Benicassim Festival Reviews 2012

So another Benicassim has been and gone so how was it for you? What were your highlights? We asked our fans on Facebook to send us their reviews and here are a few of them.

dennis Keijdener

Benicassim was one big party! But the line up was really much less due to the cancellations of florence & the machine and Bat For lashes. There was bad communication about it and bad replacement.

And where were the ATMs? The first day we had little cash with us so at the end we were broke and couldn’t eat anything. It was solved the next day when we went to the village but if we would have known this earlier this wouldn’t have happened. And we were really not the onely ones. And at the festival nobody knew where an atm would be at the ground so we were send from one place to another.

But big up for the Jack Daniels Tent & The Cocktail Bar. We’ve had a lot of great moments there…

Jess Goulden

Benicassim, is easily one of the best experiences and one you will never forget, Beni 2012 was yet again incredible! It’s a place you meet people from places you didn’t know about, explore a new part of Spain and get to see the festival life in the sun, instead of being head to toe in mud! It’s like a festival/beach holiday all in one, what else could you really ask for?! Beni 2012 for me, was amazing and yet again still blown away by Chase and Status!! Benicassim 2013 is without a shadow of a doubt on the cards! Jess X

Rachel Locke

best week of my life!!

Matt Rogerson

Greeat fun, and only about 20% chav, a big improvement on the festivals over here…

Lucy Mcqueen

Benni taught me that people can, and will sleep anywhere! Personal favourite was opening a portaloo where a sizeable man had curled up on the seat having a power nap before noel gallagher..

Richard Woods

Had a great time stayed at the gran duque in oreprsa del mar, goin home 2mora,……… Dizzy was great apart from the technical difficulties, example, dave Clarke, Katy b, chase and status, Noel Gallagher, Todd terje, and just the general atmosphere was great!

Catherine Abraham

Chase n Status smashed it!!! Definately the best week of my life thank you to our campers for making it AMAZING! Eggy weggy love you! What happens on tour stays on tour! ; ) xx

Jessica Sophia Cimetta

Bombay bicycle club and SebastiAn were by far the best. Great weekend, was a shame that David guetta got the main stage… Pile of poo. Apart from that. AMAZING.

Nicola Hyde

Absolutely brilliant weekend, stone roses, noel and ed sheeran smashed it for me but some awesome bands on the other stages sat night also..met some great people will def be back nxt year x

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Benicassim 2011 Saturday Review Day 3

Benicassim Saturday Review 2011 stage was the first port for us to catch Bombay Bicycle Club. I’m a massive fan of the North London for piece having seen them many times before I was happy to see them perform an electric-set as opposed to the acoustic which they adopted from their sounds of 2010 album ‘Flaws’. ‘Cancel on Me’, ‘Dust on the Ground’ and ‘Always Like This’ were pretty special and allowed me to forget about my nose for a while! Great tracks, and Jack Steadman and Co were on top form. Unfortunately we missed the end of the set, as they clashed with Mumford and Sons who were on the Main Stage half an hour in to BBC’s set.
Around the campsite, the majority of people all said the same thing, Mumford and Sons was the act they were looking most forward to too. Not even headlining, after their ten song long set I;m sure it won’t be long until their folk/indie sounds are headling a major festival. Returning to Beni from 2010, the crowd went wild for them. They sampled quite a few new songs, which the crowd seemed to lap up. ‘Lover of Light’ and ‘Lover’s Eyes’ will definitely be ones to look out for in the future. My favourite track ‘Little Lion Man’ was echoed back by nearly all of the 1000’s of people in the crowd. But it has to be said their encore of ‘The Cave’ is the one greeted with the most rapoturous of sounds. Pretty awesome! Although I have no idea why they didn’t play ‘Winter Winds’ disappointing!!!

I wasn’t going anywhere as up next was THE ARCTIC MONKEYS! The Sheffield four-piece could easily be mistaken for being around forever. Emphasised by their hit-packed 2hour long, 20 song set! The majority of their gig was based around new album ‘Suck it and See’ which was in truth slightly disappointing. Besides ‘Don’t sit down because I’ve moved the chair’ it seemed as though the majority of the crowd was unfamiliar with other tracks and didn’t respond that well. However, any feelings of disappointment were short lived. With the Monkeys instantly turning the crowd in to a frenzy by dropping hits such as ‘Crying Lightning’, ‘I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ and ‘When The Sun Goes Down’. It also has to be said their encore of ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ and ‘505’ was electric, literally insane, so GOOOOD!
Primal Scream were up next presenting Screamadelica… unfortunately due to my nose and lack of sleep I had to be a melt and head back to zee tent to catch some vital Z’zzzzzzzzzzz’s.

