Ten reasons why Benicassim (FIB) is better than Glastonbury

In the wake of Michael Eavis’ selfishness by announcing the absence of Glasto 2012… I’m giving you 10 reasons why not to panic!

1. SUNSHINE… Forget your wellies, ponchos and rain-macs but just remember your flippy floppys, speedos and ray bans! Theres known of this “how do I pull of the drowned rat look?” in Beni and forget “oh yeah I’m covered in mud”. Just plenty of sun kissed tannage, your if you’re a Pastey Pete like me factor 50 and a Sombrero!

2. LIFE’S A BEACH… Beni is pretty much a holiday & a festival! With the gorgeous(gay) beach a short (okay brisk) walk away from the campsite. Its not long until your sat next to the Mediterranean Sea with a Maxibon in one hand and a Mojito in the other, totes bliss! And if you can’t handle the heat and want to get out of the kitchen the Sea is the best way to cool down!

3. PRICE TAG… FIB early bird tickets start at £120! For 8days camping and four days of World class music that’s a bargain even David Dickinson couldn’t deny! Glasto on the otherhand £185 with the stressful mug shot registering process! Don’t be silly guys… Buy Benicassim Tickets Now
Beni Stage
4. SHOWERS… I was a bit apprehensive about facilities when going to Beni, especially as I’m a sweaty Betty! Will wet wipes cut it this time? They didn’t have to… I was so surprised by the cleanliness and availability of the showers on the campsite! A freezing cold shower, was the perfect remedy for each of the killer hangovers I had at FIB 2011!

5. PORTALOOS… Glasto portaloos and troths are pretty much disgusting. So disgusting, I’d probably rather a night with Heather of Eastenders! Due to the heat and the possible spreading of germs etc Beni’s get cleaned upto 3 times a day, meaning they are spot or. It’s a poo happy zone my friends!

6. SOUND CHECKS… On the Thursday around 1ish my mate was like “can you hear that, Plan-B’s on stage?”… with the headline acts not hitting the stages until the early hours of the morning they have a chance to warm up in the day! The Sunday waking up and hearing Arcade Fire sound check was amazing!

7. CULTURE… If you’re a culture vulture there is plenty to soak up! There are loads of tidy little restaurant dishing up traditional Spanish food, freshly caught fish paella did go down a treat I won’t lie! And if your not a culture vulture Benicassim still has loads to soak up! Mainly alcohol, a leeeeetle bit of Sangria was consumed throughput the week! The Spanish ladies were also pretty unreal, hash tag decent (sexist)!

8. WATERPARK… Sure Glasto have a farm (Z’zzzzzzzz) but do they have a waterpark! Come on your never to old to run around a waterpark! There is also loads of shadey places here if you feel you need a spot of respite from the sun.

9. STAGES… At Glasto with so much kicking off which is amazing, it always made me feel a bit gutted I couldn’t be in two places at once. You also have to trek miles each time you want to see someone different. The Park stage to the Pyramid – Paula Radcliffe would struggle, is pretty far! The Maravillas and Fiberfib.com stages the two badboy ones at Beni are pretty close together!

10. PARTY ALL NIGHT… With Live Music continuing until 9am you can literally party all night! It is pretty crazy, but pretty amazing at the same time! Around the site there are also a few decent clubs that are definitely worth a look in the days building up to the music!

There we are… I’d just like to point out this isn’t a hate campaign against Glasto, which I think is pretty awesome, just more a love affair or bromance with KING BENI! See you in 2012 good friend!

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Review of Benicassim 2011 Sunday

Benicassim Sunday Review

For the final day of music we headed down slightly earlier in order to catch more of the action. The first band of the evening we saw was Wales 3-piece The Joy Formidable. Despite being around since 2007, they were quite new to me! They won’t be much longer, I’ve just downloaded ‘The Big Roar’ their newest album. Seriously if you haven’t heard them, youtube ‘Whirring’ such a beautiful song and amazing live!
The Maravillas stage was our next stop for Noah and The Whale. Sure I song-a-long to LIFE GOES ON… but I wont lie, they were rubbish! Similar to Mumford and Sons they are essentially a folk band with pop tunes. But unlike Mumford they don’t have the hits or the enthusiasm to get the crowd going. Lead Singer ‘Charlie Fink’ just doesn’t have enough about him in my book. It was quite a bland set, and I was happy enough to spend most of it checking out some Spanish senoritas through the safety of my sunglasses (smooth).

