough to get in???

  101. joey doire tights, yeah i think that would be fine, not long away now is it 🙂 how much you pay after?

  102. Hey Matt, you seem to be the man to ask! What time does the campsites open on Monday? Were flying out Sunday and booked a hotel in Valencia so we wanna get there early to avoid any cues!

  103. got it for 295 and my mates paid between 250-300!!!!! so wasnt too bad. not too long is right cannot wait just have to find a way to get from barce on monday 13th……train or bus?!

  104. Hi Mark Cheshire, I’m flying out on the 13th.(save us a spot!) I’m from Chester and my friends from Liverpool so kinda near you! First time going for us, sooooooo excited!

  105. Hey all,
    Have just bought a 4-day camping ticket from ebay, it’s an E-ticket. Just a bit worried about getting in with the ticket having someone elses name on it?? Anyone have any experience of using tickets bought on ebay? Any advice?

  106. hi Matt,
    thanks but i was actually wondering what specific time the campsites open and close? I heard a rumour that they open at midnight on the 12th, please confirm, help! help!
    Amy x

  107. Hay Cassandra, yeah im doing same this yr, stopping in backpackers hostel then traveling down on the monday, think they open at 9am.

    joey doire tights, i always landed in bara 2 yrs prev, i used b us but c ar the best op if one of you can drive.

    Michelle please read above this had been address

    hallo again amy, i dont know what time they close specifiaclaly soz

  108. hey, i know know alcohol is allowed in the arena but can you get water in? i dont want to die of dehydration…

  109. hey ; shout out to matt vaggs in wales who appears to have the low down on the beni festival…

    do i want to use the security lockers to store my valuables?
    are they safe: i heard they got broken into last year? is that true?

    in a perfect world would rather have my valuables locked away safely than lugging them around on the beach with me.

  110. So excited, except my travel mate has had to cancel and I’m stuck with the dilemma of doing it alone or selling my ticket. Is anyone else going solo? I’m easy going Aussie girl but not sure about doing it on my own as I’ve never done a festival before but love KOL and Killers and desperate to see them again. Any advice???

  111. I’m so excited about goin to beni now was a bit apprehensive for a while with thought of camping in the heat etc…

    But now i’ve read eveyones story’s & advice I cant wait!!!!

    See you there guys

  112. Hi everyone,

    All the messages have been awesome information and very helpful!

    Just wondered what people think about my issues i have!

    1.staying in Barcelona for a few days before the festival any recomendations for things to do it worth/cheap enought to hire a car to travel down to beni?
    3my flights at 8:30 in the morning on the monday!!! School boy error i know! what would you suggest the best way to get to Barca airport would be? and fast!


  113. Hello 🙂

    I’m getting so excited reading this thread, it’s going to be so awesome, eee!
    This will be my first year at FIB with three of my mates.
    We’re flying from Bristol to Barcelona on monday 13th, and getting a train from Barcelona Saints to Castellon, returning on the 20th.
    Which i am currently booking..
    Does anyone know about how you get to Benicassim from Castellon?
    I heard rumours about shuttle buses and local trains..?

    Also, a few questions I would like to ask the experienced Beni-goers.
    Is water okay to drink? I’ve heard there are taps around the town, but when I have been on holidays to Alicante and Barcelona before we’ve been warned not to drink tap water.
    I don’t want to get any horrible sicknesses.. but it sounds like water is most definitely a top priority. If water is dodge, i’m guessing Lidl is the best place to buy it?
    I read earlier that alcohol was difficult getting onto the site? I’m assuming there are beer tents etc in the festival, are pints expensive?
    Finally, how much money would be advisable to take? Someone said earlier they take around £600-£700! Which is crazy, i really can’t afford that. I was thinking around £300, is this not enough..?

    Thanks for all the helpful posts guys.. it’s less than a month away!!

  114. Ps it seems that all the tickets going from barcelona to castellon on the 13th and the 20th of July have already sold out???
    Which really really scared me..
    But i’ve checked the Renfe site and there are still loads.

    Not sure how this works, but if anyone else has the same problem, check out Renfe. It ends up cheaper as well.