Benicassim 2011 Review of Day 1 Day 2

If you’re reading this I’m guessing you know what Benicassim is, if you don’t then let me give you some insight…
Imagine Glastonbury… Right now minus the bad weather, wellingtons, and rain macs. Then quickly add Sun, Shades, and Shorts!!! But at the same time make sure you keep the amazing sounds of world class music and chilled out vibes then bang! We have BENICASSIM!
I was lucky enough to have a ticket for this years event and despite breaking both my Blackberry and my nose (more of that later) I can safely say I had the best 8days of my life (don’t call the exaggeration police just yet… and read on for my full guide to Beni 2011).
After doing Glasto last year but missing out on a ‘proper’ holiday (poor student) I was in a dilemma this year as to what to chose! My first four days in Beni justified my decision ten-fold!

Prior to the music we had four days to chillout…. The days consisted of a short, okay brisk walk from the campsite to the beach, but it is loverly! A day sunning it, accompanied by an icecream some fresh mojitos made by some crazy bloke who definitely made a killing! Then to one of the numerous nice little restaurants for a few beers and a spot of paella! Beautiful! There is loads of bars scattered around, a decent and a surprisingly cheap club! I was in love with Beni and the festival hadn’t even kicked off yet.

Benicassim Festival Thursday Review

After let the sunset and squeezing in some pre-drinking at the tent, we made our way down for our first act of the festival! We headed to the ‘Maravillas Stage’ (Beni’s main stage) at 10.15 to catch Scottish singer/song-writer Paolo Nutini! Playing to the majority of 2009’s ‘Sunny Side Up’ including hits Candy, Coming Up Easy and Pencil Full of lead his set was well received by the huge crowd! Throwing in previous hits such as ‘Jenny Don’t Be Hasty’ and ‘New Shoes’ the half Italian Rocker, delivered, and set truly signalled the start of Beni!
After this quite a few people moved around, but we didn’t go anywhere, getting to the front in anticipation of – Plan B…What a talent this guy is! He has come a long way since introducing himself to the music world as a grime artist! He is now easily one of the best Male Solo Acts in the UK. Opening with ‘Writings on the Wall’ finishing with ‘Stay to Long’ all his hits were welcomed with raptures of screams and moshing as encouraged and displayed by the man himself what a nutter! In between he also played hits like ‘Love Goes Down’ and ‘Praying’ and a fantastic medley of some Ben E.King, Seal and Dr Dre……. I must also mention Faith SFX who warmed up the crowd before Plan B with a Beatboxer… He was immense! Check him out on Youtube fast, he’s unreal!

We then faced a huge dilemma, stay around for The Streets which would obviously be amazing, and with Mike Skinner’s pending retirement questionably un-misable! Or head other to Stage and catch Chase and Status!? Hmmmm having seen the later a short while ago at The Isle of Wight Festival I knew I had to be there again! The South London dubstep guru’s are an amazing live act!
They didn’t disappoint either… the crowd literally turned into a warzone But in a good way (I’m not advocating war here just moshing)! The energy of the crowd was literally electric, and I haven’t sweated that much since well, since the last time I was very, sweaty! ‘Let you go’ and ‘time’ were legendary, with Deliah joining the boys on stage for the latter! Each song was blasted out with massive energy, you knew at every drop of the base the crowd was going to erupt! It was literally AWESOME! An two song encore of Blind Faith and old favourite Fool Yourself was immense! No idols is a hit-packed album and I cannot wait to see these guys again!

Emotionally and Physically drained we decided to hack it out at the stage to see Jack Beats close from 2.30 to 4am. Great decision! This new young DJ who I was unfamiliar with before, smashed out loads of remixes and different hits and kept the majority of Beni partying to the am! DECENT!

Benicassim 2011 Friday Review

9.30pm was our first port of call to catch Killers front man ‘Brandon Flowers’. ‘Only the Young’ and ‘Crossfire’ were received exceptionally well, portraying the success of his debut album ‘Flamingo’, but the crowd went wild when he delivered back some of his hits with The Killers! ‘Read my Mind’ and ‘Losing Touch’ were pretty special! But ‘Mr Brightside’ was literally awesome!