Following this we headed for another act that I was slightly sceptical about. Professor Green was on at The Other stage. Prior to his entrance, he had a quality DJ that was ‘spinning’ yes that is the right terminology loads of decent hits! Pro Green then came on, and unlike Noah and the Whale he was all ENERGY, this translated well with the crowd. And as a white middle class youth I must say his set was sick (Not meaning nauseous but sick as in how the cool kids say it – sick maaan’)! Hits such as ‘Just be good to Green’ and ‘I need you tonight’ were quality. He also impressed with a cover of The Pixies ‘Where is my Mind’. Well done Pro Green, you’ve converted me – just don’t tell anyone!
We disappointly then missed Portishead, by who by all means delivered a great set as they always do. This was due to my mate insisting, we go collect the girls (and by girls I mean a group of young girls they’ve been trying to crack onto all week and failing, miserably). However, we were then immensely positioned for the band that was seeing the Sunday out Canadian Indie Rock Supergroup Arcade Fire.
They kicked off on the main stage at 1.15am with Husband and Wife combo on great form. Opening with Ready to Start it was clear this was going to be awesome! The crowd went crazy for hits such as ‘Crown of Love’ ‘We Used to Wait’ and ‘Lies’. Ending with ‘Sprawl II’ Vince Power found justification in allowing them to close the Sunday. Epic Set.
Even better, this gave us time to head back to the Fiberfib.com Stage and catch UK’s biggest rap star Tine Tempah! Judging by this performance here, it can’t be long until Tine will be mentioned in the same breath as legendary US rap Star Jay-Z. Tine delivered a stellar performance with great showmanship and crowd-participation. Playing all his hits from ‘Discovery’ Highlights including ‘Wonderman’ ‘Invisible’ and ‘Frisky’. My personal favourite was ‘Miami to Ibiza’ were he got everyone in the crowd to crouch and jump at the point of action. However, there was no denying ‘Pass Out’ was greeted with the most cheers. The crowd went CRAZY!
Benicassim 2011 – what a festival! 100% going again in 2012! If you’ve never been go! I can’t empathise how good it is!

Benicassim 2011 Saturday Review Day 3

Benicassim Saturday Review 2011

Fiberfib.com stage was the first port for us to catch Bombay Bicycle Club. I’m a massive fan of the North London for piece having seen them many times before I was happy to see them perform an electric-set as opposed to the acoustic which they adopted from their sounds of 2010 album ‘Flaws’. ‘Cancel on Me’, ‘Dust on the Ground’ and ‘Always Like This’ were pretty special and allowed me to forget about my nose for a while! Great tracks, and Jack Steadman and Co were on top form. Unfortunately we missed the end of the set, as they clashed with Mumford and Sons who were on the Main Stage half an hour in to BBC’s set.
Around the campsite, the majority of people all said the same thing, Mumford and Sons was the act they were looking most forward to too. Not even headlining, after their ten song long set I;m sure it won’t be long until their folk/indie sounds are headling a major festival. Returning to Beni from 2010, the crowd went wild for them. They sampled quite a few new songs, which the crowd seemed to lap up. ‘Lover of Light’ and ‘Lover’s Eyes’ will definitely be ones to look out for in the future. My favourite track ‘Little Lion Man’ was echoed back by nearly all of the 1000’s of people in the crowd. But it has to be said their encore of ‘The Cave’ is the one greeted with the most rapoturous of sounds. Pretty awesome! Although I have no idea why they didn’t play ‘Winter Winds’ disappointing!!!

I wasn’t going anywhere as up next was THE ARCTIC MONKEYS! The Sheffield four-piece could easily be mistaken for being around forever. Emphasised by their hit-packed 2hour long, 20 song set! The majority of their gig was based around new album ‘Suck it and See’ which was in truth slightly disappointing. Besides ‘Don’t sit down because I’ve moved the chair’ it seemed as though the majority of the crowd was unfamiliar with other tracks and didn’t respond that well. However, any feelings of disappointment were short lived. With the Monkeys instantly turning the crowd in to a frenzy by dropping hits such as ‘Crying Lightning’, ‘I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ and ‘When The Sun Goes Down’. It also has to be said their encore of ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ and ‘505’ was electric, literally insane, so GOOOOD!
Primal Scream were up next presenting Screamadelica… unfortunately due to my nose and lack of sleep I had to be a melt and head back to zee tent to catch some vital Z’zzzzzzzzzzz’s.

Benicassim 2011 Review of Day 1 Day 2

If you’re reading this I’m guessing you know what Benicassim is, if you don’t then let me give you some insight…
Imagine Glastonbury… Right now minus the bad weather, wellingtons, and rain macs. Then quickly add Sun, Shades, and Shorts!!! But at the same time make sure you keep the amazing sounds of world class music and chilled out vibes then bang! We have BENICASSIM!
I was lucky enough to have a ticket for this years event and despite breaking both my Blackberry and my nose (more of that later) I can safely say I had the best 8days of my life (don’t call the exaggeration police just yet… and read on for my full guide to Beni 2011).
After doing Glasto last year but missing out on a ‘proper’ holiday (poor student) I was in a dilemma this year as to what to chose! My first four days in Beni justified my decision ten-fold!