  115. Hi, obviously sleeping in a tent is a problem.. I was thinking of bringing a gasebo to put over the tents we have for a bit of shade.. or just simply sleeping inside of the gazebo…

    are you allowed to bring in gazebo’s? and i dont get the deal with the ‘getting shown to your camping spot’

    Bennx x

  116. Hi,

    Was just wondering where the best and safest place to park our car would be? We will be camping on the lower campsite near the shops. Any ideas would be great. Thanks. Liam

  117. hey…getting all excited, it’s very soon indeed! 🙂 just wondering, would it be wise to buy a cheapo tent in barcelona before coming to benicassim? i have a four-man one but we’re going travelling to rome after and i don’t want to lug it around for another week…

  118. im was sweating cos i bought a e ticket from ebay and was thinking that i wasnt gonna get in cos of it but reading what sonia gray was saying….THANKS SONIA:D

  119. hey guys and gals. i’ve rented a car with the mrs from alicante airport , arrive on the wednesday 15th lunch time. then gonna go on a mish up to castellon. got 2 spare seats if any1 needs lift on similar flights/times. im also gonna drive the car everynight to beni and dump it till the mornin, then drive back to castellon bout lunchtime or when im sober. so will also have seats. dont know if this helps any1 but just thought i’d put it out and see . ross .

  120. Hi Ali

    This will be my 1st time in Beni too but have spoke to a few people who have gone before – apparently you have to buy tokens to spend in the festival from the tents there.. and cos of the way the € is all the drinks/food etc will prob b quite expensive.
    We have booked our trains from Barcelona straight to Beni.. so you could book tickets from Castellon to Beni. It was a right bitch tryin to get the train tickets tho.. took like 6 days of calling 3-4 times a day as the system kept going down..

    Ben, a few lads ive spoke to said that gazeebos are deffo worth takin as its gets so hot in the tents.. im am going to get a cheap 1 from argos to take..

    Well lookin forward to it .. 5 WEEKS TODAY! WOOP WOOP

  121. If you want to get camping equipment or anything you want there is a massive decathlon in Castellon which is pretty close to Benicassim. me my wife and 18 year daughter are camping in a campervan close by but here comes the parent bit that you probably dont wnat te hear but here it is anyway watch the heat and drink loads (of water) we live near by in vinaros and are boith nurses so we see lots of peeps getting very sick due to heat coverup skin watch the alcohol intake drink loads of H2O so if you want camping stuff gazebos sleeping bags bottles cooking gear etc etc pop in to Castellon on the south of the town on your way to ther fest and then you wont be stuffed by ryanairs stoopid weight restrictions!!!!Cant wait for killers saw thema t V fest last year fantastic!!!

  122. PS Dont insult the spaniards asking if the water is safe its better than the water in England it is the 21st century!!

  123. Hi Guys, Got me and two mates from Ipswich going, and we can’t wait. I will be reunited with some of the Lincoln Uni crew. We are flying from Stansted to Reus on the Monday morning and we are wondering what is the best way to get from Reus Airport to benicassim. Do we get a train to Castellon or are there buses etc.

    Any links would be great thanks

  124. Hey guys! Just a quick question….2 of my friends and I are arriving in Beni on the afternoon of the Weds. Do you reckon we’ll be able to find an OK camping spot? Obvs we won’t get the best because it’ll be busy but I was wondering if people had any experience of this and could let me know…I was hoping we could squeeze in somewhere OK! Thank you !

  125. Hi Peeps,

    Information so far has been great, 1st time at beni for me and a couple of mates. Everything is sorted and we’re driving down.

    Just 1 question though. We are hoping to arrive early on the monday morning to get into the campsites. Can you choose as to which one you go to? Because after reading there seems to be two, Bonnet and Campfib. Sounds like bonnet is the place to be…

    Any information would be greatful.

    Thanks, Matt

  126. I went to Beni first time last year, had the best time ever and as a result have booked my ticket this year. We stayed at Beni camp which is much better than expected. Close to the concert but a fair walk to the beach (10 – 15 mins). But dont let this put you off, hundreds of people all walk the same way in the morning and afternoon so quite amusing seeing all the mangled faces. There is a fresh orange stall in the camp, one of these in the morning is all you need to get back in the game after a messy night.
    I had no problem sneaking booze into the arena. I put vodka into a water bottle (you can only take in 500ml bottles of non alcoholic drinks), they gave it a little sniff and walked straight in (dont fill it right to the top). Even if they do notice, they give it back to you, you walk out and then find a different bloke to try, SIMPLES. Plenty of safe parking space, 3 min walk from the camp site so no worries there. Also I personally had no trouble sleeping in a hot tent, by time you find yourself trying to sleep you are so knackered you will be in dreamland within 2 mins.