After their triumphant performance at Glasto, the band that seems they’ve been around forever ‘Elbow’ were up next! Not being a massive fan, I was unsure what to expect! In honesty, I was quite disappointed, the sound wasn’t great and songs kept getting interrupted. This was largely due to the sheer size of the crowd. Singer Guy Garvey kept encouraging the crowd ‘To look after one another’ which was good of him! Shame he didn’t have a few more hits to accompany ‘Build a Rocket Boys’ and ‘One Day Like This’ which were massive crowd pleasers!

Following Elbow, was the band that I was most looking forward to seeing all week! New York Indie heroes ‘The Strokes’. Back of their new hit album ‘Angles’ Julian Casablanca and co delivered a High Octane hit packed set. Opening with ‘This is it’s classic ‘New York City Cops’ they set the tone. And continued to tip in and out of their catalogue of huge hits. Higlights included ‘Repitilla’, ‘Last Nite’, ‘Undercover of Darkness’ and ‘Someday’. Highlights did not include breaking my nose to the encore of ‘Juicebox’.

Yep during a mosh I caught a massively stray elbow on my nose, and had to be rushed to a medical tent! Stitches and a re-brake followed and the Benicassim Doctors had my good as new. I say good as new, I did look a bit like a poor-mans Steve Bruce!

Devastatingly this meant I missed St Alban’s Dance/pop trio Friendly Fires. I could hear them, and heard all their huge hits from their self-titled debut album and new smash hit ‘Pala’. But it wasn’t the same. My mate, kindly rubbed it in, in the morning saying they were unreal. I would have loved to have been there for ‘Jump in the Pool’, ‘Skeleton Boy’ and new single ‘Live those days tonight’. By all rights, they were amazing!

Benicassim 2011 Review of Thursday

Where else do you get a line up like this……..
Arcade Fire, The Strokes, The Streets, Plan B, Paolo Nutini, Pendulum, The Stranglers, Tiny Tempah, Elbow, Brandon Flowers, Mumford and Sons and Portishead (among many others)…..?
Festival Internacional de Benicassim (or F.I.B) is rapidly becoming the festival to go to. I headed there for the first time this year and I can honestly say, I had the best week of my life!
Having booked our benicassim tickets through nearly 12months before the festival, and got them at the bargain price of £125…..compared to the £200+ you pay nearer the time. The ticket price did include 9days camping, however, not wanting to camp in the 30°c + heat, myself and 3 friends opted to stay in an apartment, and travel to the festival- creating a festi-holiday if you will.
We searched around for apartments near to the town of Benicassiam but they were all sold out- with 50,000+ people heading there for 1week in July, you can see why. Eventually i came across BeniTravel – – a company whose sole purpose is to sort out your festival needs. Through them we I managed to organise, in just one quick email, our apartment, our airport transfers and our shuttle buses to and from the festival- simple!
Staying in the lovely Marina D’or resort, located about 15mins on the bus to Benicassim we had a good couple of days relaxing before the festival started on Thursday 14th. As we had to exchange tickets for wristbands etc, we arranged to get to the festival early, at 6pm. We wanted to allow plenty of time to get the “official” stuff out of the way, without missing any acts. In actual fact the system could not have been smoother. The whole process of going through security, exchanging tickets, getting wristbands and ultimately getting onto the festival site took less than 20mins. A sign of a very well organised team.

