Benicassim Festival Reviews 2012

So another Benicassim has been and gone so how was it for you? What were your highlights? We asked our fans on Facebook to send us their reviews and here are a few of them.

dennis Keijdener

Benicassim was one big party! But the line up was really much less due to the cancellations of florence & the machine and Bat For lashes. There was bad communication about it and bad replacement.

And where were the ATMs? The first day we had little cash with us so at the end we were broke and couldn’t eat anything. It was solved the next day when we went to the village but if we would have known this earlier this wouldn’t have happened. And we were really not the onely ones. And at the festival nobody knew where an atm would be at the ground so we were send from one place to another.

But big up for the Jack Daniels Tent & The Cocktail Bar. We’ve had a lot of great moments there…

Jess Goulden

Benicassim, is easily one of the best experiences and one you will never forget, Beni 2012 was yet again incredible! It’s a place you meet people from places you didn’t know about, explore a new part of Spain and get to see the festival life in the sun, instead of being head to toe in mud! It’s like a festival/beach holiday all in one, what else could you really ask for?! Beni 2012 for me, was amazing and yet again still blown away by Chase and Status!! Benicassim 2013 is without a shadow of a doubt on the cards! Jess X

Rachel Locke

best week of my life!!

Matt Rogerson

Greeat fun, and only about 20% chav, a big improvement on the festivals over here…

Lucy Mcqueen

Benni taught me that people can, and will sleep anywhere! Personal favourite was opening a portaloo where a sizeable man had curled up on the seat having a power nap before noel gallagher..

Richard Woods

Had a great time stayed at the gran duque in oreprsa del mar, goin home 2mora,……… Dizzy was great apart from the technical difficulties, example, dave Clarke, Katy b, chase and status, Noel Gallagher, Todd terje, and just the general atmosphere was great!

Catherine Abraham

Chase n Status smashed it!!! Definately the best week of my life thank you to our campers for making it AMAZING! Eggy weggy love you! What happens on tour stays on tour! ; ) xx

Jessica Sophia Cimetta

Bombay bicycle club and SebastiAn were by far the best. Great weekend, was a shame that David guetta got the main stage… Pile of poo. Apart from that. AMAZING.

Nicola Hyde

Absolutely brilliant weekend, stone roses, noel and ed sheeran smashed it for me but some awesome bands on the other stages sat night also..met some great people will def be back nxt year x

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5 comments on “Benicassim Festival Reviews 2012

  1. Great time had by all the gang at Beni

    Soooooooo many short shorts, I was shuffling around the festival like a dalek.

    Musical highlights:
    Big Dead Dinos
    Chase ‘n’ Status
    Noel G andy his birds

    Peace and love

  2. Benni was awesome from start to finish. Great acts, great weather, great place. A few too many southern teens who love a good gap year, but apart from that OUSH!!!!

    Loved having a good nerdle about checking the sites and smells of Beni 2012, with something for pretty much everyone, and The Maccabees pretty much smashed it. Lovely. Bring on 2013.

  3. Beni 2012 was absolutely incredible rolling a beach holiday and festival into one. Not sure how we would have coped without the canopys over the camping area, they were a lifesaver! Not sure how you do it but you just keep running on lack of sleep (the 3.89 euro bottle of vodka probably helps! Will without doubt be returning to Beni 2013! If you get the chance you MUST go. Noel Gallagher blew me away and Chase & Status atmosphere was ridiculous!

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