Benicassim 2009 hit by bad weather kings of leon cancel #benicassim

Benicassim enters its third day tonight but day 2 was cacelled due to bad weather. Kings Of Leon and Maximo Park were forced to not perfrom last night ( friday July 17th 2009) due to bad weather.

Benicassim organisers pulled both the main acts as they said the weather was too bad for it to carry on.
The decision caused a lot of angry fans to boo as they left the building.

It is hoped that the King of Leon headline show can be performed tonight ( July 18th 2009) together with Maximo Park.
The day had already had dramas with a fire near the festival site, the show continued during this with Paul Weller performing on the Escenario Verde stage with no interruptions.

Benicassim has 2 more days to run. We would like to hear your Benicassim Reviews, and your eye witness accounts.

If your at the festival please leave a message on our benicassim twitter account or leave us a comment below with your benicassim 2009 reviews . We hope everyone is safe and well and the rest of the event goes without any more incidents.

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6 comments on “Benicassim 2009 hit by bad weather kings of leon cancel #benicassim

  1. Friday weather in night was terrible! and KOL cancelled gutting!! The festival could have been better organised with all this as no1 knew what was happening…. disapointed to see they now charging for the programs too…..But all in all another great yr

  2. We had a bit of a nightmare it being our first festival.. this is our theme tune to the expereince that was Beni 09

    At first i was afraid i wuz petrified,kep thinking i cud nevr live on this camping site
    so i got drunk an stoned an drunk,i got out of it on EEEEEZ
    Then it didn seem so bad,apart from the fukn burning trees

    O ile survive, i will survive as long as i have my vodka i know ile stay alive
    Ile survive the burning bushes
    Ile survive the hurracanes
    As long as i know ime outa my fukn bloody braines
    o ile survive

    Now here we go,fukn trekn miles again
    running,ducking,climbing from this fukn stupid huricane
    Ther goes our shoes,there goes our tent
    Every fukn pole is totaly fukn bent
    But ile survive,I WILL SURVIVE

    Good Eh??

  3. www(.)fibfest(.)com Numer 1 dedicated benicassim forum please feel free to come along and ask any question or share any stories

    I think Friday was awesome even with the weather, everyone had a wicked nice attitude instead of being moany b*tches 😀

  4. I have mixed feelings about Benicassim. First the bad stuff; getting ripped by the FIB bus at the airport (£30) when if I crashed at the airport until the morning, I could have got a 5 Euro train to the festival. No water allowed into the gig area from outside, no soap in the toilets, overpriced everything. Also, if you could not get shelter between 8-5 pm outside of your tent you boiled alive. They need to allocate more toilets and more sites for camping.
    The good stuff; music, raving.
    Conclusion: to go again but not stay at the campsite but next stage up, an hostel! Make my own route there even if it means ruffin it at the airport.

  5. We had a mix up in booking our hotel in Benicassim but rathewr luckily we sold our tickets for the festival, spent a week living it up in Valencia and bumped into Weller and Steve Craddock in a bar there and later met Pete Doherty in the airport. Can’t help feeling fortunate that I missed the bad weather and still got to meet Paul Weller! May well be there next year though!

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