Next stop was to get our drinks tickets- rather than having huge queues at the bar, you go to one of the many ticket exchange booths, hand over your Euros and get drinks vouchers in denominations of 2.50€. Having transferred 40€ for myself and my fella, we were on our way to the bar- naturally! Having drank a tad too much on the bus, I just fancied a water, my bloke wanted a lager= 2 tickets or 5€! Let me explain, water was 2.50€, red bull was 2.50€, half a lager was 2.50€, a spirit and mixer was 7.50€…… So, whilst there were no queues at the bar, I wasn’t sure if that was because of the ticket system or the drinks prices! However, we handed over our tickets, and got our drinks, but my 75cl bottle of water was lid-less- something that really annoys me at festivals. For some strange reason bar staff now deem it acceptable to take your lid off your bottle in case you through it into the crowd. But, a can of red bull- oh that is fine for you to keep hold of! Anyhoo, off we went in search of the main stage where we could hear some sweet music coming from.
We settled down to watch Russian Red an indie spontaneous phenomenon who has become one of Spain´s biggest artists in the past years; an extremely rare story of success in Spain for an artist that plays folk-pop-rock and composes and sings in English. Having heard none of her music before, I was massively impressed with her style, originality and the stunning tone of her voice. It really was the perfect way to ease us into the festival.
After a short break, which gave us chance to figure out the festival site (mainly toilets and bars!) we headed back over to the main stage to see Paolo Nutini. Now, although I knew a lot of his songs (the ones that have been released) and I kind of quite liked him I was not really fussed about watching him. But, he was there, we were there, it made sense! However, from the first song he blew me away! His general style of easy listening, indie-folk-pop was not what he was playing on stage. Every song was that little bit faster, each base line was that little bit harder and his voice….wow! His voice was really rocky, and pitch perfect and I for one was not expecting that. The crowd was going mental for him, and I have to say- I was too! Most definitely the surprise of the festival for me.
After another little venture around the site, which I have to say was so easy to navigate round- once you got your bearings you could easily work out where everything was, from bars, toilets, stalls, stages, and food carts- all within 15mins walking distance. We headed to see Plan B, whom is an artist/ performer I really admire. I like his original grime style, to his soul in The Defamation of Strickland Banks. He had the most incredible beat boxer warming up the packed crowd, (didn’t catch his name) who really got the crowd going with variations of Faithless, Reel 2 Real, and Seal. Plan B came on and performed an awesome set, combining the more edgier/grimy stuff, with a collection of songs off his multi platinum second album. He also played to the packed out crowd by mixing in a few well known covers, including Seal’s Kiss by a Rose. The staging was awesome, is voice was that good at one point I thought he was miming- he wasn’t. All in all I was blown away by his set and could’ve quite easily listened to him for another couple of hours!
Alas, places to go, people to see! Next up were The Streets, who are currently on their last ever tour, before going their separate ways in September. Playing a number of tracks off their first album (Original Pirate Material) and a few off A grand don’t come for free, the majority of their set was their new album Computers and Blues and Cyberspace and Reds. Whilst it is understandable that a band wants to showcase their new material, to generate record sales/interest etc, I also feel that when playing a festival crowd you have to mix it up a bit because people have not necessarily come to that particular act! Anyway, Mike and the rest of the band played a mammoth set, with loads of crowd participation. I have spoken to a number of people who really enjoyed them, however if I am totally honest, I was disappointed.

We left their set early and headed to the bar, where we picked up a couple of (overpriced) beers and sat on some sun loungers opposite the second stage and watched Chase&Status, who, I have got to say, blew me away. At 3 o’clock in the morning, the crowd was still well up for it, giving it all they could for these two very talented British DJ’s. Having not seen them live before, or heard much of their stuff I bought their album “No more Idols” a couple of weeks before the festival and I was very much impressed. They have collaborated with some of the biggest artists of the moment, and hearing them play live really bought home to me just how talented certain DJ’s are, occasionally they got lost in the beats and the lyrics, but not these guys- they really are at the forefront of each track.

F.I.B 2011 was my first F.I.B experience and I know for a fact it won’t be my last. Will I be brave enough to camp next year? Who knows…………..!

Benicassim Festival 2010 Fans Review

Before Benicassim 2010 we asked our benicassim readers to write reviews of the event, the first review we have received is from David Whittaker.

So Benicassim, this was my very first festival, as music Photographer I never hang around at festivals and thought it’d be a good opportunity to get some sun and enjoy a festival for the first time.

We flew in Reus which is a good hour and a half transfer to Beni, we took the bus which was £20 each way, it set off and hour late but coming back was bang on time which we were thankful for in all honesty.

There isn’t much at Reus Airport so if you’re thinking of getting duty free stuff you’re limited to a small number of fags,booze and perfume not much else really.

We stayed for a week, Tuesday to Tuesday… The walk from where the Eufest bus dropped us off to Benicamp was absolute MURDER at 3pm in 35 degree heat and on reflection would def have got a taxi as Benicamp is up quite a steep hill when you’re lugging stuff around.

I can’t really speak about Campfib as we never ventured over there but Benicamp was absolutely rammed on the Tuesday when we got there, we literally got the last two pitches for our relatively small tents, it’s probably a good idea to get there on the Sunday or the Monday if you want to get the pick of the site, although people were still arriving on thursday hopeful of a pitch.

Benicamp has a decent shower block, with 2 annex shower blocks in Portakbin style one located just outside the main block and one in a far corner which was always quiet so if you can get your arse down there for queue free showerage. The showers tend to be ice cold so be prepared for grinding your teeth on fresh sunburn, it soon brings you round from a stinking hang over though. All showers and toilets are cleaned reguarly which is def something you’ll appreciate on other festival toilets.

