Benicassim Line Up 2008

The Benicassim Festival line up has been announced bands playing include Babyshambles , My Bloody Valentine  and  Jose Gonzalez.
The Spanish festival takes place between Thursday 17th July 2008 and Sunday 20th July 2008 in Benicasim which is between Valencia and Barcelona on the east coast of spain.

The event is also known as Festival Internacional de Benicassim or FIB Heineken.     In previous years acts such as Muse, Morrisey, Artic Monkeys, Radiohead and the Cure have all played the event.

Benicassim always serves up a great mix of Indie Bands and established world famous rock bands, together with local Spanish groups and top DJ’s.  The event is different to UK festivals with music starting late evening and going through the night.  The event is right next to the beach so in the day time fans cheer around the beach, or in hotel pool areas.

Benicassim On Stage Times

Check out who is on where with this handy Benicassim Festival Band Times PDF


Benicassim 2008 Line Up so Far

Thursday 17 Sigur Ros, Nada Surf, Battles, Aldo Linares, Black Lips, Facto Delafe y las Flores Azules, Krakovia, Lightspeed Champion, Single, DJ Supermarkt, These New Puritans

Friday 18 July 2008

My Bloody Valentine, Mika, Babyshambles, Roisin Murphy, Spiritualzed, Hot Chip, La Casa Azul, Chromatics, Danton Eerprom, El Guincho, Erol Alkan, Fujiya & Miyagi, Gentle Music Men, Josh Wink, Metronomy, Robert Babicz, The Glimmers, Th New Pornographers, The Rumble Strips, Tobi Neumann, Vincent Vincent & The Villains

Saturday 19 July 2008

Gnarls Barkley, Tricky, The Raconteurs, The Kills, My Morning Jacket, Booka Shade, American Music Club, Ascildisko, Bracken, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dapuntobeat, Eef Barzelay, Heavy Trash, Ivan Smagghe, John Acquaviva, Jose Gonzales, Kiki, Lori Meyers, Manos de Topo, The Marzipan Man, Metope, The Ting Tings, Tiefschwarz

Sunday 20 July 2008

Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, Morente Omega con Lagartija Nick, Siouxsie, Justice (live), Death Cab for Cutie, Clvin Harris, David Duriez, El Hijo, Ewan Pearson, Joakim, Marc Marzenit, Micah P.Hinson, Moriarty, The National, Radio Slave, Richard Hawley, Supermayer, Tommie Sunshine, Viva la Fete, Yelle

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42 comments on “Benicassim Line Up 2008

  1. are you kidding me! Morrissey!
    obviously that was added recently but that is NOTHING to turn ur nose up at!!
    the line up looks great. really lookin forward to it 🙂

  2. Are there any more to be announced?

    It looks pretty poor if not.

    I’m going should still be fun

  3. Reading and leed will be alot better this time, the beni line up is really poor, was looking forward too it, but with the likes of babyshambles and a band that i havent herd before headlineing is not what i want to hear, dont think im going to bother with it this year!

  4. Line up looks rubbish. went in 2006 and it was amazing so many good bands (Pixies, Strokes etc) compared to this year (Gnarls Barkley, Mika etc) what crap! Still got my ticket tho!

  5. What are you talking about? What a great line up – this is one for music lovers, not Arctic monkeys fans! Some real creative acts on and no showboaters. Heavy Trash – can’t wait to see Jon Spencer working up a sweat on the beach! x

  6. New Pornographers and The National blow Muse and The Arctic Monkeys out of the water. You need to broaden your musical knowledge!!

  7. so . . . arctic monkeys fans aren’t music lovers? i beg to differ. however this line up isn’t so horrible. wouldn’t hurt to get a big headlining act but whatever

  8. Is this the final lineup???……are you kiddin me, this is a joke lineup compared to prev years and other festivals this summer.
    if id known these bunch of muppets were playing i certainly wouldnt have bought a ticket…..very poor

  9. Aye aye loon, u better get the suntan cream oot for your napper!

    Morrisey headlining, Babyshambles, The Kills, Futureheads, Justice etc etc What more do you want, jam on it…

  10. The line up isn’t as good as last year, but it’s only half about the music! It’s an excuse to go to Spain and spend a week in the sun! I can’t wait!

  11. Justice Live should be a good one. Sigur Ros are also amazing live if you like somethin a bit more chilled, they’re very inventive with the sounds they make. But overall I’d have to agree that the line-up is not amazing but there are still alot of good acts/bands.
    I’ve heard Doug Wilson is doing a secret DJ set aswell, listen out for that one, hes wild!!