Prior to the music we had four days to chillout…. The days consisted of a short, okay brisk walk from the campsite to the beach, but it is loverly! A day sunning it, accompanied by an icecream some fresh mojitos made by some crazy bloke who definitely made a killing! Then to one of the numerous nice little restaurants for a few beers and a spot of paella! Beautiful! There is loads of bars scattered around, a decent and a surprisingly cheap club! I was in love with Beni and the festival hadn’t even kicked off yet.

Benicassim Festival Thursday Review

After let the sunset and squeezing in some pre-drinking at the tent, we made our way down for our first act of the festival! We headed to the ‘Maravillas Stage’ (Beni’s main stage) at 10.15 to catch Scottish singer/song-writer Paolo Nutini! Playing to the majority of 2009’s ‘Sunny Side Up’ including hits Candy, Coming Up Easy and Pencil Full of lead his set was well received by the huge crowd! Throwing in previous hits such as ‘Jenny Don’t Be Hasty’ and ‘New Shoes’ the half Italian Rocker, delivered, and set truly signalled the start of Beni!
After this quite a few people moved around, but we didn’t go anywhere, getting to the front in anticipation of – Plan B…What a talent this guy is! He has come a long way since introducing himself to the music world as a grime artist! He is now easily one of the best Male Solo Acts in the UK. Opening with ‘Writings on the Wall’ finishing with ‘Stay to Long’ all his hits were welcomed with raptures of screams and moshing as encouraged and displayed by the man himself what a nutter! In between he also played hits like ‘Love Goes Down’ and ‘Praying’ and a fantastic medley of some Ben E.King, Seal and Dr Dre……. I must also mention Faith SFX who warmed up the crowd before Plan B with a Beatboxer… He was immense! Check him out on Youtube fast, he’s unreal!

We then faced a huge dilemma, stay around for The Streets which would obviously be amazing, and with Mike Skinner’s pending retirement questionably un-misable! Or head other to Fiberfib.com Stage and catch Chase and Status!? Hmmmm having seen the later a short while ago at The Isle of Wight Festival I knew I had to be there again! The South London dubstep guru’s are an amazing live act!
They didn’t disappoint either… the crowd literally turned into a warzone But in a good way (I’m not advocating war here just moshing)! The energy of the crowd was literally electric, and I haven’t sweated that much since well, since the last time I was very, sweaty! ‘Let you go’ and ‘time’ were legendary, with Deliah joining the boys on stage for the latter! Each song was blasted out with massive energy, you knew at every drop of the base the crowd was going to erupt! It was literally AWESOME! An two song encore of Blind Faith and old favourite Fool Yourself was immense! No idols is a hit-packed album and I cannot wait to see these guys again!

Emotionally and Physically drained we decided to hack it out at the stage to see Jack Beats close from 2.30 to 4am. Great decision! This new young DJ who I was unfamiliar with before, smashed out loads of remixes and different hits and kept the majority of Beni partying to the am! DECENT!

Benicassim 2011 Friday Review

9.30pm was our first port of call to catch Killers front man ‘Brandon Flowers’. ‘Only the Young’ and ‘Crossfire’ were received exceptionally well, portraying the success of his debut album ‘Flamingo’, but the crowd went wild when he delivered back some of his hits with The Killers! ‘Read my Mind’ and ‘Losing Touch’ were pretty special! But ‘Mr Brightside’ was literally awesome!

After their triumphant performance at Glasto, the band that seems they’ve been around forever ‘Elbow’ were up next! Not being a massive fan, I was unsure what to expect! In honesty, I was quite disappointed, the sound wasn’t great and songs kept getting interrupted. This was largely due to the sheer size of the crowd. Singer Guy Garvey kept encouraging the crowd ‘To look after one another’ which was good of him! Shame he didn’t have a few more hits to accompany ‘Build a Rocket Boys’ and ‘One Day Like This’ which were massive crowd pleasers!

Following Elbow, was the band that I was most looking forward to seeing all week! New York Indie heroes ‘The Strokes’. Back of their new hit album ‘Angles’ Julian Casablanca and co delivered a High Octane hit packed set. Opening with ‘This is it’s classic ‘New York City Cops’ they set the tone. And continued to tip in and out of their catalogue of huge hits. Higlights included ‘Repitilla’, ‘Last Nite’, ‘Undercover of Darkness’ and ‘Someday’. Highlights did not include breaking my nose to the encore of ‘Juicebox’.

Yep during a mosh I caught a massively stray elbow on my nose, and had to be rushed to a medical tent! Stitches and a re-brake followed and the Benicassim Doctors had my good as new. I say good as new, I did look a bit like a poor-mans Steve Bruce!

Devastatingly this meant I missed St Alban’s Dance/pop trio Friendly Fires. I could hear them, and heard all their huge hits from their self-titled debut album and new smash hit ‘Pala’. But it wasn’t the same. My mate, kindly rubbed it in, in the morning saying they were unreal. I would have loved to have been there for ‘Jump in the Pool’, ‘Skeleton Boy’ and new single ‘Live those days tonight’. By all rights, they were amazing!