There’s also a bar which serves pizzas and other snacks, plug point to charge your phone or for the girly wirlies – Straightening your bloody hair and doing your bloody make up and generally making the place look untidy haha… some people who couldn’t get a pitch ended up sleeping on the bar floor randomly? I noticed a football pitch and Tennis court too i think?? Or maybe i was a little worse for wear?

Sleeping is something you won’t do, I reckon in the week i spent there the best sleep i had was waiting for the check in desk to open on the way home in the airport, it was the best 45 mins kip ever!!! It just never seems to cool down. Also if you do decide to eat at the camp try not to leave food on the floor otherwise you’ll soon be infested with man eating ants, and you really don’t want that. Lidl is a short walk down from Benicamp but they NEVER put water in the fridge annoyingly so we hid some bottles in a freezer under some peas or something and retrieved it each day before we went to the beach – You should’ve seen the envious faces mooohahaha… There’s a supermarket over the road from Lidl which we went to on the last day and i’d say is probably better than lidl but more expensive, a litre of vodka at Lidl was 4 euro’s :0)

The bus service that runs throughout the festival is BRILLIANT, and saved our legs on a number of occasions i would def get a bus card from the Fib guys when you go get your wristband exchanged at the festival entrance (which you have to do before the festival).

Thanks to the bus route we made it to the Aqua Park and Button;

Aqua Park – 20 Euro’s and is a wicked day out, great pools and slides and never really seemed to get too busy.

Button – 7 Euro’s entry to a grotty pool with grass and no sun loungers, but you get a free beer and a burger for that (WOOoooo). Whilst we were here a grass snake was seen slithering down the wall which was hilarious as some daft bird screamed in a scouse accent ‘dats fuchin disgustin da is’ – Made me proud to be British *sigh*. I wouldn’t really recommend this place to be honest when you can get yourself down the beach and spend 5 Euros on a Sun Lounger and snooze the day away.

Benicassim itself it a bit of a non event, the only place i’d recommend is the Corona Bar which was great fun 2 euros a bottle ice cold – Life saver! You can walk for about 2 miles along the sea front and see probably 3 bars (which you wouldn’t want to go in), the majority were houses and flats it really doesn’t seem that tourism is part Beni, i think as more Brits invade the event it’ll come round, but a good bar on the beach would make a killing, anyway i digress…

So you’re on the bus and you get dropped at the festival entrance or at least you think you do, you’ve got another maybe 500/750metre walk to the actual entrance which after the 3rd night becomes harder and harder (I was in a world of pain with blisters after all the walking it’s not a fashion show look after your feet!!!), there’s a large area where you have to finish any booze you’ve brought with you then you get searched and go through. The search is hardly a ‘search’ to be honest nevertheless you’re in…

There’s plenty of bars inside so you won’t have to queue, there’s a ticket system for booze which has been mentioned before i’d stick to the small beers as the large beers get warm pretty quick the measures of vodka etc are quite generous so it makes paying £7 a drink a little more bearable. The food is great loads of stands so you’ll never be short of choice, i can recommend the Argentinian grill, a steak sarnie with mint sauce – Gorgeous, ruddy should be for the price like.

The music was great although Gorillaz in my opinion just doesn’t work live so for them to headline the final night was a bit of a let down especially after Dizzee Rascal (whom i despise) who absolutely blew everyone away he was superb. My acts of the festival were;

Two Door Cinema Club
Mumford and Sons – I hate this lot but they were great
Calvin Harris
Ellie Goulding (Played main stage after Lilly Allen cancelled for the second year running)
He’s a Rascal – Dizzee Rascal
The Cribs

So that’s about it, in summary if i were doing the festival again i wouldn’t camp, going into the fourth night i was knackered and couldn’t enjoy it as much as i probably would’ve having had a decent nights sleep, if you are going to camp make sure you get there early and take a fan because there’s a 2 hour window for sleep between 5-7 then it’s HOT HOT HOT again.