    Beni timeline.

    – Wake up at 9am, after 5 hours sleep (feeling groggy but you will want to make the most of the day)
    – reminisce about the night before with your pals and new surrounding Festival Friends (The Inbetweeners)
    – Have a cold refreshing shower to wake yourself up (the women look lovely through blurry eyes)
    – Buy your orange juice and walk to the beach.
    – Sun yourself throughout the day (be careful, gets extremely hot, you cant all turn into bronze Gods like myself)
    – Buy some beers to drink before you go into the festival, have a second shower of the day and relax in the campsite for a while.
    – Then head to the festival and have a wicked time.

    Try not to organise to much. You will need your own tent (2 man), buy a lilo to sleep on when you get there and you are ready to go.

    See you all July

    Much Love Bill

  127. Dan,

    Yeah I first of all tried to get tickets straight from Barcelona to Beni but it said they had all sold out on the English site, so i got them off Renfe and then only seemed to go to Castelon.
    I assumed there would be this frequent local train from Castelon to Beni..? Do we need to book those tickets in advance as well?
    I don’t wanna be stranded in Castelon! I’ve heard how it’s impossible to get on trains in Spain if you don’t book in advance.
    Uh oh.
    The whole euro thing is a bit of a shit isn’t it.. i’m thinking Lidl for everything, and just won’t drink on the festival site itself.

    I’m really really excited too!!
    Got Glasto to come first though, yay 😀

  128. Ali
    I was there last year and certainly didnt drink any water from taps, big bottles of water are only about 30/40 cent from lidl and the other suppermarkerts so not a problem.
    Booz is quite tricky to get in to the arena cos they tap ur pockets etc down but we managed every night by selotaping small bottles of vodka to inside of our legs haha.
    It would be easyto spend alot if you drinking from the bars in the arena (7.50 euro for a litre of beer) but if you just get smashed b4 then take a bit in ul be fine. I spent less than 300 last year just by drinking cheap vodka/beer and eating from the supermarkets instead of resteraunts.

  129. Another Beni virgin here, please could you tell me what time Oasis as headliners will play on Thursday? we get there Thursday and i want to make sure i am set up and at the festival site ready for them! anyones help greatly appreciated.

  130. Hi Everyone,

    I am coming to the festival for the first time, really looking forward to it now!

    8 of my friends are arriving a few days before us, I heard that you are told where you have to camp?

    If they reserve a small bit of space for our tent do you think we will be able to join and camp with them?

    Cheers for your help,


  131. Hey folks, ace stuff, thanks for all the info – not been to a fest for years and never overseas…and to make matters more nailbiting we’re taking the kids…yes kids. 6 and 12, yay fun. Sounds like CampFib might be best for noise, but Lidl closer to the other one…agonies!

    Thanks Chris for the Decathlon info, good to know. Has anyone else taken (or even SEEN!) kids there before? Tips on a postcard please 🙂 I’m just kinda assuming that normal service will be suspended for 9 days and well need recovery time when we get home… and assuming that youngins aren’t a good idea down the front (my 12 year old loves KoL and Killers…


  132. Hi

    Just how far the car park is from the festival as i will be staying in Castellon at hotel.

    Is it worth buying a tent as a resting place during the night.


  133. Hi,

    I’m driving down to Benicassim this year, Its my first time so me and my girlfreind are making a roadtrip of it. Just wondered if anyone knew what the parking was like – can i park on the campsite or is there designated parking areas or will i have to dump my car in a street????


  134. Hi folks!

    Cant wait to start our road trip to Benni! 2 weeks friday cant come quick enough.

    Were planning to get to Benni on the monday and pitch up at a campsite called Florida or summat, Anyone know wot its like? How far away from the festival/beach? etc?


  135. i was wondering if any one has booked train tickets off renfe and wt they put for document type and document number and also wt they done about the post code as it doesn’t let u put the whole thing in. DO THEY EVBE DELIVER TO ENGLAND AND HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE i think i may have left it too late to pre book my train tickets.!!!

  136. Hey!

    I’m getting sooooo excited now!!!

    Just wanted to know if you can recommend any hostels in barca?? preferably near to the airport. We need one for after the festival the night before our flight.

