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Lots of people from around the world are planning their trips to the Benicassim Festival, we have therefore started to put together a google map of the benicassim area, to try to help people plan their trip to Benicassim.

On the map below we have pin pointed the location of the festival, and also added some resorts near Benicassim where you should still be able to get hotel accommadation.
We have also listed the nearest airports of Barcelona and Valencia, where you can either get a train or hire a car to get down to benicassim.

This is very much a work in progress as we are new to using Google Maps, and we would be grateful if you have more information or would like something added to the map if you could leave a comment below so we can make this a fantastic resource for everyone.

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If you click on the icon near barcelona they will give you directions. Have a go and leave comments


Benicassim Site Map

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  1. Festival is in benicassim, but Castellon has some great priced hotels and is very close to the festival, and there is regular shuttle buses between their and the venue

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