    It’ll be my first time at at the festival, whats the atmosphere like? Is everyone friendly or do the different nationalities keep themselves to themselves?

  12. Everybody needs to come down. the text up the top clearly says: ‘It is expected that more acts will follow, with headliners likely to be big world acts.’ so there are probably some big acts to annouce closer to the date. It looks sweet at the moment though.

  13. I agree that the lineup isn’t great this year and I haven’t heard of a lot of the bands but I went last year and saw some bands I’d never heard of before and they were some of the highlights although nothing could beat Muse! The atmosphere is always friendly and everyone’s always having a good time whatever their nationality and if that doesn’t do it for you… at least its hot and sunny and there’s free time to get a tan:) Looking forward to Justice, should be wkd!!

  14. bit gutted about the line up…. i went last year and it was awesome! are there any more to be announced? any tips on what to bring, i lost all memory from last year!

  15. hey there

    am a benny virigin and have a ticket this year but am too rather worried about the pants line up this year

    how many stages are there

    what time does it start normally

    aside from the big acts, what kind of music is it? someone was saying techno

    thanks for the help

  16. Look , lets just hold our horses, there are alot of negative vibes about the line up, once you are sucked up into the atmostphere with the sun beating down, drinking a chilled beer and listening to sigor Ross, nothing , but nothing could be better. I’m ready – Bring it !

  17. Oh my days! The line-up is alright, not great. but its the atmosphere that counts! who knows whether we might be seeing the next big thing. Im hoping for Kings of Leon…. but will anyone else be announced?
    Its a bit annoying that tickets are being sold cheaper now! Wish I’d of waited…..
    See you in the sun! x

  18. Went last year was a better line up but its the experience is well. Going this year will be wicked, guna get plastered and have a wicked time.

  19. No that will be the line up for this year apart from a few smaller acts maybe went last year it was phat. Most of the acts have been announced now but stop worrying it will be wicked still some good stuff in there

  20. I HATE morissey.

    And it’s a terrible line-up – Justice are the only act i’m really excited about. Normally, even if there’s a lack of HUGE names (like radiohead etc) then you normally find lots of great underground bands. Metronomy are about the only ones that i know of here. Very dissapointing line-up. But hey, i’m there to party so i’m still gonna have a tremendous time!

  21. Ben Peach on Mar 28th, 2008 at 2:28 pm
    “Not impressed what a poor line up”

    I haven’t been to a festival since Reading in 1989, and I’m going to this just to see My Bloody Valentine.

    Believe me, they alone justify the ticket price.

  22. line up looks alright to me, Ya can’t have the perfect line up, good chance to see something one might not usually want to see.

  23. Line up isnt that great but the weather forecast is, just gonna get wired and listen to my i pod in a puddle of my own vomit and get a nice tan

  24. well i dont think you can please everyone, but im sure pleased cos Moz is on and leonard cohen, cant wait to party

  25. >what is the story with the beach party on the monday
    To Brom – last year we all thought there would be a beach party but it was cancelled last minute because of overcrowding the year before which was a pity but still had a fab time! I reckon it won’t be happening this year either.

  26. Who cares if Leeds/reading is a better line up, they aint got a beach and guaranteed 30degree weather….brap brap!

  27. Would you rather go to a Festival in Reading that a beach in Spain? You guys crack me up. Tricky, Leonard Cohen, Battles, and Sigor Ros !
    I wish I was going 😀

  28. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! lets just get messy in the camp site… then we wont care what we listen to. personaly im looking forward to hearing some new and crazy bands!!
    lest face it, 9 days in the sun with my mates and loads of other crazy ppl… dont get better than that!!!

  29. I think a lot of you, in particular Rob and Ben are mixing up My Bloody Valentine with some modern Emo band, but they’re anything but that! They’re a hugely influential shoegaze/alt rock band from the 80s. Listen to them and you’ll see where Smashing Pumpkins got their inspiration from. Incredible live.

  30. Las time i went to this festival a few years ago morrisey didnt even turn up when he was meant to and let a lot of ppl down what an idiot

  31. I think this line-up is amazing…

    and happy cos it will keep all the sell-outs away to have fun at reading running around high fiving eachother!

  32. TO SHELL….this was the line-up for 2008!! Don’t worry, KOL and Weller will certainly be there this summer!

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