    Also are there any mosquitoes on site? I’m bringing a hammock to hang in the trees..but bit worried bout getting bitten.

    cheers x

  137. Ness Jun 2nd, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Hey Ness, I’m an Aussie going solo. Have a group of mates (guys and girls) going aswell but will be meeting them there as I’m doing a bit of a trip prior. Your more than welcome to join us. Whats your plans? Where you from in Oz?

  138. is there a massive drive between barcelona main airport and barcelona reus? any idea would be great! soooooooooo excited!

  139. Hi all!!!
    So exciting!!! Right So what do you do for sleeping?? Im sorry I dont know if they were winding me up but friends said there not taking airbeds!! are they mental or just me?? Whats the best thing to take?? We’ve got flights so weight is an issue. Aswell as 6 of us in hire car! Cheers!!

  140. HEY ALL!

    Getting super excited about Beni now, theres 6 of us going.
    HOWEVER, i just realised that im the only one who got confused and brought just a 4 day ticket, without camping.
    Just wondering if anyone has a camping ticket who is doing the hotel or apartment thing who would be willing to do a straight swap, as you won’t need the camping part.

    Slightly Paniky!


  141. Hiiii!
    I have a friend who’s coming a couple of days later than the rest of us but she’s staying in one of our tents will this be ok?
    I thought i read somewhere that you have to turn up with everyone you’re camping with? Bit worried cos this would mean she’s stranded!! Did I just make this up? haha!
    Soooo excited 11 days to go!! 🙂

  142. hi I was just wondering if anyone went last year who was under 18. There are four of us going this year one of us is 19 and the rest seventeen. the official fib website is saying that you have to show id to get your ticket. but you if you are under 18 you can get someone who is over 18 to take responsibilty for you?Im just really worried that we could get there and get turned away .
    i could really do with some advice!!!

  143. i booked train tickets off, it is an english site dealing in european trains, or give them a all they were v helpful… also try i’d try and book trains in advance cuz i know one of the monday trains are full already and they’re gonna get more and more crowded…

  144. scott Jun 25th, 2009 at 11:49 am

    hi booked tickets of renfe bout 2 weeks ago. Printed the tickets off straight away so u shouldnt avta worry bout postcode too much!for document type and no i put my passport number. See u posted this a week ago so u prob av tickets sorted by now but hope it helps!

  145. Hey, i have my tickets flights everything.
    But i got told its for 18+ the other week, and im starting to freak out whether its all going to be a waste of money, will we be able to get in okay? If we do, how is it with drink is that okay with taking it into camp sites. Ahh just need someone to let me know what its like and stuff, would be greatly apreciated.

  146. Hi guys, i haven’t been to beni before i’ve only been to uk festivals, and was wondering what all your spending money goes on at beni? i was thinking more like £100 over 9 days as apposed to 600-700 as someone else said 😐 it’s making me kinda worried…

    on average at uk festivals i spend about £5 over 4 days from buying a burger or something – all i was thinking of eating/drinking at beni is cereal bars, bread, few bottles of vodka, mixers and loads of water from the supermarket – surely that wont cost too much? i just really can’t imagine what else my money will go on??

    also, is it easy to buy a blow up lilo there? i was thinking of getting one to sleep on instead of the thermal matt i’ve got

    so exctied 😀

  147. Jocelyn, i havn’t been before but i’ve been reading this site and people seem to think its fine for under 18s to get in its meant to be pretty relaxed.

    and yeah you’re allowed to take whatever drink you like into the campsite, but when you go into the arena they would take it off you – however ive found from going to festivals before theres always a way of smuggling them in especially for girls 🙂 my trick is putting a couple of bottles/cans/whatever will fit into the front pocket of a hoody, then i just tie the hoody round my waist so the pockets at the back – even if they do pat me down its not noticable at all! 😀

  148. this is going to be my first time there too and I also thought that 600quid was reeeally high for spending money?! I’m planning on getting by with £250, 300 absolute tops… how much did other beni veterans spend in the past?

    I’d just like to say thx to matt for posting all these replies throught the past 6 months, great tips there 🙂

    and oh yes, just another week now!! 😀


  149. Hi All

    A few are asking about car parking. We took 3 cars between us last year (hire cars) and there is street parking near the campsite but you’ll fight for a space there. We parked in the public (free) car park in the town, one of the wheels got pinched from my friends car. With being a hire car though they came the next day to sort it. It’s a chance you take but we’re willing and will do the same this year, once ya parked up you can leave it there as long as you want. We’re preparing much better this year, some serious shade required! Drink is expensive in the venue so take everyone elses advise re drinking before hand and sneaking stuff in. If you’re intending on buying anything else to perk your night up, please be careful…there’s alot of rubbish out there!
    Can’t wait to meet some new friends…made loads last year and simply can’t wait to get there now…..have fun….be safe! xx

  150. Hii 🙂

    Does anyone know approximately how much a taxi from barcelona airport to barcelona train station is? Or if it’s walking distance? Thankyou (: any help appreciated 🙂

    See you all there x

  151. Morning campers. With beni 09 just days away, I was just wondering If anyone had any info on what you do upon arriving to the arena on the thursday?