PS Don’t forget the silent disco, was a right laugh and there was a chill out area outside for those who ‘could do with a coffee’ hahaha

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Benicassim Festival Review 2010

The Benicassim Festival 2010 is in full swing. Thursday Night saw the awesome Kasabian headline the main stage, and the rocked it in front of 30,000 festival lovers. Kasabian played a best of set including their huge hits ‘Shoot The Runner’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Club Foot’. Lead singer Tom Meighan, wore a blue jacket and really cool dark circular sunglasses. Ray Davies played before Kasabian, the ex Kinks lead man plated hits like ‘Tired Of Waiting For You’, ‘Sunny Afternoon’ .
Other hightlights from day 1 of Benicassim 2010 were the delightful The Temper Trap who got the crowd going with their seminal fave ‘Sweet Disposition’
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How to stay alive at FIB with a short story

Me and my friend Mark drive from the sleepy town of Calpe to –what we think- is yet another sleepy town. We see loads of young festival goers wearing their floral prints and aviators walking up and down the main street, looking totally at ease with what they’re doing and where they’re going. We’re just driving round with my parents looking for the festival itself. This was our first festival, and we’d been counting down the days since we’d got the tickets. So anyway, we find the road signs and drive up to camp FIB, our home for the next five days. The sun was covered by clouds, a real god send when you’re trying to set up a tent. So anyway, tip one – get to the camp sites in good time, when we arrived on Wednesday, the organisers tried to place me and mark at the back of the site, on rocks. We had other ideas! We separated from the group and pitched our tent on this little grass ledge, next to the shaded area. Although not ideal, I do wish that we’d gotten under some shade, because believe me, waking up in sauna for a tent when you’re horribly hungover is a bit hot. Tip two-when pitching your tent, get under shade. Our neighbours where two lads, Tom and Tom from Leeds, who couldn’t have been nicer.
So…fast forward to the night time. It’s about 10 o clock, me and mark bought ourselves 24 small Amstell cans, it’s still hot, we’ve had hardly anything to eat, but we’ve managed to consume about 75% of these cans, with help from neighbours. Me, being a horrible lightweight end up being horribly sick. NOT GOOD. Tip three- drink to what your body can handle. I literally had about 5 cans, but because of the lack of water and food, it really got to me.

I think the only bad time in the festival was on the night when Gnarls Barkly and The Raconteurs played. There i was dancing away, then BANG! I experienced the worst pain of my life. My stomach was killing, not like anything I’d felt before. I did the clever thing of diagnosing myself with appendicitis. I had all the symptoms. However, when I went to sleep and drunk lots of water, in the morning it was gone. I should mention that i was saved by my knight in shining armour. The pain, I later found out, was due to overindulgence (obviously), lack of water and food, and exhaustion. The last one, I couldn’t get. See, I got about 2 hours sleep a night. It was too hot to sleep in the day-Mark did it somehow- and got covered in shaving foam. Ah pranks. Anyway. The only time to get sleep was in the night, it was cool enough, but when you woke up, it was so hot. So in Beni 09, I know I’ll be drinking more water and eating more. However, sleep is out the question. I don’t want to miss one waking moment of this festival.

Ok so…key things to remember- basically the rest of my numbered tips-

  1. Drink shed loads of water; you don’t understand appreciate water so much as when you’re actually there.
  2. Wear a high factor sun cream- see; I’m sounding like your mother already.
  3. Make friends, Beni was the friendliest place I’ve ever been in my life.
  4. Eat FOOD. I advise Nutrigrain bars. I got through 8 boxes. Lovely.
  5. Spend at least one hour in the shower a day! You’ll see what i mean what you get there.  Cold showers have never been so nice.

 Where to Eat

Eat at a restaurant called Terra Magica. ( i want to buy that place, it was amazing) Two Beers and a pizze is 7.50 euros and a baguette and a beer is 4 euros. Thats the cheapest place we found and the nicest. Pool table, table tennis, little indoor football, and a GAINT ball pool- the ultimate come down after a good night. I saw about 8 random extremities coming out of that pool. Plus it had ‘FIB music’ playing as it advertised. It did as stated, with the odd smiths song thrown in (Morrissey would not be pleased)

My Beni best bits:

Pete Doherty sitting down and reading hand written lyrics of a scrap piece of paper.

Not sleeping from Sunday morning till Monday night.

In a nutshell the whole festival, every waking moment was fantastic.

But the ultimate highlight was when –during intimate time with a girl in his tent- our neighbour Tom asked me what time it was. To his disgust it was 3am and Mika had already started. ‘SHITE!’ he said ‘Mika’s already on? Sorry love, get your skirt, you’ll have to go.’




Benicassim Festival Reviews 2008

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Who were the highlights? Morrisey, Babyshambles , My Bloody Valentine and Jose Gonzalez.

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