    Do you have to get wristbands?
    What are the best times to get to the arena? (bands and entertainment starting)
    Are there any info packs and programs?

    I like to try to be prepared and ready for what I hope is the best fest of the year. So any tips and any advice would be great from you Beni veterans out there. cheers….

  152. You can get a metro,train from the airport to the station in Barca cant walk it you will die on the motorway!

  153. hi everyone, i went to beni last year for first time it was amazing!! got a question hopefully someone will be able to answer. there are two of us going but people arriving late meeting us out there. we have a 4 man tent for us and 2 others and now we are also taking our friends 4 man tent to set up for her. will they allow us to do that? we want to be given enough space for two 4 man tents but if theres only 2 of us queuing will they be arsey with us about it? also, will the late arrivers be ok to get in and explain that their tent is already set up and just meet us in there?
    can’t wait either way!!!!

  154. There is a new forum for benicassim fest where you can get any questions answered as well get to know other festival go-ers, tell stories of Fibfests of the past. It’s the best Benicassim Forum out there at the moment www(.)fibfest(.)com

  155. Hi there. Just ordered my Benncassim ticket using my mums card and it says her name at the top, does this make a difference on entry and will i have to show any i.d?

  156. Hey, i’ve read as much as i could from the above comments to try and avoid repeating anyones questions, but here we go. Me and 6 mates are going to the festival for the first time this year, unfortunately, due to some pretty retarded communication we’ve managed to book tickets on different days so 3 of us will be arriving on sunday night in alicante, and 4 the next night. There were a few things that i wanted to make sure of.
    1 – Arriving late at around 11.30 in alicante we’re going to try to get a train or bus to benicassim, but i am not sure how this will work out. Has anyone got any advice on the best way to get there? Cheapest and reasonable comfort i would hope, we were looking at ALSA buses but i’ve heard that they’re pretty low quality, any chance of us catching a lift with some other festival goers? As we will all be under 18.
    2 – Money, i read on this post from one person that 600 pounds was needed, i was a little worried at this as im nowhere near going to have that much money, but i then read that 250 was a figure from someone else, what’s it really ganna cost?
    3 – Tents, i read that lilos are the way to go for sleeping so would it be possible to bring just a few tents between us and use them for storage?

    Cheers, reading this post is getting me super psyched for the festival, cant wait.

  157. Hey guys, I live in Barcelona, and I am looking for trnasportation to Benicasim. It appears that there are only a few trains and bus lines suck big balls, because you have to stop in Tarragona o Castellón or others. Does anyone know if there are special bus lines from Barcelona to Benicasim during FIB?

  158. To get it off my chest i am absolutely BUZZING for benicassim. Myself and 15 others are arriving in Alicante early on sunday morning and catching a train to benicassim (around £30 open return i believe). Firstly, i estimate that i can afford an absolute maximum of £50 a day which would amount to an overall spenditure cost of £400 (despite some of my mates are taking up to £100 a day!). I’ve got a tent to myself and a light weight sleeping bag although i’m likely to be sleeping on top of it!

    I’ve read numerous posts but cant decide where to camp. I think the majority of the party i’m going with is rooting for the beach scene because it’s closer to some shops and we don’t reckon the walk to arenas will be that awful. After taking in some tips from this forum i think i’ll more than likely be taking less clothes than expected and a very minimal amount of shoes!

    Are there any lockers or anything to store valuables in?
    Where abouts are the showers?


  159. Hi

    Im goin to Benicassim for the first time in July, I was just looking for some advise on where the best airport to fly into would be and whats the best area to stay in etc. Any tips or advice would be great!!

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  160. Hey peeps!!! Has anyone got an ideas of what the VIP tickets and Villacamp are like??? Just got some tickets for VIP for a present and can not find anything about it, only little snips about an illuminated swimming pool!!! any ideas???

    Cheers !

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